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Aoxjox and Seasum Gymshark Legging Dupe

Oh my god stop did somebody have these stop some somebody so many oh and those book oh okay nope not even touch i’m not touching those i am so excited to film this video right now i’ve been waiting for days to finally get everything in the mail and it’s all here and i’m really excited to sit down and just share this stuff with you guys so i was scrolling through

Amazon looking for a new workout gear because i’ve heard some people say that they found good stuff on there and i came across what looked a very similar to jim shark leggings and i had to order them and just see what the hype was about they had decent ratings so i’m gonna go through i did buy three pairs one pair i do not have anything to compare it to and don’t

Have the actual jim shark wants to compare it to but the other two i do so if you’re interested in watching how this works i’m gonna do a tryon i’m going to give you my thoughts and compare them to the other ones go ahead and keep watching but before you do don’t forget to hit the like button on this video and subscribe before you leave so you don’t miss out on

Any future videos so let’s jump into it here we go so i do not take them out of the packaging yet because i wanted to get my first thoughts on camera i didn’t want to have any sort of thoughts prior to filming this video so i did buy and let me go through really quickly and tell you how much i paid for these these are the ox jocks aox jo x so these two the pink

The ones that are associate of i know seamless and the ombre these are both the same brand these are the ox jocks the pink ones the vital seamless on amazon these ones were twenty six ninety nine compared to i believe fifty dollars on jim shark and then the ombre these ones were shh twenty four ninety eight on amazon again these are the ox jack’s as well and then

These ones the purple ones were 16.99 coupes these are supposed to compare to the energyplus and these ones were by csun saas um so without further ado we’re going to go ahead and open these up and compare them so i’ll go ahead and start with the vital seamless and because i love big ones and i feel like the material on this is very unique so if somebody is able

To duplicate that that’s very interesting to me it does have a little specific pattern on here and they pretty much it looks like from what i can tell them the packaging they rip that off right without further ado oh my gosh so first off they’re extremely soft they’re very very similar wow i will say they are definitely thinner and material the gym short version

Is a little bit thicker but very very similar wow wow i’m really shocked at how similar they are they they definitely are thinner though all right so i am going to go through all of them and then we will do the tryon so let’s open up the energyplus knock off again these ones didn’t have as great of reviews i’m also really worried to wear these to the gym and then

I’m just like split down the middle and i’m gonna be like it mid squat and they’re just gonna be like a gaping hole in my butt all right doesn’t want to see wow again very similar i do think that so far with these to the gym shirt do seem to be a little bit better quality obviously i think that they’re made to have better quality but very very similar these ones

Are not i really feel like that first pair was like almost an exact dupe these ones are a little bit different but wow so so similar i know these are really hard to see because they’re black but it has like this stitching along this side and then it goes into the and i’ll i’ll do a close-up so you can see it but it then it goes into the lacing detail and then on

The but we have again again you won’t be able to see it but there is the little kind of shaping it’s like a different material on these and then it kind of does that little shaping these have the same thing i just don’t know that i feel like they’re as close these also look so much shorter but i will say that these black ones that i have are almost too long on me

So let’s kind of compare oh yeah okay so i’m gonna show you much shorter like that’s how much shorter they are that’s hard to see because my they’re black but i would say a good maybe like two inches shorter on the purple version but again very very similar most of the detailing is on identical there’s a few things that are different but so far i’m really really

Impressed i don’t know that these are gonna hold up as well the seaming looks okay not noticing any tearing right off the bat i’m a little bit concerned oh my god stop did somebody have these okay i like had these close to my face and i kind of got a whip and i’m a little bit grossed out right now stop some somebody so many oh and those before oh okay nope not even

Touching i’m not touching those those are not going on those are going right back i’m almost positive somebody had those on like i started sniffing them the legs smell normal and like the crotch smells like bo oh my gosh i’m so gross at all no so maybe there’s a reason there are three stars on those i’m kind of scared now these smell normal no i don’t think anybody’s

More amazed oh my gosh what i’m over okay no i’m so grossed out right now those i’m not even i don’t know that i can put those on it smells like pee oh like its most like something armpit was in their crotch that is disgusting i’m really glad that you all can be here for this enjoyment this is for your viewing pleasure and you’re welcome all right we’re going to go

Ahead and try to move on i’m not even a lot i like before i even smelled that i was like these kind of look almost like somebody wore that when they really package that i’m like no joke i feel like the two from ox jocks did not seem like that like they actually seems like they’re brand-new so moving on to the ombre these ones are so cute oh my gosh these i really

Hope should i sniff them i’m so scared you smell okay these ones seem like decent quality i they almost have like the same material as these are very very similar and maybe though the gym sharp ones are like that to it not i’m not sure very similar almost the same kind of paneling on the but these are really cute i’m really hoping that things work out for me so

We’re gonna go ahead i’m gonna be right back i’m gonna try the first paragon i am not putting those purple ones on like that is disgusting those are going it right back i’m sorry but i only get to try to and i don’t get to compare them to these black ones but that is soda gross like i can’t i’m sorry like i love you all but no all right i’m gonna go put these on

And i will be right back alright here’s the pink ones they are nice and high-waisted see there’s my belly button they don’t feel as secure as my gray ones but they’re not bad i would say they’re a lot softer the materials like waist softer and thinner so they i don’t know like i think they more secure is like the best way to describe it my cellulite doesn’t look

Too bad in it like this is me flexing you can see it a little bit definitely booty shaping you can see a little bit of my cellulite in here isn’t standing but it’s not awful like i’ve had way worse it’s really not bad i actually probably would be pretty comfortable going to the gym and these here is the side by side the gym shark vital seamless and the knockoff you

Can see it a little bit longer but all of the detailing is almost identical the dots everything obviously – the gym shark logo alright and then let me flip these over all right and then this is the back side so you can see almost an exact dupe – the gym shack logo so so similar these are really great these are my favorite i love them these ones are not going back in

Fact i might order another pair alright we’re gonna try a squat test you can see my cellulite in here and click the lighting definitely see it a little bit more so i’ve had these on now for i know it’s only been a few minutes but so far so good so let’s go ahead and try the ombre all right here is the ombre so i don’t know i was trying to look on jim sharks website

To see but i feel like the stitching here as i’m stitching like the the print here that’s supposed to be booty shaping seems a little low to me does anybody have these like is that is that the way it’s supposed to be is that how it is long with jim shark ones i think that’s interesting that it’s kind of low but the fit on these is great i didn’t mention i did get

A medium in all these blue anything that’s kind of strange do you see this line like there’s a line that goes like straight down so they’re not completely seamless and it seems like a weird place to put the line like hello cameltoe like seriously like why not i’d rather have it like on the side or something why would you do that kind of weird these ones also are

A little wrong at me you can see they’re kind of bunching at the bottom just a little bit i was also trying to like pull them up because i felt like this so it’s supposed to be more like here like underneath my butt cheek but it’s not again i’ll flex so you can kind of see the stag light but these are really cute i do like them a lot again high-waisted these feel

Pretty secure very soft don’t whine there’s it’s gonna kind of drive me crazy though but the stitching here is great i do like that overall like not bad right not terrible there’s some stuff i would fix i feel like i need to order these now from chin shark just to see what the real ones are like here are the ombre this is the front side you can see that lined on

The center again i can’t compare these to jim shark but the detailing is really nice they seemed of decent quality someone leave a comment down below if you own these i’m just really curious flip them over you can see the little detailing on the butt really really cute aside from that stupid line squat test for the ombre probably see my cellulite a little bit i

Know a lot of it has to do with lighting so you might see some their final thoughts time we’re gonna start with ombre guys i really wanted to give these an a+ i love the color i love the paneling i love the material i love the high waisted i love everything except for the camel toe line no one wants that why is there a line at down the center of these pants i don’t

Care if it’s on the bus side which this also has it on the backside the pink ones have it on the back side look but not on the front so i know it can be done why’d you put it on here so i’m gonna have to go ahead and give these a c+ if it didn’t have that line these would be an a+ so i’m really disappointed about that not really sure if i’m gonna keep them they may

Go back to amazon only because i don’t know if i’m gonna be able to wear them or not i did want to make sure that i was being as fair as possible to ox jocks with these leggings i did do a little bit of research after filming this video and i will insert a screen grab of me looking at the actual hombre leggings on the gym shark website you can see from this recording

That they do have the line down the center in the front of the leggings the paneling on the side is very similar you can see on the gym shark version that the booty shaping lines are pretty low and they don’t fall right beneath the butt cheeks so very very similar so in terms of a dupe i do want to give ox ox and a for these because they are so good and the only

Reason i’m not going to give an a+ is because i really can’t compare the quality of the material itself since i don’t actually own them but if you are in the market for a dupe and can’t afford gym shark i highly recommend that you give these a try especially since they are on amazon and there are prime so you can return them if you are a member alright the knockoff

Vital seamless these ones i think out of all three obviously i didn’t even try the purple ones are still really grossed out by that but out of all three these one right now are the winner in my opinion i would give these an a the materials a little bit thinner than what i would want i would want it just a tad bit thicker just like the original jim shark and you know

It just realized the gym shirt ones have that seam down the backside obviously not in the front but they do have it on the backside so these really are almost an exact dupe – the jim shark logo on it it took me a second i did have to just double-check that i put them on the right way because when i put my jim shark ones on i know where the logos are these ones have

No logo so you really have to pay attention to the little like a dots on here to make sure that you’re putting it on the right way because you really just don’t know which way it goes other than that there’s no tag inside or anything like that i did order all three in a medium which is what i normally order and i’ll leave my body stats down below so you can compare

Yourself to me so pink is the winner ombre a second and then i’m literally picking up with the bag these are like a negative f f minus minus minus minus minus minus minus infinity minus so disgusting and they’re definitely getting i wish i could give it a zero-star in amazon because i would like that is so gross terrible business sense like why would you ever repack

A c’s and send them back out maybe you didn’t realize that somebody had more on them maybe they lied and said they didn’t wear them but so disgusting no thank you you know well i hope you enjoyed this video i know that i personally like buying something is less expensive so do you have any recommendations for amazon apparel or anywhere else that sells discounted

Or a cheaper type of workout gear that’s supposed to be really good leave a comment down below let me know where i can find it i would love to try it out love trying new things and i am pleasantly surprised at these i will say i wasn’t sure what to expect but they are really really good overall a few little things here and there that i’m just being nitpicky about

But i would definitely give these a go especially the pink ones that are like the vital seamless like if you want to try one out of any of these i would definitely go with this version because for me it felt like it was the most similar to the actual jim shark leggings so thank you so much for watching don’t forget to subscribe before you leave and i will see you in the next video

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