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Amazons NEW Devices 2022: Home Automation Surprises!

Amazon just announced several new smart home devices and features! I’ll summarize what this means for your Alexa home automation.

Amazon just held their new hardware event and announced tons of new updates and out of everything they showed the most interesting things to me were about home automation seriously amazon is doubling down on routines and automations more than you might think and i’m excited to show you what’s coming to your smart home so let’s get into it surprisingly one of my

Favorite devices they announced was a 35 fire tv remote and hold on i know that might sound super lame but hear me out they added two buttons on here that you can customize each one to trigger an amazon routine so you could press one to dim the lights right before you start watching a movie and press the other when the movie’s over to turn the lights back on

But this thing gets even better if or i should say when you lose your remote it has a built-in tracker so you can ask amazon to find it for you and the remote will start beeping why is it now in 2022 we’re finally getting this feature in a remote and back to the buttons it’s cool to see amazon recognizing that sometimes we prefer not to use a voice command and

Maybe just want to press a button and the fact that they’re adding two customizable buttons to trigger routines proves that and they’re doing a similar thing with their new echo dots the 5th gen looks almost the exact same as the previous version sure it has some upgraded sound but it also has some more automation power there’s a built-in temperature sensor like

There is in the more expensive echo that you can use to run automations like turning on a fan or turning down the ac if it gets too hot and they’re also putting an accelerometer in this thing but why in the world would they do that if it’s just going to be sitting on a table unless they’re planning on it getting smacked you see i have this theory i think a lot of

People were hitting their echo dots out of frustration when it wasn’t doing something it was supposed to so amazon just turned it into a feature now you can pause music stop a timer snooze an alarm by literally just hitting it okay so maybe it’s just more of a gentle tap but you guys know my feelings on hitting things to start up an automation and i’m glad amazon

Is finally catching the vision alright amazon also announced a new fire tv cube that has a new automation feature to take it up a notch this has an hdmi input and output that allows you to automate things that you might not be able to automate like your cable box and apparently you can do things like change the cable box channel to espn using just your voice or

You could always set up a custom action to do this automatically now my brother who always watches pti at four o’clock can have his tv automatically turn on and switch to espn so you can watch it right when it airs if you wanted to press a button to trigger an amazon routine you know that finding a compatible button is a major pain but now amazon is saying they’ll

Support remote switches that will make things a lot easier so now you won’t have to do weird workarounds like you’ve had to do with broadlink buttons that pretended to be motion sensors finally side note i’ll be doing a more in-depth video on this and more routine options once they become available so make sure to hit that subscribe button have you ever been like

Hmm i wish amazon had more data on me especially my breathing habits at night well they have a device for that now it’s called the halo rise and the reason it caught my attention is that you can use it to run an automation when you’re getting in bed at night it uses a radar sensor to know you’re in bed and track your sleep you can also use it to gradually turn

On the light for an alarm to wake you up at the ideal time when you’re in a light sleep yeah maybe this would get me out of bed quickly because because i wouldn’t want that light shining in my face so closely and this is a little expensive there are cheaper alternatives but this is a great all-in-one solution for some of you out there all right the thing that

Surprised me the most because it randomly had the most automations is the astro robot last year amazon announced it and it still hasn’t been released yet i was starting to think that maybe it was a failed project because it was taking so long but now i’m starting to see what amazon is doing when the astro was first announced lots of people made fun of it saying

It was too expensive for just an echo show on wheels and it would just tumble down your stairs this year amazon revealed that they’re adding a lot of practical features using ai and automations for example with your permission astro can keep track of doors and windows around your house and let you know if something doesn’t seem right like if the door that usually

Stays open for your cat’s litter box or in our case luna’s food and water gets closed it could let us know this gets me excited for the future because maybe you won’t need a sensor for every door anymore and this just might be scratching the surface because amazon is releasing the sdk or software development kit for the astro that will allow people to develop more

Functionality for this to be even more useful this got me thinking about robots in our home and how it might not always be about the hardware but more about the software because i always see robots at ces and all they can do is dance and i would never buy one of those because they can’t do anything on the other hand take the amazon echo for example sure the hardware

Is pretty basic but the software is what really makes it special same thing goes for our smartphones and astro is no exception it seems like they’re realizing the software is what matters and adding these extra automations across the board amazon is setting themselves apart by making home automation shouldn’t work for you in the background and it’s really exciting

To see and i see absolutely no way this could ever backfire if you ever thought the world is gonna end with robots taking over amazon’s confirming your fears here you can see them terrorizing these humans and taking over this warehouse come here man’s best friend threat neutralize wait did that robot just knock out this sweet dog we’re all doomed yes you are

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Amazon’s NEW Devices 2022: Home Automation Surprises! By Smart Home Solver