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Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K – uma boa TV BOX ?

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Hi guys, how are you? i hope so, only in today’s video i will bring you the unbox and the test, right, installation of the fire tv stick 4k, guys, i bought this tv box here, right, make a ticket on black friday, guys, paying a very cheap price i’ll even leave the link in the description for you to buy at a different price and i’ll also leave it where i saw the promotion if

You’re interested just enter the promotions channel there i only bought it on black friday i’m opening it now because i didn’t have it time to test it before, right? this one here, this model here, i’m going to leave it in the bedroom that i already use one of the ones i actually use in the living room. i don’t believe it will fit me very well. all in 4k hdr remembering

That this model of mine is 4k you shouldn’t have three models we have light or fire stick normal and the 4k alright so let’s open it here you understand that it comes inside the box andthen the cardboard subject here well read really, right, little manual that comes with an hdmi extension cord, that’s the cable to connect it to the power supply, probably what controls it,

And here it is, folks. much better you can see there there’s a symbol of the reason there what we plus the energy information beauty and we also have its plug the sound the traditional model even let’s remove this plastic here and we are the symbol of amazon here, this camera will pick up and then oi will not turn on here here there we turn it on here on the side the beauty

Turned on and we try it in the gym that has two options either we connect it directly to the tv over here or use this extension here the ideal people the extender because with this device that are big on the sides it ends up blocking other ports of your hdmi tv when you use one of those using this connector here it usually doesn’t do that so we put the connector tor cir

And the other model there guys it is the same thing as the connector there now just turn on the tv the model of the really also it comes with this child connector we have a battery for only in a daughter of amazon itself let’s a basic battery for the control here is fine just pull it down and put pirakids so that you have it right hi ok the next plastic one we will take

The personal control there control we have four cousins ​​here right running amazon music to be able to have the quick command we also have button here on the lexa the control very beautiful i woke up look you see it’s already working already blinking there ok now i’m going to turn it on on the tv show it to you there hey guys so here it is i already called it i take

That screen off it’s asking to press a button there, ok, so let’s go and that’s it pt this button here ah, it’s asking alright now we have to choose the language choose here portuguese brazil who is looking for wi-fi networks i’ll connect in min there is a network here now hello beauty i already put the password already established connection who is looking for an update

Right to see if any movie is recent apparently there is already what it is updating and found it very fast i will see if the installation will be fast too the beauty balance restart the staff she turned it off and then on installing update and we got this screen there to search for updates i felt it already updated it will update again so let’s wait a little more ok guys

Now it’s asking us to use our credentials to enter our e account from amazon, right, i’m going to try to configure it and now for the control if it works through the application it ‘s because it’s more strange it’s a lot of problem is it’s apparently not connecting here so let’s send it through the control right here it asks to enter the site cold and that would

Be that code there so i’m going to do that alright i already concluded that over the phone welcome my name but eleven us leave your account ok continue how to save passwords ok ok i don’t want to activate parental controls the personal configuration takes a while for the update, see i had to do two updates there it took a little time i want music during the next step the day

It disappeared no it’s turning on and i kept playing a song now and here it’s already asking me to choose the apps ok let’s choose and i use these here in the machined finished i also nothing the beauty there will say that the three apps over there look andthen the end of our experience now it’s easier than ever to discover new content and quickly access your favorites its

Simplified main menu and provides quick access to destinations like find i ended up skipping people tutorial there so as not to lengthen the video already appeared here another account on my wife i don’t know why i already put it for my wife but okay let’s get into hers here so what’s up guys menu ini right off the bat that we must already have a lot of mass to mass stuff,

Right, but not recommending it since the tv is dias se tv box hi, just beach business here we have the apps there youtube facebook watch if i enter here on youtube for us to see how this fire stick behaves on youtube it’s still downloading but it’s installing it’s going to be very fast, beauty abreu and here she’s not logging into my account, right, the video here and he

Guys say that the video here in 4k this one will talk up to the goal already 2160 pixels that’s right the automatic version is such a model of mine there it really runs 4k and giving us a little bit of the performance of the box there the personal feeling very quickly right now i’m going to click here or netflix will see it changing and now i’m going to click on the prime

Video you can see there that its performance is excellent now the other one here disney in it will take a while to open but it’s a question i think it gives the app even now amazon music has you am hi people, mind people running on is very easy even if i go back to the start menu here i have it here in the corner here guys there is already an application it already helps a

Lot you don’t have to stay this year there is this store here too and we have the applications that are available andthen and let’s see if there is any option here one day we can update them and then i ended up logging in andthen and it’s asking to register here in this business there and if it comes back hello everyone, so we have another resource here right, it’s alex’s

We lose safe weather forecast betim i open youtube i open netflix andthen i open prime video just for me to see there guys it works very well there i its function there hers yours come back here is the volume here and i’m going to keep testing it here guys i’m going to end the video here i hope you enjoyed it if you liked it subscribe to the channel leave that one there and that thanks i went

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Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K – É uma boa TV BOX ? By TiagoTech