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Amazon Hair Products for black Hair |Best Hair Products for Natural and Healthy Hair (2021)

In this video I am going to show you the best amazon hair products for black women with natural hair to start or accelerate their natural hair journey. These products focus primarily on healthy hair care and hair growth not styling, but stay tuned for a video on the best syling products for natural and curly hair!

So this is your strands under a microscope before olaplex after olaplex this is no lie this is not marketing signs this is t this is real deal hey boo it’s beverly with hair scripts and today we’re going to do something very different we’re going to go shopping on amazon today guys and we’re going to talk about the best natural hair products for healthy hair

Okay so let me preface this video by saying a few things before we jump in and go shopping and i know i’d like to talk and hear myself talk but just hear me out okay number one is these are the best products for hair growth and your healthy hair journey okay these are not the best stylers these are not the best wash and gold products the best gels for your best

Poppiness curls your best twist outs and braid-ins this is not that video if you want that video please comment down below and let me know if you want a video about the best products or the best stylers okay for natural hair number two know these products not all of them or some are not black owned these are just the holy grail products that you should have in

Your starter kit for healthy hair in this channel or on this channel i talk a lot about healthy hair scalp health hair growth you know reversing hair loss because i was diagnosed with female pattern hair loss back in 2019 and i pretty much went on a whole journey i connected with the dermatologist they created a whole um hair growth plan for me to regrow my

Hair so everything that i share on this channel are the things that i pretty much went through on my journey and was a part of my hair growth plan if you want more details about my specific growth plan please visit the reverse hair loss in 60 day video where i’ll talk about my exact hair growth plan but anyway in this video we’re going to talk about the things

The must-haves that you need to go on amazon now okay right now and get for your healthy hair journey okay so let’s jump right in okay so let’s start with my number one my go and i talk about her everywhere and yes you see her neutral full okay so i’m not gonna go into like in depth with this video in this video we’re literally just going shopping and we’re

Going to throw things in my shopping cart and i probably have a few of these things already in my shopping cart so bear with me but in this video we’re literally just going to give you kind of like the synopsis so neutral if you don’t know is pretty much a a supplement for hair growth it’s a hair growth supplement okay right here it says for thicker stronger

Hair four capsules per day this is the one month supply yes it does it does retail at 88 dollars as auntie jackie would say but it is absolutely worth your money and your time so if you can’t swallow pills pause you can open the capsule and you can pour it into your smoothie if you take a smoothie every single day they have a whole list of reasons and you can

Read it while i talk but i like to summarize things and make it super super duper easy basically these are the goat because these are great for thickening your hair if you want thicker hair you want to take neutral okay if you’re dealing with thinning if you’re dealing with excessive shedding this is the one for you because neutral deals with hair loss on several

Different levels if there are 10 reasons for hair loss neutral deals with all 10 because of all the proprietary stuff that it has inside of it like i said i’m not going to go into too much detail i do have a video about the best dietary supplements or the best vitamins that every girl should have go click on that video because it’s going to really go in depth like

In detail about neutrophil but just know that it was clinically proven right here it tells you 86 of women reported improved hair growth and 84 saw stronger hair after six months since it is the truth i’ve been taking neutral for a long time now and it has definitely changed my hair growth game it has accelerated my hair growth game if you want your hair growth

Game to accelerate please go with neutral so i don’t know if i dropped it in my bag i’m gonna assume that i already did but we’ll do it again just for peepsake so here we go i’m only doing a one-time purchase if you want to subscribe that’s on you i’m not i’m not selling subscription services so add to cart boom so what’s the next product that we’re gonna get

Okay the next product that we’re gonna get is making big noise for big reasons and i promise you they absolutely do work and that is vegamore hair growth serum okay like i said and if i didn’t say it let me say this like i said these are may not be black owned products and they’re not stylers these are literally scalp health products so veganmore grow density

Boosting hair serum with dropper hold on now stop it with dropper natural dht inhibitor plant based vegan cruelty free volumizing formula strengthens and thickens for healthy hair growth yes it is one ounce yes it is 52 but let me tell you what is very powerful about this hair growth serum it has dht blocker in it okay let me explain if you don’t know what a

Dht blocker is a dht blocker is the death of every follicle dht is a derivative of testosterone and is going to kill your hair follicles it is the number one leading hormone or cause for male pattern baldness so men that are going bald they have very high levels of dht it is more common than you think especially in men and it is also common in some women so the

Reason why you don’t want dht is because it literally suffocates your follicle this is your follicle and dht over time just completely just like literally chokes the crap out of your follicle to the point where now it’s bald it’s shiny nothing is gonna ever grow out of it it kills your follicle leading to permanent baldness okay this inhibits dht from working meaning

It stops dht from working so here goes dht trying to break into the house and here go vegan more standing in front of the house like you better not even try to come in here and i got a gun and what that’s that’s vegan more okay so i’m telling you a little goes a long way this is not to seal your ends this is not for your loc method this is not for your lock method

Lco if you like me you know this is literally you drop it into your scalp you know i for me like if you want to do it every day because you’re aggressive that’s great but if you finally got yourself to a good place and you just want to apply this to your scalp once a week perfect okay so now let me drop this in my bag oh shoot they ought to stop that’s how good

They are y’all i’m not lying they’re out of stock so i gotta wait till february 9th okay anyway so the next one is make sure you snap that in your brain because i can’t put it in my in my my thing all right so corridor or pura what a however way you pronounce this this this john shout out to philly okay now this is the one that i like now if you know me you know

That i’m not a biotin girl i’m not a fan of biotin i don’t care for biotin especially high levels of biotin and i’ll explain why biotin is guilty of causing acne breakouts if you have acne prone skin if you are like me and you’re one of those girls that you know your sebum production just be doing the most for no reason okay let me let me do this since it wants

To do it so bad you see bum be wanting to do the most for no reason then you absolutely do not want biotin not high concentrated levels of it now the reason why i don’t mind this is because it’s not super concentrated and it’s a shampoo and conditioner it’s not going to sit on your head all day that’s why i’m not going to put liquid biotin on my scalp that’s why

I’m not going to take biotin pills or take pills that have high high high concentrations of biotin because that stuff goes into your bloodstream it delivers it to your follicles and it also delivers it to your pores and everywhere else and your sebum is gonna start acting real crazy and biotin has other side effects that we’re not gonna get into here okay that’s

High concentrations of it now if you take if there’s biotin in your pills right now your vitamins don’t don’t stress it’s not enough okay this is a shampoo and conditioner meaning it doesn’t have high concentrations of biotin but two is also literally going to be washed off immediately washed off you know what i’m saying so that’s why it doesn’t bother me now this

Is also clinically proven to thicken your hair so let’s see what it says here anti-thinning shampoo effective solution for thinning hair again since this is for you if you have thinning i had a lot of thinning so a lot of the products that i am going to recommend are anti-thinning products for me i’m already a 3c girl which means i’m naturally i naturally have finer

Hair the oils on my head naturally already makes my hair look a little more stringier especially when it’s straight after time so and it’s not a fresh blowout or a fresh silk press so my point is you know with me i was dealing with thinning because i had some high higher levels of dht because i had androgenic alopecia aka female pattern hair loss so i always went

For things that were going to give me density that was going to increase my my cells that were going to proliferate my hair follicles okay going back into the point this it has all these great things in it i’m sure you read it because i left it on there on purpose so that you can read it so let’s move down and let’s see what they say you know this is good for you

If you need thinning therapy or anti-thinning therapy you want to improve your hair’s appearance protect and strengthen which is good for follow-up excuse me for length retention okay you need to strengthen your strand sis otherwise your length ain’t your inches ain’t going to inch okay they are going to get to that plateau that they’ve been getting to for the

Last 10 years of your life and you know what i’m talking about and you know that i’m talking to you and then what’s gonna happen is unfortunately you’re gonna have to keep clipping your ends and it’s never gonna grow that’s what’s gonna happen so you need something that’s gonna strengthen your hair our key active ingredients such as biotin argan oil and 17 plus

Dht herbal proprietary blend protect your hair from further damage caused by external factors that leads to thinning at the same time these ingredients strengthen the hair shaft and cleanse the scalp improving the overall health of your hair yes that sounds great let me see this talks about the formula 100 satisfaction guaranteed let me see if you are unsatisfied

With our hair thickening shampoo let us know and we will give you a full refund okay excuse me but you must be real confident you must be real cocky because a sister like me will absolutely ask for my money back if i’m not happy but i won’t and i don’t because i personally use this one and i’m telling you right now yes it is dope okay this is no lie this is not

Marketing it acts absolutely works okay so i’m gonna add that to my cart so the next product because we you know of course we need hair supplements for our starter kit for our healthy hair starter kids of course we need a shampoo and conditioner because we got to cleanse our scalp every week and of course you’re going to need a serum right a growth serum but now

What do you do after you shampoo and condition says you already knew you need a deep conditioner and this one is the goat now i’m telling you right now with olap now i’m talking about the number three the repairing treatment but olaplex i’m gonna just be honest with you this is a dope brand they put a lot of research and development into their products and a lot

Of listen you you’re going to get great ingredients concentrated ingredients with olaplex i am really really on the olaplex thing right now my dermatologist recommended it to me and i have not gone back okay so this is not just me listen i’ma tell you right now i am too small of a channel don’t ain’t nobody checking for me so none of this is sponsored none of it

Okay nobody even cares if i’m talking about them they’re already big so you want to do you want to listen to me right now before i start getting big and i start getting those little checks from these brands right now everything is from the heart everything is stuff that i literally do on my own and yes while there is an affiliate link down below meaning i’ll get

Some pennies if you decide to go ahead and click on this link like i said it’s really not a big deal to me because i’m not a big channel and no one is checking for me like that so you have the un acculturated unadulterated tea okay anyway back to the point olaplex i like olaplex number three now there’s a whole lot of different ones and olaplex’s olaplex you you

You go into their store and pick the one that is best for the results or best for the goals that you’re trying to reach but let me just read their little stuff their description says is a hair perfector repairing treatment benefits is repair damaged hair and broken bonds with olaplex suggested to use once weekly as needed yes this is a deep conditioning treatment

You’re going to use it as you use any deep conditioner like i said and for those of you girls who might be a little curious right let’s look i’m not going to go through all their stuff but i’m talking about their deep conditioner because the deep conditioner you’re going to leave that in your hair and it’s really going to start to repair your hair we’re talking

About not just strength therapy and collagen therapy and bonding treatments but we’re also talking about repair listen my curls have started popping a lot more since using olaplex okay because whatever they put in there is strengthening the bonds of your hair so well that it’s also tightening those curls please don’t say i ain’t tell you okay they’re big but

I don’t know how big they really really are let me go back i don’t know how super big they are but i’m just telling you right now sis while not everybody knows run don’t walk now this one is the 28 dollar but i just want to make sure it’s the same thing because i’m seeing that this is okay this comes with the hair treatment build so i guess this is the two for

One and then this is the one i literally just go for this one again you do what you want if you want to go with the whole with the with the with the pear okay now let me just i want to show you something so i want to show you something let’s move down a little bit you know how is it this is it this no it’s oh look it’s oh wow i was showing you the wow i should

Have did this i should have been did this came down look at what they’re showing you olaplex works on a molecular level to repair damaged and broken bonds in the hair that are caused by chemical thermal and mechanical damage so this is your your strands under a microscope before olaplex after olaplex this is how this is no lie this key benefits repairs damage

And compromised hair strengthens and protects hair structure restores healthy appearance and texture this is not marketing sun this is tea this is real deal and that’s why it is expensive because i’m telling you right now my curls have gotten tighter since using this okay and you want your curls to spiral honey so i’m going to add to cart now let’s move on to the

Last but not least we all need in our healthy hair kit our starter kit we all need a leave-in conditioner okay and giovanni has been the goat the g.o.a.t the greatest of all time for eons for years okay they’re not new to the block they’re not you know this is not no influence or marketing stunt okay they didn’t just show up here they’ve been here and they’ve

Been holding it strong okay so giovanni and i’m talking about the leave-in conditioner now they have a conditioner that’s dope as well that you know the shampoo and conditioner all that stuff i’m talking about the leave-in conditioner is everything let them tell you why okay moisturizing hair care we need moisture in our hair and even if you’re a 3c chick with me

With excessive sebum production you still need to moisturize some curls because then curls when my hair is straight that’s when the oils like to go all the way down but girl when i’m thinking when my hair is curly because i’m a low porosity chick that stuff be dry af i’m like really really so my oils is just going to sit up there because they don’t want to come

Down so you need a nice moisturizer you need a leave-in conditioner especially when you’re in your natural state curly state kinky state whatever state coily state yes moisturizing hair care giovanni direct leave-in weightless moisture conditioner restores strengthens and lusters to damage and abuse hair it deep conditions while it’s in your hair it’s color safe

It’s vegan and cruelty free sulfate and paraben free listen let me see if i if i don’t want to miss out on no tea so let’s move down i should have went to the other ones but we already at 16 minutes y’all so innovating hair care botanical extract luxurious cruelty free all this good stuff all the screen shoot it y’all screen shoot it so you can read it on your own

Time giovanni is the goal we already know this this is a curly girl’s best friend they’ve been rocking with curly girls before being a curly girl was a thing okay and again or natural girl or kinky coily let me tell you again yes yes yes yes these are not not every not these are not black owns these may not be and these are not styling products this is the last

Product by the way so let me add this to my cart and i’m going to tally it up it’s not going to be a full tally it’s not going to be um a good sally because poor i’m not poor though the vegamore was out of stock so vegamore was 56. so whatever our total is you take that up you hold on because i think i had something in here that was yeah i had two neutrals in here

So let’s just move this to one and oh i have a spray uh i had to re-up because i broke the last one yeah i did a little bit too much so let’s just my spray bottle so to recap the neutral the poor adult biotin the olaplex number three and the giovanni leave-in conditioner now this is a pack of three so maybe the other well it’s only 23. for a pack of three i might

Leave that one but if you want to pack a one and it’s a little cheaper fine but twenty three dollars for three leave-in conditioners that are eight ounces giovanni so add 56 dollars so add 56 bucks to this which is the vega more because they were out of stock and hold on because i’m gonna need a calculator i’m sorry please forgive me i’m not a mathematician and

Simple math is not that simple to me it’s just really not so y’all already came up with it but i’m gonna tell you right now listen so your grand total is gonna be about 240 dollars okay but it’s going to be worth it is an investment that is absolutely worth it says don’t say i didn’t tell you this is 240 dollars and this is gonna last you about let me see everything

On here is gonna last you about a month you know and probably with the giovanni and the olaplex it may go a little further because a little goes a long way you do not need to douse yourself in this stuff because these again are not stylers these are simply for healthy hair again sis don’t sang tell you please subscribe to my channel like comment subscribe do all

Of that stuff share with your friends go and purchase this right here maybe i should link the whole damn shopping cart down below if i could i don’t know but i’m just telling you right now run don’t walk to amazon get these products you will thank me they will save your hair health and your hair growth life accelerated or not on cap okay on mary had a little lamb thank you

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Amazon Hair Products for black Hair |Best Hair Products for Natural and Healthy Hair (2021) By HairScripts by Bevy