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Amazon Kindle Dark Mode | All you need to know

Here is everything you need to know about the Dark Mode on the Amazon Kindle.

Typically ebook readers will have a color inverted mode or a night mode or a black and white dark mode amazon used to have their settings quite buried into the back end however now it’s a toggle dark mode so this isn’t so much a video of how to activate dark mode because it’s right there it’s more of what does dark mode look like if you’re thinking about buying a

Kindle paperwhite signature when you click on it it not only does the top bar and the books you’re in it does the entire os and what’s interesting about that is it does the entire os and we’re talking about settings we’re talking about menus we’re talking about sub menus it’ll go through absolutely everything and change the blacks to whites and the whites to black

But also stay with us how does this look with the glow light because remember this has blue and amber leds as well so first we’re just going to look at the regular writing experience with no glow light so this is reading on this and i must say that looks better on your eyes why because there’s less pixels that are white than before now most of them are black and

It blends in with the outside of the bezel as well so it actually looks really nice now let’s turn on the glow light this is honestly where it starts to make a little less sense you would technically never want dark mode plus blue leds that doesn’t make any sense it doesn’t look good it doesn’t particularly change the experience or make it any easier to read for

That matter what you would want is full warmth because what this is gonna do is it’s going to not only change the whites but it’s going to make the blacks brown and this is just about the easiest on the eyes experience you would ever find on a kindle you have limited the overall white pixels you’ve changed whatever white pixels were left to yellow slash orange thus

Reducing all of the blue light cutting all of the blue light and you’ve even reduced the intensity of how dark the contrast is between the blacks and the whites so this is extremely high quality in terms of reducing eye strain this is fantastic we’re gonna up the bold full and do the size full too so you can really see a difference between the characters themselves

And the background and that truly is brown you’re not this is no camera tricks this is the same shot it’s a little bit light for production purposes but this is a brown background with orange slash yellow characters it is so easy on the eyes it doesn’t really illuminate as well as you can see here how dark it is and how dull the color is it doesn’t even project

Any light it is quite nice so with dark mode i would recommend keeping the warm light on because it really doesn’t make sense otherwise if we turn on the warm light like this it is warm and it is kind of candlelight and granted as it stands on a black and white e-reader it is good but when you change it to that dark mode it really does change the game this is how

To basically start and operate dark mode on a kindle e-reader if you guys have any other questions comments or concerns leave them down below and stay tuned for some more videos from foreign

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Amazon Kindle Dark Mode | All you need to know By Good e-Reader