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Amazon Must Have l Active Wear Try On Haul!!

Ohhhh we back with another one!! I have been searching high and low for some affordable active wear. Amazon has made It very clear that they have the goods lol!! Please be sure to check the links below for all that is shown in this video. Also don’t forget to like and subscribe, so ya girl can keep these videos coming! Video request are welcome as well 🙂

What’s going on y’all welcome back to my channel so as y’all can tell by the title i am doing another amazon activewear tryon uh i’m really excited because i’ve been going activewear crazy so you guys are going to see activewear for me a lot because your girl is picking back up doing her workouts you know how we all do one minute we’re working out the next but not

But even if you’re just one of those people that just love activewear because you love to lounge around in it this is definitely the video for you and if you one of those girls is trying to get back into shape this is the video for you i’m going to be showing you guys realistically how all of these things fit on my body um because i’m not in shape right now so if

You guys want to see how this looks then stay tuned all right so this is my first set of pieces all right so these two don’t go together i got them separately so the top was 24.98 and the pants were 24.99 so not bad pricing so let’s talk about the top first obviously the top is black love it y’all know black goes with everything so of course i’m going to get it in

Black um it has a built-in bra stretchy fabric a crisscross in the back love that for us and it has a built-in bra so i’m always a fan of stuff that come like this for one because i don’t want to have to worry about extra support um but obviously if you are a little bit more heavy chested then that is something that you may be slightly concerned about because it’s

Not super duper compressive but it does have some hold to it so you know i feel like it’s kind of like medium when it comes down to compression but also i like that it comes long i had a hard time finding stuff like this and when i found it i was like i want it in every single color because for one honestly to me it doesn’t look like an active wear shirt it looks

Like a tank top that you can wear outside so super duper cute love this one it in every color i’m a super duper fan of it and for those of you that don’t really want to show your tummy all the time like this is like go-to as far as the pants love the pants love this color blue i feel like it’s like getting into like spring a little bit um i love like the little

Swirls on the legs make it look thick thick and then also it has it like up under the booty to accentuate the booty um and i purposely didn’t wear like the correct underwear because i want to show these pieces organically like if you were getting ready to go to the gym you ain’t worried about what type of undies you got on all the time so i definitely wanted to

Show you guys how they look realistic i’m not trying to suck it in or nothing like this is how these pieces look on me and i will have my sizing down below for reference if you guys want to know so yeah so love this cute don’t have any complaints and the pants are kind of long they are like bunching up at the bottom on me so yes if you are taller than me then this

Will definitely work for you okay so these are by the same brand of the blue ones that i just showed you guys but obviously they’re in a different color and for some odd reason these ones feel a little bit more compressive they’re in the same size same brand but just a different color sometimes that happens where different colors would fit differently and i want

To say what he’s the same price yeah 24.99 um love the same detailing around the leg and around the butt cheeks but this one feels really really compressive which i’m not complaining about and like i said they do come really really long i’m fairly short so i do have a little bit of extra fabric down here and i kind of have to like pull some of it up but i like

These i i can’t even complain like i think these are really really really cute love the color i’m a fan love the other ones i love that these are a little bit more compressive especially in the tummy area so cute all right i love these i just really love the color i really hope it’s picking up on camera hope you guys can see it but this green i’m here for it

Y’all know i’m a little basic so i don’t really need a whole bunch of extra colors but this is kind of doing it for me so i love the detailing on the leggings obviously super duper cute and step back so you guys can really really see but yeah love the fit um these still feel like they have like some compression to them it’s not super duper tight um but they’ll

Do i don’t feel like they’ll give me any issues with squatting i don’t feel like they will come down or anything um yeah i love them don’t have any complaints i have a little bit of extra fabric right here but i mean there’s nothing that you can’t really like adjust kind of like pull up or whatever they’re super high-waisted which i am a fan of love this even

When i don’t have a stomach anymore i still will love this fit it’s just super flattering especially if you have a shape like it really snatches you but yeah i love these super duper cute all right so these are my next pair i feel like these low-key look kind of inappropriate that’s the thing when you’re dealing with lighter colors it’s your thing it’s all your

Business it don’t matter how fit you are it’s going to show everything especially if it’s kind of close to your skin complexion but i’ve always wanted like some taupey like brown ones and i’m like i had to get these now i feel kind of bad because i feel like i’m showing y’all all the same ones but i’m glad that i did do this by accident because it is showing

Me like the different qualities in the colors um in my opinion these are a little bit thinner but they’re by a lot of the like the first two ones that i showed you guys they’re by the same brand um but yeah same price well no yeah same price well these are 25.99 so yeah so these are like a dollar so but yeah so love these cute don’t have any complaints it has

Like the same fit same design don’t have any issues with them love them they’re super duper cute so yeah but um if you are working out in these outside the house yeah it’s gonna show all your businesses just hey hey hey don’t worry i’m just saying i’m just saying i like these but they gonna show all your business so sis if you i mean you can be looking cute

Well i’m just saying just i’m just saying girl okay all right so these my rib jinx okay i love these um i’ve always wanted some uh rib leggings uh but let me tell you something these are thick i feel like these will probably be great um for like cooler weather or obviously if you’re working out in your home where you can kind of control the temperature uh but

Yeah and i guess you know because they are ribbed so the fabric but yeah so these are cute another light color showing all your imperfections it’s going to show all your business i mean there’s no way around it honestly but these are really really cute i’m a fan of these i love these they’re high-waisted everything i get you see here is going to be high-waisted i

Don’t wear anything outside of high-waisted but yeah love these super duper cute um these don’t have a lot of compression i don’t know if maybe i could have gotten a smaller size um i don’t know i feel like i this is the correct size so i don’t know if this is just one of those that is just like you’re probably going to have issues with maybe it getting looser as

You wear it i’m not sure like as right now squatting i feel like i may slightly have a little bit of issues with it kind of writing down a little bit um but for the most part i love these i mean they’re fine but i can say that these are probably my least favorite favorite fit but overall i like them and fit meaning i don’t know if they’re going to hold up while

I’m working out um these were 25.95 so these were well wasn’t the most expensive thing that i got but i love them for what they are so and these are actually really long as well uh so yes they’re cute love them all right so this is the next pieces all right so for the top wait for this wait for this for the top it was 6.99 for the top it was 6.99 and wait

Til i show you all the back don’t be talking about my back fit first of all cause i’m trying to be nice i’m trying to show you all this stuff don’t body shame me but all right so this is the bed can y’all i really hope y’all can see this i’m so excited about this it’s so cute like it’s just that little bit of extraness that really make you feel like you’re doing

Something with like your workout clothes or whatever so i love this and i was so shocked that it was 6.99 it does have built-in um like pads that i feel like can probably go because they’re being a little wonky right now but i am a fan of this top like once again i love these things because they don’t look like oh you’re supposed to be going to go work out it’s

Like i can go to branch or i can go run errands like who are you to tell me i gotta wet this when i’m going to the gym like i have to so like we’re here um but let’s talk about these pants okay so the pants were 26.99 and these feel like butter do you hear me butter they ain’t going nowhere snug fit all day comfortable like they remind me of these adidas leggings

That i have i just love how they feel and that’s like the biggest thing like you don’t want something that’s going to be so compressive or that’s just going to be like irritating as far as fabric where you don’t enjoy your workout love these these are really nice and it has a little detailing near the booty it comes like in a v to accentuate your butt i don’t know

If y’all can see that but it comes down like right here right here let me try to move a little bit closer hopefully y’all can see that but yeah it comes down super duper cute love that for the girls like and even if you got like a little booty like this would do it for you too like that’s what it’s for so yeah but i love this and i’m just excited like these are like

Some of my favorite pieces i keep saying everything’s my favorite because i’m just like so excited but yeah so i love this all right so these are my next pieces these did not come together now this is the same top i just showed you guys but in a different color and i am a fan of course so yes so it has the sheer back super cute love that and these shorts now

These shorts were oh i got to put this down these shorts were 1497. and yeah i love them um honestly it’s hard to find shorts that fit me that don’t ride up like if you have like thick thighs and you have a bud and stuff like that like it can be kind of difficult because it’s like we want to wear shorts too but you don’t want something that’s going to roll up on

You um these don’t feel like they will granted i have not worn any of these things to try i have not worn any of these things to work out in but um i’m just going based off of how they feel right now with just me trying to mourn and moving around uh so yeah love that love the detailing of course we don’t need any attention to this area but you know i don’t care

Child so and then of course they want to give you attention to this area so yes so that’s just you know the design of it i’m not complaining i think they’re super cute i love the seamless look always going to love the seamless look this is really really cute love this and love that i could just pair these two together when technically they didn’t go together so

I love that fuss i feel like they’re thick girl approved big thighs you know so yeah but i’m a fan of these and i feel like they’re at a comfortable length and they come up at a a good height so there are no complaints here all right so this set asset set this set was 28.99 and this just reminds me of like the ig girls like i feel like they’d be wearing stuff

Like this um i don’t know this is where they’re getting it from uh but yeah um okay so let’s get into the fit first of all it’s cute i mean there’s not really too much to not like about it i don’t know how practical it is to work out in i only say that because for one this is a small and i’m always eerie about stuff like this because you may be a different size in

Your top than you are at the bottom so you don’t get that option to mix match which i kind of don’t like but i mean i mean that’s most brands you don’t really get to do that um so yeah but i love this i think it’s cute for what it is i think hold on like this is like the go-to you just throw on like a flannel and like over it and like boom we back we outside we

Outside with it like i feel like this is typically the outfits that you see when stuff like this is worn um but yeah i think it’s cute i don’t know how practical it is to like wear out and about and stuff well to work out in this is probably something that’s really really cute to throw on out and about it came in a ton of different colors i’m not even gonna hold

You i probably will go back and get some more colors but this is the small and the straps are slightly too big they’re not adjustable so that’s another downside to it um but yeah i know that this is listed as an active wear on the site but ciao the girls we weren’t an active way to do errands in any way so you can do the same thing with this so i can’t really

Put like you know i can’t really deduct a point from this because i mean we wear a lot of our activewear to the grocery store so you can do the same thing with this fit but i think it’s cute for what it is um there are no complaints um it is a little bit snug around the leg part like right here which i kind of don’t like because i’m like i don’t really want my

Thick thighs to be accentuated is that a word i think i said that right oh no but yeah i just don’t want it to be like a big thing like i don’t want it to be like noticed basically uh so yeah i don’t want them to be put on front street and it feels like i’m like a can of biscuits just busting out but other than that though i love them i don’t have any this set i

Don’t have any complaints about it except the straps but i mean if you know how to sew quick and easy you can adjust this on your own but cute and it does have built-in padding so that’s another thing that i love that they did because i cannot stand sets i have one similar to this and that i got from a whole another place and it came with the top that was similar

To this and there was no built-in bra uh i just i like that option like if i want to take it out then that’s fine but i don’t like to just not have anything because then i’m like dang i gotta figure out a broad away with this and i got that so yeah so this is cute um although it is a little bit loose i do still feel secure because it is tight around here like this

Area is pretty snug it’s when it gets kind of up here to get slightly loose so i don’t know what that’s about but all in all i feel like it’s cute but probably for errands and going to lunch with your girls so but yes y’all so this is the end of the video thank you guys for sticking with me if you did stick with me for the end of the video stick around you know

What i’m saying like let’s be friends suggest videos to me i am back y’all i’m back through i’m not even joking like i’m for referral i’m really bad like forever like i’m back back so just letting y’all know so uh i mean you made it this long so go ahead and subscribe like no but for real though like actually subscribe like go like hit that red button and then

Hit subscribe and then also like this video because that also helps me out and then if you want to if you feel comfortable enough then you can just comment down below we can talk because i don’t really behind nobody to talk to so i mean hey y’all but anyways i will see y’all in my next video bye guys i’m so awkward like can we just get through the video please

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