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AMAZON FAVORITES! | My Must Haves for 2021

Thank you guys so much for checking in with me and watching! I’m already accumulating more Amazon favorites keep an eye out for part 2! Love you!

Hi guys welcome back to my channel so in today’s video i wanted to show you my current amazon favorites i’m really excited about this stuff because for a couple reasons i feel like um i’ve just had really good luck on amazon lately i found some really great accessories i would say um these things are mostly fashion based or you know jewelry sunglasses that kind

Of stuff um but they’re just like a couple key pieces that i feel like really helped to like update my look and they’re also just very luxe feeling things that you would never guess i paid an amazon price point for number 34 i also feel more drawn to things that are just higher quality i don’t want to pay a lot of money for them though that’s the thing it’s

A conundrum the first item i actually took right off my feet um they are so cozy and comfortable they are these slippers here and let me tell you i absolutely love these slippers so much i honestly think about it every time i put them on how much i love them um they’re comfortable they’re soft even this like the sole of them is really really ultra plush and

Soft i ended up ordering these because i had a bit of a slipper fail at the beginning of the pandemic and quarantine and everything i think i like many other people decided i need to update my cozy comfortable at-home wardrobe and also make myself feel a little bit better by getting something a little frivolous so i ended up ordering these these just raggedy

Old slippers they didn’t look like this when i ordered them they don’t look as bad on camera as they do a person but they’re just like really dirty and gross honestly this is like super embarrassing but like those turned into swiffers more than they were actual slippers again those are from nordstrom these are from amazon and they had a bit of a thicker sole on

Them so it’s like really good support and very cushiony for people who again are just sort of walking around doing stuff all day in the house they’ve held up really well and they have a little bit of height to them those were directly on the floor so the soles thicker so you have some height so the fur isn’t like you know dragging on the on the floor all day i’m

Already considering getting a second color i just absolutely love them and honestly they’re a bit more my style the next item are these 90s inspired claw clips and it’s funny because it really makes you feel like a special kind of old when you’re around for a trend the second time it hits you know what i mean so i love these so much the colors are amazing this

One is my favorite this like swirly creamy tone one is so so beautiful it’s kind of like a little pearly it’s really really pretty the one thing is they’re a bit smaller so you know if you have really thick hair probably not going to be able to fit all your hair up into like a full twist in the back with these you might want something a bit bigger or rounder i

Can make it work i just kind of have to like finagle it a little bit but it definitely works i’ve done it many times and for just like a half up half down it’s the perfect size absolutely perfect and because they’re so grippy you know they’re really going to stay put in there so i actually really love these the other hair product that i wanted to recommend to you

Guys i ordered these like a little while ago so they’re kind of dispersed around my house i tried to find as many as i could but they’re um just these like kind of little you know tortoise or like pink there’s like the trendy big hair breaths that you always see on instagram i originally ordered these with the intention of doing one of those little stacked clip

Looks and then i realized it didn’t look great on me and i was like can’t do it um but so then i really fell in love with these just because when i do a messy bun it’s like the perfect size clip to just pop in the back of your head to hold up the little short pieces in the um in the back of your bun and i honestly just love them for that like i know that seems so

Silly but they really are just like a cute little little pop of color and it kind of like makes it look more purposeful instead of like just sticking a regular old bobby pin back there or something like that it kind of adds a little bit of style in there so i really love these a lot i’m actually wearing the next thing i want to show you these little earrings here

I have probably not gone a day like every time i actually get dressed and put real clothes on i’m wearing these earrings i love that these just little delicate kind of like kind of chunky but small earrings are in style i really really love them i feel like they’re very classic and i love gold jewelry it’s all i ever wear i ordered these back in october so i’ve

Been wearing them for three four going on four months i haven’t noticed any sign of tarnishing or color changing or anything like that believe these also come in a couple different colors and sizes and then these i absolutely love too so these are really lightweight and they’re a bit bigger um they’re not like the full huge hoop but they’re still you know pretty

Big they give you that look and they’re thick and chunky and really really pretty they just look so luxe i love these and they’re a good size it’s not like a huge hoop earring that’s going to get caught on stuff or that my son is going to rip out of my ear you know it’s still small enough to where it feels wearable and i really just think these are really fun

Again they feel luxe and i almost forgot to show you the next thing because it’s so tiny uh can you guys see this little ear cuff here um so this came in a pack of two from amazon originally and i was so proud of myself i hung on to both of these little teeny tiny ear cups for so long and then finally i did end up losing one and it’s not because it like it’s

Really secure i don’t think it fell out of my ear at all i’m pretty sure i just took them both out and like set them somewhere and then lost it but i believe they have little teeny tiny i think that’s cubic zirconia little teeny tiny pieces along it so it looks like a real actual nice piece of jewelry again i wear these every day and it has yet to tarnish or show

Any kind of color change at all you just get it back in when you have the two i think i’m gonna order another pack because when you double them up it kind of gives a cool look or you can put one down here one up top whatever you want to do and it gives you the look of you know that on trend lots of piercing look without the holes so next up are sunglasses so this

Pair i ordered and i really love so much they kind of just work with every single outfit ever and they’re you know just a good like i feel like i’m i’m stylish or something when i wear these and they’re kind of like a tortoise shell but they’re kind of like they’re hard to describe i’m not really good at describing sunglasses but i really like them i have a big

Head so i kind of need like big sunglasses they need to be wide or yeah like wide enough this way to fit my head and these do um they also what i like about them is the lens actually like the frame doesn’t start where normal frames start the lens kind of comes all the way out to the edge so the frame is actually behind the lens and it’s just a bit of a different

Look which i like i remember in the reviews people were saying that they’re a bad quality and stuff like that i really don’t agree like they’re a little like kind of stiff the clothes but at the same time i don’t like a loosey goosey sunglass either because i know that i’m just gonna like it’s gonna get way too loose and look uneven on my face eventually or just

Break so i don’t feel like they’re bad quality i really enjoy them and um these are the ones that i reach for the most when i do leave the house moving on to these now these listen i feel like i am just not that girl that takes risks with my sunglasses like i’ve always wanted to be that girl and i’ve tried but it’s just not me so these are a great way to feel

Like your fashion blogger but also not look crazy not look too crazy you know they’re like high fashion but it’s still you don’t look like you’re trying too hard i don’t feel happy medium between trendy and also wearable so they’re kind of like this narrow shape oh and they come in a set of two you get the black pair and the tortoise shell and i do love tortoise

Show very much as you’ve probably picked up on okay so they’re like the narrow long skinny ones i feel like i have seen a lot of fashion girls on instagram wearing these and probably guys as well uh but you know just kind of like chic right right it’s kind of cute i mean again i’m not like the trendy frames are just not really anything that i ever feel like i can

Pull off but these i feel like i can pull these off and then the actual black pair and the lens on these have a little bit of a blue tint so these are very you know jet setting we’re jet setting we’re not going anywhere it’s a pandemic the car hard hats okay i love who doesn’t love a car hard hat these days we’re all walking around like we work on a job site or

Something it’s silly but you know what they keep your head warm they look cool it works i feel like the camel like the classic carhartt color camel hat that i ordered from amazon was so much softer than the other one that i got which was kind of like a heather tone color it really felt very acrylic-y but i still really like it but what i like about the carhartt

Hats is my husband can wear them i can wear them interchangeable i’m gonna probably get some uh some for my son as well like kid sizes um because it’s just so cute they’re just so cool looking so i’ve officially jumped on that bandwagon and then also this one is a little bit crazy you guys are gonna think i’m nuts for suggesting this because this is this isn’t

Um one of the more affordable items on the list this is i think 45 for a beauty blender pro solid soap now i’ve been using i think i’ve had this since 2019 i believe i went back in my history and checked when i ordered this so that’s a while ago it’s 2000 this fall life is falling apart it’s 2021 guys if you didn’t know um so it’s been a couple years since i’ve

Ordered this and also kind of due to the fact that i just use less brushes my makeup routine has paired down significantly so i’m not using a ton of new brushes every single day i am a little bit grosser than i used to be like i’ll reuse brushes for longer now um i just don’t have time i just don’t have time to clean brushes all the time you know it’s really

Kind of a time consuming thing so anyway this is a really great soap to get your brushes clean sparkling clean it keeps them nice and soft i’ve used other brands of soap and i feel like it kind of makes can sometimes make the bristles a little bit hard and scratchy and then it’ll irritate my eyes this keeps your brushes in really good condition nice and soft

I lost the lid that’s why i’m holding it like this but it is the blender cleanser solid pro so it’s by beauty blender now originally this like if you get the individual sizes that are much thinner and much smaller they come in a smaller size i think they’re about fifteen dollars each so this is forty five dollars but you get a ton of product and in the smaller

Sizes it comes with this like pink silicone piece that i honestly don’t even know why it’s like you’re supposed to set your beauty blender on top of that to dry but really it just takes up a ton of space in the packaging and you get less soap so it’s like why why are they doing that to us i don’t really know um so this one just comes with a ton of actual soap

In it and it lasts forever and it’s just easier to order one big bulk chunk of soap than a ton of small ones and i used to do that because i really do love this soap i do think it is the best for cleaning your brushes and now i just kind of spring a little bit more money for the bigger size and it works out so much better in the end it’s just easier to work with

Because it’s bigger and it works really well i highly recommend this now if you guys have something else that works really well to clean your brushes let me know because i would love to find a cheaper alternative i’ve tried a lot of things over the years um and that one i just i just end up always going back to but i love you guys so much thank you for watching i

Hope you got some good recommendations in today’s video i was honestly really excited to film this because of how much i’ve been loving all these products and these these little items so i hope you guys enjoy this video and i hope you’re having a great week and i’ll see you very soon in my next one bye

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AMAZON FAVORITES! | My Must Haves for 2021 By MakeupByAlli