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AMAZON FIRE TV STICK 4K MAX : Transformer votre TV avec le Fire Stick TV le plus puissant du march

Dans cette vidéo je vous présente mon test du Fire TV Stick 4K Max !

We all dream of having an increasingly smart home and this is what amazon products offer us on a daily basis for many of us television occupies an important place in our homes but not all of us have the chance to have a tv connected a smart tv and it is with this in mind that the fire tv stick range from amazon was created today we are going to talk about the most powerful

Fire tv stic in the range the fire tv stick 4k max i have a certain history with its products because i bought the first one which was released in france in 2010 is in this video i will explain to you what a fire tv stick is used for and especially what are the novelties and the performance of this fire tv stick 4k max especially since christmas is approaching and this

Product is a very good gift idea here we go i told you in the introduction i have a historic coronation with the fire stick range and a coronation history with virtually all amazon products device ever ordered the first fire stick available in france when it was released in 2007 it was the fire tic basic edition at the time i didn’t have a connected tv and i didn’t even

Have a 4k tv so the question of s that the version it was available did not even come to my head what i was mainly looking for with the purchase of the fire stick basic edition at the time it was really to be able to connect my tv to streaming services and all this with an easy- to-use interface even today before switching to 4k max i still use this little dongle which

Came out in 2010 is but what is a fire tv stick really for whether it’s an old one a new this little hdmi key once plugged in revoting them will give it a new youth a new life you will have everything you need directly on your tv thousands of films thousands of episodes of series available to you you can enjoy direct ment on your tv and using the small remote control

Your favorite content surpreme videos netflix disney plus apple tv is much higher in the industry and mines of films and series you will even be able to go on music streaming with the possibility to have services like amazon music and spotify then beyond music you will be able to watch tv directly no need for an antenna cable connected to your tv only with a fire tv stick

And wifi you will be able to access the live television via a molotov arte or france 24 and beyond that you can simply also lecci them on youtube this is the main theme of the fire tv stick range but you will see that with the new fire tv 4k model max we can go even further i will explain why what about the fire tv stick 4k max first of all in terms of design we keep the

Same state of mind as the first so rti in 2010 is we are on a key that will plug into the hdmi port in a compact simple effective way once plugged into the hdmi port it will suffice to power it either by plugging it into an electrical outlet or by plugging it into a port usb from your tv installation is easy everything is well thought out, for example if your tv or your

Hdmi port is difficult to access you will even have a little extra plugin to put in flexible to be able to connect the stick easily and we’ll do it see after in the use this theme of making it simple and effective find themselves up to the interface of the fire tv stick to talk a little more about 4k max i told you in the introduction it’s going to be the most powerful stic

On amazon you will be able to immerse yourself in entertainment in 4k ultra hd thanks to the new quad-core processor makes a vehicle hui giguère and enjoy an experience 40% more powerful than compared to a basic 4k tv stick the launch of applications will therefore be faster navigation smoother which will make it even more comfortable to switch from one application to

Another and search for content it also wants to support technologies like dolby vision hdr 10 h dr ten plus and the audio dolby atmos immersive basically in this little stick there is all the audiovisual technologies that can be found on the current market that’s what will send and enable your tv but the improvements do n’t stop there because yes the fire tv stick arcade

Max will also support wifi 6 it will allow you to enjoy an even more fluid experience in streaming here we are talking about the improvements in terms of technical characteristics but even in terms of handling we have a new remote control you see the improvement in the level of remote controls that we see it directly since that of 2017 on this new remote control we see a

Control button v ocal via alexa it will be enough simply to press the button and to launch a request with the voice you can ask him to access after netflix video all that by having only touch a single button then on this new remote control we will have access to content even faster thanks to shortcuts and beyond that we will even have the possibility of lowering the volume

Of the tv or of the state and of turning it on yes the on/off button and the volume button allow direct control of the tv or the sound bar if of course your product is compatible and that’s rather practical because we will simply be able to have a remote control to manage everything always in a connected home theme we will be able to go even further yes even further because

New what they alexa are added on this fire tv stick it will for example be possible to ask alexa to do things like access a feed of surveillance cameras without interrupt the program and amazon is also working on a connection between the fantastic and eco devices for 1 are immersive home cinema style so that’s what is offered with the 4k max the most powerful and smartest

Cycle on the market other point very important in the design of this stick is the eco-responsible sound because yes the fire stick tv 4k max is made of 50 % plastic from post-consumer recycled plastic 20% for the remote control and beyond its material design the device will have a low energy consumption mode when it is inactive there will be a switch to reduce the impact

On electrical use here you go friends you know everything about the fire celestica max don’t hesitate if you have any other questions ask me them in the comments while waiting for the next video just have to live with it have fun thank you and see you soon on my channel

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AMAZON FIRE TV STICK 4K MAX : Transformer votre TV avec le Fire Stick TV le plus puissant du marché By Pannacotech