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Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K Max with Software Services Vouch…

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I don’t even remember the days when we didn’t stream it’s so much fun to be able to to pull up anything you want but it’s hard to find those things right and you can’t find many things if you don’t have a streaming device which is why you want this there are a lot of streaming devices out there there are a lot of streaming devices even that amazon offers this is

The one you want and you want it because this is the fire tv stick if you’ve tried those other pucks if you’ve tried some of the bigger things it’s just difficult if you have your your uh tv wall mounted you can’t figure out how to where where do you put the puck right this goes right in simple installation not only that this is the other magic it is the remote

The remote is a voice control look there’s so few little buttons on here for a reason because all you do ever i never push anything except home i push that little house and then you come up here and you use the voice search and after that you can find anything you want effortlessly so simple and it’s alexa so she talks our language which is what’s so nice about the

Price and the price and then there’s the price i want you to compare this price i want you to go wherever you like to browse and search and google whatever you want to do and check the price absolutely anywhere on this it is the lowest price that we have found it is a an amazing offer at 34.99 and free shipping and handling you get this home for seven dollars on

Your credit card if you haven’t signed up for the hsn credit card sign up for it you can get it free what you could get it free because we’re doing a 40 promotion on that crazy credit card so aaron berger is joining us you know it’s one of my all-time favorite things to present um you know rich has a tv butter tv and it’s got the built-in search thing oh my gosh

You can’t find anything he doesn’t have the voice search you can’t find it it is so difficult this is a different search system and not only that i think this is is isn’t this the first time this is the first time with wi-fi six so now it’s faster than ever which is so important because a lot of times when you are searching you get the circle the circle of insanity

I call it no more this one with wi-fi six in it is going to be like bam it is so easy to use it’s about 40 faster than previous versions and quite frankly all of the versions of the fire stick are pretty much liked out i mean it’s just a wonderful experience in fact just quickly a little story like when i meet people at parties and that kind of thing and say oh

What do you do for a living i saw electronics on hsn the first thing anyone asked if alice will vouch for this they always say what’s on sale what’s a great deal what should i buy and i always say start with the fire stick because it’s a couple of bucks and for a couple of bucks you’ll be blown away by what this really does for your television if you don’t have

A smart tv it makes your dumb tv into a smart tv if you have a smart tv to alice’s point you said rich has a smart tv but the user interface isn’t that smart on it i hear this all the time it’s really difficult to use this will make your smart tv into a much much smarter tv quick features this see that this is 4k ultra high definition this is the latest version

This has a quad core processor in it most of your computers probably don’t have quad core processors in them wi-fi six compatible so if you have wi-fi six again it’s about forty percent faster alexa built-in we’re gonna show you that connects wirelessly with all of your echo devices and then the alexa voice remote control included so let’s show you how easy it is

To use this is your home screens like alice said she barely pushes any of the buttons but this is if you go to home this is the home screen it can show you things that are recently what things that are sponsored there’s apps you can download apps for this you can play games on this you can go to netflix you can go to amazon kids you can go to hsn and qvc we’ll do

That in a little bit suggest things for you shows you prime amazon originals people often ask do i need to have an amazon prime account you don’t but i know many of you do have an amazon prime account and there’s all the tons of incredible free and incredible original programming there but let’s give some examples how easy is it to use maybe you have a favorite

Actor or actress so it’s as easy as saying um julia roberts so i just press that little button we’ll start with america sweetheart and look it this is how fast it is there’s aaron we could watch erin brockovich right now we could watch secret in their eyes we could watch mother’s day we could watch mary riley we could all of these things we could watch gaslight

We could watch still magnolias and just cry our little eyes out together we could watch um august osage count you get the idea and it’s it’s really as simple as saying a name maybe like a certain category so okay great how about um um find action movies by the way you saw that counter just pop up this is literally the very first airing of the visitors i haven’t

Had this in months and months and months and months i don’t know when we’ll have it again and i’m going to tell you something about this as compared to amazon i’ll do that in just a second so right now some action movies oh uncharted that’s uh brand new i want to watch that with tom holland maria the wrath man the gentleman down here oh all of these movies notice

There’s a certain category here free with ads so you don’t have to have a subscription to netflix you don’t have to have a subscription to amazon you don’t have to have a subscription literally thousands and thousands and thousands of things without any subscriptions they’re absolutely free so all of everything we see here heartbreak rich ip man the bounty hunter

Uh out for a kill uh the wave all oh the italian job um mark wahlberg all of those movies are absolutely free one really quick thing so this stick you might be comparing the price because it’s so much more expensive on amazon today i work with the folks at amazon amazon hires me to come here and to explain this to you and so you might be thinking okay is this

Refurbished because you can buy a refurbished product no this is brand new is this an older version is this a clearance version no this is the brand new version this is the fire stick 4k max the latest version the fastest version the only thing is we saw down there a thousand souls and alice and i have been on air for i don’t know three minutes or something well

The 1100 plus sold we know at amazon that hsn will sell more of these today in the next day or so than anyone else in the world will but we we do a direct from amazon to hsn there’s no middleman they didn’t fall off the back of a truck so that’s why quite frankly people often ask well how can it be less expensive you know right we didn’t just find these in the

Warehouse um there’s a very direct relationship we understand that we’ll sell an awful lot of these today and word of mouth advertising is the best advertising we can have these are customer pick atlas people take it from from this mouth okay my word of mouth is you want this one you want this one because it is one of the easiest systems to use you will find things

I mean when when i talk about for example like with uh with rich’s tv i i call it maybe a smart tv but it has a high school degree and and the fire stick has a phd okay that’s how smart it is his is so slow you have to type things in to find them we can never find anything to watch this actually if you watch for example um downton abbey i just finally got around

To watching it if you watch that it suggests other things that you might want to watch it is incredible the amount of content that is out there but if you can’t find it it’s worthless let me tell you what when when we said a thousand were sold this is the first presentation of this the first presentation most of you went online saw it and grabbed it so these are

Going to go very very quickly okay and if you want it i would absolutely positively recommend you get a couple if you have a tv in the living room if you have a tv in the bedroom if you have a tv in the the second bedroom you want one for every one of them and you know erin i travel i have a little teeny i call it a closet at the beach it’s a condo but it’s more

Like the size of a closet and i take this with me so i can plug it into the tv because it’s that portable it’s that easy and it’s the installation is i can plug in a toaster you can plug this in and amazon makes it so simple they show you pictures they talk to you the way to set it up simple easy and again the amount it’s not not just the amount of content it is

The speed with which they can download that content this is going to be the fastest out there because this is the brand new one this is the brand new system that we have brought you you’re getting the latest 20 savings on this item and not only that with that free shipping and handling you want to take advantage of it today already 1300 of these have been ordered

I’m telling you this even if you put this in your closet and and save it save it for the holidays grab it now you i’d love for you i would love for you to come to price shop compare the price on this you’re going to find this to be that lowest price out there we looked we have shopped we have talked to amazon amazon gave us these and gave us the exclusive ability

To sell it at this price that’s why you’re seeing this incredible value but with the free shipping with the five flex payments i buy two of these i’m 14 on my credit card today but again it’s about the system it is about i have tried i have two other streamers in my house frankly i don’t use them i use this one because it is easy simple and this one is going to be

Even faster every chance even if you have one already you probably want to upgrade yeah i couldn’t agree more and like you said you know you take it to the beach i’m going to just make a recommendation go ahead and buy one to have at the beach all the time you know what i mean for a couple of bucks like you don’t need to take it in between rooms you know you want

One in every room that you have it’s just simple you have it set up you put by the way setup is you plug this into your television so you just need two things you need an hdmi port on your tv every tv has one and you need wi-fi in your house so if you have those two things then you’ll it comes with a little cable you’ll either power it by plugging into a usb on the

Back of your tv or plugging it into a power outlet that’s all there is to it very very um simple to use show you a couple other things that i love about it if you want to watch a movie you have to search for anything you can go um play the marvelous mrs mazel so all i did was was press that little blue button that’s the button that opens up alexa and you’ll see

It’ll be playing the movie so in like a moment in like one moment sorry i’ve got a little reflection on my tv it’s a little bit bright in my room but that’s how easy it is to be playing your favorite movie great for kids kids can find i’ve got a three and a half year old he can actually speak clearly enough now that i would say 80 of the time um alexa recognizes

What he’s saying so he can say something like play tumble leaf as i said it’s really just as easy as asking with this version which is again about forty percent faster it’s instant i mean uh looking for your favorite movies finding your favorite genre i think a lot about my i always mention my grandfather in this uh when i do this because i remember him as he got

Older he would sit in his uh recliner and look for uh uh westerns all day long he would you know flip cable and every couple hours he would get 25 20 minutes of the western right before it went off now it would be as easy for him because anybody can use this shut this up for maybe someone anybody can use this older and elder care whatever you can say john wayne

Because it’s classic movies it’s old movies it’s western it’s musicals it’s romance it’s comedy it’s action movies now we can watch true grit and we could watch hondo and we could watch the legend of the lost and these are and look down here again you don’t even if you don’t have netflix you know i have just so you know i have netflix and i have amazon friends so

I have two subscriptions in harm’s way rio grande the horse soldiers stage coach fans of iwo jima island in the sky all that looks big jake the alamo and these are all 100 totally free at your fingertips alice okay i have to give you an update this is crazy okay am i right aaron is this the first airing of this the this is the very first pairing we have done of

This visit i haven’t had this on air probably for four months okay we’re halfway through our quantity halfway through our quantity on our first airing so this is going to make one more airing if it does and then it’s going to be gone it is that good of a product it is that good of an opportunity and it is that good of a five flex payment to get it home for seven

Dollars and free shipping and handling i’m telling you even if you already have a streaming device take it out put this in and see the difference see the ease with which you can use it the true story is rich put this system on his boat it was already actually there it was oh my gosh it’s got all these com you have to go to this and you have to switch from this to

This manually switch from this source to this box you know he can never figure out how to use it he always says just can somebody help me you know turn on the tv i’m trying to get to netflix this i i told him i said get rid of that thing plug in your fire stick this is all you need it is so simple but it is simple it is easy but oh my gosh the the things that you

Will find are so incredible already almost almost a thousand ordered in this presentation alone you can see we are already we are already surpassing 2 000 ordered on this guys you and look at all the channels and you know you have you have exactly what i have prime prime and netflix although now i am adding for example i just added hulu hulu’s got some really cool

Shows and you know i mean last night i’m sitting there like i want to watch something you know i love documentaries i do i’m just a big nerd i pull up this maryland road document it’s fascinating i mean these are things that you don’t even need to hear about from other people because it will it will put you once you pull that up it will say would you like to watch

These documentaries and it searches and and finds everything but now with that additional wi-fi that speed that you’re going to get from that even better okay now we are over half our quantity completely gone on this please don’t miss it use express ordering don’t forget if you haven’t signed up for our hsn credit card sign up for it please do that because this is

Going to be free we’re giving we’re doing 40 towards your next purchase this could be free i again encourage you price price shop you know to make sure you’re getting the best value right here you are i promise you you are i think you’re even getting um oh for heaven’s sakes we’re including the are you getting the batteries with this yeah that is for heaven’s sakes

You get the batteries you get everything right oh that’s crazy yeah when you get it home so this is the little box that it comes in and you’ll get these are the things you’ll get in it you’ll get the fire stick which plugs into the tv you get the remote there’s two double a batteries in there there’s a little cord that comes out of this and plugs into either the

Back of your um tv or if you don’t have a free usb port in the back of your tv it plugs into the wall we even include the little adapter to plug it into the back of the wall you know a lot of things you buy they don’t have like the usb adapter literally every single thing you need you get this box home you’re done you walk over to your tv you’ll spend five or ten

Minutes setting it up that’s it that’s all she wrote that’s all there is to it i’m gonna show you one other thing real fast because i was talking about that free stuff this is cool so again i know a lot of you have netflix a lot of you have and i should say i haven’t mentioned this is a newer remote so you can turn your tv on and off and you can turn your volume up

And down using this remote too so you don’t alice was talking about juggling remotes earlier juggle remotes when you have a fire tv it’s too good okay so we’re going to free here everything in this area again you don’t have to subscribe to anything so you paid this price and that’s it so much is is available to you look recommended movies and shows free apps on

Fire tv free popular movies there’s another area down here i want to find you there’s even a lot of um there’s free popular tv sports and movies there’s even like live news and those sort of things that are available now that’s something that in the past has not been uh quite as available on streaming but there’s a lot of the kids are watching there’s um there’s

A free news area um in here as well so again whatever it is whatever your cup of tea is it’s here i mean thousands probably hundreds of thousands of movies television shows apps games all sorts of things right at your fingertips okay 2500 now have been ordered wow right here right now i have left exactly 1 300 okay so actually two-thirds of our quantity is gone

This is the first and could be the final presentation on this 34.99 it’s because this product worked it is so smart it is so easy but it is so good it’s one of those things you know technology i’m as intimidated by it as you you know i try not to touch it you don’t have to touch this you use your voice you find everything but so many of the other search engines

Some of the even the tvs that have it all integrated then they don’t have the voice remote with it you have to start typing those things in i get so frustrated i just give up you do not have to give up alexa will help you find it and oh my gosh she she really is so incredibly responsive okay one minute left in this presentation please use express ordering if you

Can we have hundreds of you trying to get through right now so if you’re ordering a couple i get it get it for every tv you have and try it if you’re looking for starting to look for gift ideas which frankly september’s a couple of weeks away this is that perfect perfect solution and get it for the kids going off to college too they will love having this yeah you

Know great that’s a great point great for dorm rooms great for apartments great if you have a second home or a trailer or you go camping you know all again all you need is wi-fi there’s wi-fi wherever you are and electricity and a television you know into which you can plug in hdmi which is just about any tv in the world so it’s very very simple um if you’re just

Joining us this is how easy it is to use we’re kind of in the home button area here if there’s something you want to see if there’s a favorite actor actress callie mentioned i was watching uh a few minutes ago she said one of her favorites i think is jason bateman that’s how easy it is yeah and there’s so many great things so absolutely okay less than a thousand

Remaining and we have hundreds of you trying to get through so please if you can use express order get what you want now you may not we do not expect for you to be able to see this again okay thank you aaron love this mr pleasure so much but you are coming back next hour with the bose wave system one of the one one of our all-time best sellers from bose one of

The most iconic items that we offer here at hsn so i’ll see you guys um in a little a little more than an hour all righty we will see you then stay in the ordering process for that fire stick you do not want to miss it not at that price but i have something else for you because when it comes to what we have coming up in just a minute which is our laptop

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Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K Max with Software Services Vouch… By HSNtv