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Amazon Echo 4 & Echo Dot 4 Test Fazit nach 3 Monaten & Vergleich

Amazon Echo 4 & Echo Dot 4 Test Fazit nach 3 Monaten & Vergleich

Hello youtube and welcome to the new technology vlt video it’s time for my test report on the new amazon echoes and amazon have an eco there without a clock, one with a clock and a normal amazon eco they came out this year or last year there were major design changes now it’s getting round and spherical at least not at the top underneath otherwise they would roll away

But i mean the cylinder shape of earlier devices or the very flat ice hockey puck shape of the third generation which is no longer the nice thing about me i’ve had the things since the end of october november december january means three months i’ve been using them for three months now for three devices i’ve done everything possible with them i’ve compared them with one

Another with earlier amazon eco devices one of the three you have just hours seen and i’ll just tell you a little about what i noticed what i would recommend where see e i those things what can you use them for what can you take off your make-up and such things one after the other they are just in the new design with other devices in or other batteries there are still the

3 series are still sold and also the ones from me a lot made studios so there he is so real for me still the best eco so it’s only available in this form again three colors forms colors depending on which model variant you want to have at the top then the buttons both on the normal and on the the louder quieter you have there or the new button and next to it the activity

You can also hold down the activation button by the way about 20 seconds to reset the devices unfortunately these things still have the same stupid connections means for amazon supplies the electricity and installs its own plugs and that is a great pity because you would also have to write bold on the homepage d this product environmental protection environment tralala la

La la la but then don’t rely on a standard such as usb cd as a plug that would easily be able to handle both the 15 watts for the normal ones despite and the 30 what for the big ones not there so for the to deliver normal echoes, at least it says that there is power on the power supplies, by the way, with these power supplies, they are just as nice and wide and thick that

You can’t get several of them next to each other in the socket strip who thinks that up then the cables are permanently installed cable length is so close what’s in the offing meter sixty thumbs up is also a bit of a shame because you have to put it depending on where you position it and then i’m the one now, for example, at the top there on the kalakh i stand there is

No expert it’s a piece of cake i have to be stupid then plug extensions work the design hasn’t changed so the other way around the material has n’t really changed much that’s hi he again so lightly plastic slightly rubberized and on this fabric cover whereby a lot has happened under the hood because now we come to the sound, so to speak , before he was always so 360°

Sound with the batteries yes i put in the middle of the room and no matter where i then i hear it doesn’t sound like that with the foursome anymore because you can see it on the back no matter if big or small there is suddenly the plastic wall there is nothing more with 360° amazon now has the microphones the loudspeakers after soest richter after put in front ie the

Best things are now on the wall no longer somewhere free in the room the eco dots don’t measure with their microphones i permanently, so to speak, the sound is reflected from the walls or from other objects and align themselves accordingly no stop the blades just the way they sound with normal eco, it’s so misses the space that it’s very nice because you also notice the

Differences depending on where you put it put it down and depending on how you don’t position it, i really think that’s how it should be with all these smart speakers, i mean they have the microphones here, then they should also use them to measure the room and then sound better, but now they should catch the sound we with the little ones i made comparisons between the

Normal one and the one with just some kind of difference sound absolutely the same react absolutely the same to the voice this is still something for voice assistants this is something for a bit of radio a bit of voice in the background not really loud music that’s that’s how it works as a kitchen helper especially the one with the clock so to speak yeah but that’s not

A now i’m having a party sounded no that’s not a thing either and you can do that if you have two of them they can be used as grandpa and then if you use them together then they become a bit more voluminous then they also become a bit louder overall then you have them a bit more i am i somewhere lumen and a hint of the bass also not really you can tell there are now two

Standard small mini loudspeakers that simply work together and to answer the question directly two of them don’t even begin to sound like that good as a normal one you notice the difference but something like that compared to the three years the foursomes sound better i heard the same piece of music i constantly switch between threesomes and foursomes and it doesnt matter

If i listen to the radio listen to the audio book or listen to music listen no matter what kind of music in each scenario i definitely want to continue listening to the foursome that’s a small difference that’s why there was also no way should we now now thinks yes i’ve had the ex of mine also use the second generation third generation and now i just want one that sounds

Better and the four is now the yellow of the egg no he’s stepping it up a notch but now there’s nothing where i have to say what a revelation i would definitely not do with things like the ten although that’s now a personal decision but the 10 euro surcharge i have here all the prices open wo for peace normal prices from amazon which you please don’t pay because amazon

Discounts things every three weeks 60 euros for an eco there normal 70 euros so ten euros extra for the watch plus the 10 euros for the led display personally, it would be worth it to me, at least where i always put a part because i see the timer running here. i have the time here all the time stop the watch permanently, which also adjusts itself from the brightness to pasta

Automatically to the ambient lighting, but i can also adjust the brightness in ten levels from low to bright t of the led display and i can deactivate it completely even if you do n’t want to have it but that would be something where i think yes the 10er is fine above all i will wish that we also use the normal rechargeable batteries with a clock unfortunately there is

No longer just want to have you have to reach for it now we come to the normal sound and it’s good it comes out with an amazing bass for the big ones that’s what you compare it doesn’t matter whether it comes individually or together or all at once then bass out i don’t think it’s that bad i’m still the very first generation of batteries for me is still the best sounding

I know there are discussions as to whether the second or third generation has become a great one but that here is the first thing that comes from the normal echoes where you have the feeling of bass this is what things are talking about until the music in the background yes but that is nothing that makes me think okay now i’ll make it loud and now i want to go through

The booth a film can be made but it doesn’t sound great especially here again in a direct comparison sometimes it’s on and that’s a difference like day and night and you i want to hop around the booth as a hobby, but that’s still not where i think he’s really going to use my voice or my voice with a system in the living room. i’m really doing that now, what do i know with

Fathers at the moment and that’s not new but what do i know i once had a typical birthday new year’s eve party or kitchen was missing then that’s why you stand in line in the kitchen in the evening and then you make it louder and and and and this is just the start, so to speak, but for me it’s a lot hard because i’ve been using the eco studio for comparison since it came

Out, it costs 200 euros, sounds twice as good to me, but also twice as voluminous, twice as good t actually that’s the difficult thing i’ve unfortunately only had one eco normal so couldn’t make a stereo pair to compare whether 2 eco normal are equal to a studio i have but i think i have my doubts about it the studio is really a big deal but that’s not what it’s supposed

To be about here but it’s something that’s what was missing without a question kitchens that’s something that you can put in the living room that ‘s something you have then and that’s just about that here hard to say the normal eco is light for me sounded closer to the donots than to the studio so to make an assessment even if it is only minimal although i do something

Wrong in the gdr to push there because he is a worlds better kid so that also said both have line out i ca n’t here unfortunately just simply because then what i connect my old cd player mp3 player and therefore then listen to the music no that is then just as well as in case i use this here to do half my system with hefner to do that and then to use the system in the

Living room but then the little knobbly balls are more worthwhile for that so who so would like to pay for a room here what is it i’m so bad 15 20 square meters room reaches something nice to get a reasonable sound with it yes but not really loud not in the sense of i ‘ll do it now that’s volume was missing so i’m sitting here i’m working i’m reading whatever and then

Wants to listen to decent music or wants something that goes in the direction of music and not something that goes in your direction loudspeakers for the smart assistant speaking of the digital assistant you know that i’m a big fan alex from now on i said sir me for me still the best language assistant behind it then google and siri and not worth mentioning bixby around

That time in the rankin g to make voice recognition is better than in the previous generations, i think that ‘s just the case with the ones there that the maximum room volume should be just as loud as i speak that the microphone is able to understand me reasonably, with the normal eco it is recognizing the voice much better here can then also be louder and i said then still

Normal and it reacts something that is still the parade discipline not the parade discipline of apple with their home pots because recognizing the voice and that’s the category but pops on full carrot and i stand in the other corner and whisper only hear and it understands me but voice recognition fits i had the feeling at some point i have to get someone here retro-style

Reacts but finally integration you know it at amazon kosmos i can use other services use it directly as the standard music player, radio works for me anyway, but then spotify, for example, my darling gs example use as a game playback service no problem at all it’s open i can control things here via bluetooth it all works and i have a reasonable language assistant so

Now we’re through with it that got a bit longer and a bit more complicated than i did actually planned but then there were more differences than i actually thought they are like that according to the motto there are two speakers good 3 here you can buy a watch for ten and want better music on the walls you can talk to everyone the same and immediately function also has

Everywhere what i still don’t really recommend is the eco speaker two of them on the party tv on tv so something that’s still quite immature and i ‘m still wondering after 32 two and a half years amazon developer what do you do but that’s another topic and that’s the end of it, or rather it’s still there the price discussion because you don’t pay 60 euros 70 euros or even

100 euros for those things easter christmas new year on friday is whatever no skin so moderately discounted its own hardware like amazon there was already eco there prices the new guides for 30 euros and i don’t mean in combination with philips light bulbs, which amazon also pushed forward with this , then there are free of charge and sometimes you can calculate the prices,

But what remains is as a standard difference of the tens actually fits in order then the old price for the i don’t know about the normal eco, so i think it’s now being sold off for 30, so twice as much for the four, i don’t think i say yes doesn’t sound twice as good or can something like that be bought there much better together no that’s why it’s discounted if they’re

Like that 30 40 are back and the ten you can consider whether you need it or not and if the normal ones don’t cost 100 en but in the direction of something say let’s go 70 yes those are the prices i would use as a guide then that’s fine and if you want to spend more then as i said my recommendation is eco studio so that’s what i think it is now two years a year and a half

Years on the market no idea whether there will be an update soon or something but that should still be in the back of the mind that was the big amazon eco comparative explanation of information reporting video and with this mickey mouse head i say goodbye now do it good bye until next time

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Amazon Echo 4 & Echo Dot 4 Test Fazit nach 3 Monaten & Vergleich By Technikfaultier