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Amazon baby must haves \ top 6 products

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Hey guys welcome to my youtube channel my name is sylvia garrett if you are new here i have just recently started posting weekly content so if you want to keep up with my everyday life just subscribe to this channel all right so in today’s video i wanted to do my top amazon baby products i have a total of six items that i have been using since our son was born

And it’s four months later now so these products have been essential in our household and i love every single one of them so the first product is this essentials basket that we keep in our coat closet downstairs and this basket is such a lifesaver i love the aesthetic of it it’s a very neutral basket it’s very thick and hefty so we keep diapers in here we keep

Wipes diaper creams we also keep a change of outfit and burp cloths in here as well this has been a key product for us in the house we use it every single day when we are downstairs because we do live in a house and we have very steep stairs so coming upstairs for us is not very fun all the time especially if you need to be changing diapers every two hours you

Don’t want to be coming upstairs so this is definitely a key product and i definitely recommend that if you live in a two-story house you should definitely keep one of these downstairs just so that it’s easy access for whenever you need to do diaper changes in case your baby pukes and you need to change their outfit or piece through their outfit this is a very

Key product in our house so the second product is this hatch sound machine and this thing has been such a key product in our house it was essential in the newborn stage when we did night feedings because we did we do formula feed and we had to prepare our formula in the middle of the night at three in the morning this is a key product because it doesn’t have

This strong light that is just flashing in your face it’s a very dim light and you can still see around the room it has a sound and an alarm if you wanted to use it i have it on a specific setting so it turns on at 9 00 pm and shuts off at 8am and it has the rain sound and then it has also has like a white didn’t light and it’s essential because i can just go in

And peek on the boys check that they’re good go back to bed and i don’t have to turn on any crazy lights that’s gonna just flash in their face so key product definitely recommend this i’ve hyped it so much still will the third product is these wooden hangers they are so aesthetic and it’s been so helpful because i do change his clothes out every time he’s you

Know outgrowing it and i can just go into the closet check which one is next and then i’m getting rid of them as i go this has definitely been helpful for his closet organization and then anytime i want to just interchange out his clothes and even if i have clothes that i want to keep hanging it’s just so easy to find them in the closet i just look at the age

Season and what he’s wearing and yeah i’m able to get rid of any clothes that he doesn’t fit into anymore with this so this is very helpful definitely recommend it’s not expensive i think it was maybe nine or ten dollars and i just put it on my registry so this is definitely a good registry item from amazon so the next product is definitely something i did not

Expect that i was going to use as much as i have and it is the nose frida this thing is life support literally our son has gotten sick every single month since he was born so he’s had the flu he’s had colds and i’m pretty sure this last time he had coveted this has been so helpful in every single way our doctor definitely told us that she was very happy that

We had this and it was something that she recommended to every single parent i believe my sister got this for me before he was born but this has been so helpful i’ve used this every single month literally because he’s been so congested every single month so this has definitely been a key product in our house so the next product is this a button oliver changing

Mat and it is a faux leather material this was key for whenever we had to change diapers we bought it in a pack of two i believe it comes in a pack of one but i got a pack of two because i wanted to keep one downstairs and i wanted to keep one upstairs so we had one in our downstairs essential basket and then we had one upstairs in our little bassinet area and

We use this all the time we still use it we avoid a lot of messes with this so this has been a key product especially during the newborn stage when they shoot up or poop or whatever it is so easy to just wipe this down and no messes so definitely recommend you to get this so the last product is our diaper bag and this diaper bag is so spacious and i love it i

Love that it’s black and i love that it’s leather because again anything that’s leather you can just wipe down if you have spills on it i’ve spilled milk on this i think right now there’s like a spill right here as well that i’m going to clean up but it’s just so easy to wipe down there’s so much space inside we always put extra things in there i use it as a purse

And that’s the main reason i got it in this style was because i wanted to use something as a purse and i wanted to look good because i don’t like to be carrying two bags i don’t want to carry a purse and i don’t want to carry a backpack so getting this was essential and i got it in black just so that if my husband was carrying it it didn’t look super girly all

Right so with that i’m closing this video i hope you guys enjoyed watching i would try to have everything linked down below and i will see you guys in my next video bye

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Amazon baby must haves \\ top 6 products By Silvia Garrett