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AMAZON FIRE HD 8 Vs Amazon Fire HD 8 Plus 2020 (Qual vale a Pena?) – Diferenas, Sandro Comenta

Amazon Fire HD 8 VS Amazon Fire HD 8 Plus. Qual é o melhor, quais as diferenças, qual devo comprar? Neste vídeo falo sobre as principais diferenças dos Tablets. Processador, memória RAM, Android 9 pie de ambos os tablets. Neste vídeo também falo dos carregadores e do tempo de carregamento dos tablets, além das câmeras dos dois Tablets que foram lançados em 2020 e são uma ótima opção entre os produtos encontrados no Brasil.

The amazon fire hd8 or amazon fire hd 8 plus which one is more worth buying and today i will be talking about the main differences of these tablets and also be talking about if it is more worth buying amazon fire hd8 or amazon fire hd 8 plus and i’m already here with my normal amazon fire hd8 tablet, it’s not the plus and i’ll be talking about why i bought it and why i

Didn’t buy the 8 plus colleague and i’m going to talk about the main differences so let’s go the main differences of the tablets are which in my opinion is the orixá that right away is the ram memory and loading the 3gb ram memory of the amazon fire hd 8 plus and 2 gb only in the normal amazon fire hd8 which is what i bought because we can handle the same processor is a

Camera the amazon fire hd 8 plus it has a few more camera functions that the normal amazon fire hd8 does not have but i do not consider this because it is irrelevant since both tablets have cameras of only 2 megapixels which is what influences as i already mentioned here, the processors are the same quad-core in both tablets nothing changes what will change is just the ram

Memory plus 1 gb more ram memory we have more on amazon fire hd 8 plus and what this implies in performance implies here you will be able to open more applications at the same time the tablet has to choke more easily being able to leave more applications open and consequently that it will not also lose the performance of the amazon fire hd8 it is normal for you to run the

Risk of losing performance due to low ram memory. another main difference that i consider between both tablets is that the amazon fire hd 8 plus has a more powerful charger. amazon promises that the amazon fire hd 8 plus will recharge in up to 4 hours while the normal amazon fire hd8 recharges its battery in up to 5 hours. another thing that also differentiates the normal

Fire hd8 from the fire hd 8 plus is the wireless charging that is available. it is available on fire hd 8 plus while it doesn’t fail god normal we don’t have this option however this wireless charger is sold separately it is not included in the box you buy it outside we have an option also doesn’t speak right plus to capture panoramic photos that when and take pictures

From different angles of the scenery and they come together to form a photo just because you bought a regular fire 8 then kisses what led me to the purchase was beyond the price that besides the price also which has a big difference all that i said taking into account taking into account the main differences that i consider to be the 1 gb more ram memory and the loading

Other than that i didn’t see other big differences because the processors are the same the cameras have the same amount of megapixels so it made me buy the normal fire hd8 it was precisely a price at the time i bought my fraga of eight i bought it for only 479 that is to say it’s very cheap obviously it’s good to have a m charge faster because as i had already said, the

Fire hd 8 is another one that promises a stone charge in up to 5 hours. i thought it was a long time because i already knew this information before making my purchase. i already had a spare charger here that i wasn’t using at 15 watts with an automatic voltage of 9 or 5 volts that the same advantage that comes with the cruzeiro standard charger i already showed the charger

Here in the box taking the charger out of the box i showed the cable i showed it there’s already a lot of video here of my normal fire hd8 so you can see it here already made a comparison also don’t say hd another with faro hd 10/2021 so there’s a lot of video here for you to take a look and see everything ok i’ll leave it here in the description some videos of the fire

Hd8 normal so that’s what i did i adapted it not the charger that came the default is not even the brazilian standard it’s the standard of the united states so if you choose to use the load you will also have to buy an adapter that has the us standard for the brazilian standard. i did a demonstration with both chargers first i used the standard charger at thirteen percent

It would take about 3 hours to charge while with a parallel charger however, this charger here is original and it provided a full charge in up to two hours, that is, it was one hour less even so a big advantage i didn’t have to pay for myself and another thing that you should take into account when buying is that both have the system used by amazon is called fairy west a

Lightweight system that practically doesn’t crash if you obviously know how to use it and don’t want to install several applications, it’s mostly free of charge. another normal one that we have is 2gb of ram memory as i said with the more applications it has, the more overloaded it will be when you have to open several applications receiving notifications for the 2 gb of

Ram memory and i probably did not handle so much demand with me from because i just basically read notes watch videos watch a little something else basic day-to-day things sometimes i play a little game there are already several videos here already these basic things of mine that i consider the tablet is but for that why that my normal fire hd8 suits me perfectly accident

Also consider its use another very important thing is that both tablets come with android 9 parent although the system is modified both well with android 9 we are already on android 12 so it ‘s already the old android you should also take into account do you want to pay more for a tablet that already has an old android or do you want to pay a little something unless it’s

Buying the normal fire hd8 with android 9 but cheaper both tablets offer excellent cost-benefits yes for sure if we compare big national brands that sell here in the brazilian market with the amazon tablets in a pass by the cost-benefit is but sandra you’re talking a lot of things there cost-benefit the tablets are well used they are very fast yes they perform perfectly

Tasks that they propose to perform one however is that as i said the system is modified on the screen of block has an amazon ad that initially i didn’t find boring but sometimes it’s good if we change and soon i’ll be removing that ad that you’re talking about and tell me beforehand that it’s possible to remove the ads from the screen blocking both tablets in the tree or

Any tablet on amazon which is the downside of tablets because overall they offer excellent value for money o excellent performance due to the processor and ram memory they have the performance is excellent if with and even tablets more powerful computers and with more ram memory because the one more happy one an excellent job in optimizing these tablets just recapitulating

Here the main differences are go to boy plus we have 3 gb of ram while you don’t pay for another normal one we have two not fire hd 8 plus supports faster charging it comes with a faster charger while the father normal hd8 comes with a charger of only 5 watts on the dual panel also exports charging wireless and these are the main differences considered by me, you can stop

And then there’s also the bust of the gas station. more quality or are you taking a picture here in this environment like me fire hd8 normal to see is an idea of ​​how qu and it is the 2 megapixel camera of the amazon tablet and as you can see the cameras are not there these things are more for video calls among other more basic things for you to see that despite the

Ring light is here hitting my face the camera does not captures so much light so the camera is not approved for selfies so that’s it my people the final considerations is that classes to buy you should look at your use if you are going to need more ram memory to run more applications without crashes and especially your pocket of you of you really are able to pay more to

Have these extra features that i talked about here in the video okay i hope i helped all of you leave it here in the comments if you liked this video if you already have one of the tablets and tell me tell me here and i’ll go i’ll really like to know if you already have it or not if you already use it if you like the tablet because mine i like it and especially for the

Amount i paid i don’t regret it because if you liked the video, also leave your like and subscribe to the active channel tinkerbell so you don’t miss any news, we’re together thanks, see you in the next video

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