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Best Electric Toothbrush To Buy in India (Amazon Prime Day 2020)

Here are some of the best electric toothbrush you should try

So i have been using electric toothbrush for a while now and it’s one of those products that are cheap and yet has a significant improvement in your quality of life you get better cleaning in less time you use less toothpaste and while it might sound expensive initially in long run they pay for themselves not to forget the countless doctor visit it might save you

From in the future so if you are in the market to buy some electric toothbrush these are your options oral b cross action meat toothbrush t 100 pre-clinical and care smith spark okay so the first one we have is from the oral b cross action this is the cheapest one in the list and like most of you this was my first electric toothbrush the electric toothbrush

Is just like a regular toothbrush but instead of you moving the brush it vibrates now to be precise there are two type of motion in electric brushes first is the oxy literally which is also rotating motion and then there is sonic brushes which basically vibrates in a linear fashion now all the brushes in this list are vibrational now the one that i have has

Stopped working after a year and a half but no regrets i have used it twice a day for 500 days and it was worth it however there are some sacrifices that you have to make while buying an entry level toothbrush for instance if you look closely you will see there are a lot of empty spaces in this toothbrush for water and foam to get stuck into it and if you don’t

Clean it thoroughly it might smell bad but the biggest con is the lack of two minute timer and a usb charging speaking of charging it works on one double a battery which you can access by removing the bottom half don’t worry all the electric crude brush are waterproof by design and although it doesn’t have many features the cleaning part is pretty good and

That’s what matter the most overall if you’re switching from manual to electric root brush and not really sure which one to choose this is the one i recommend right after my oral b stopped working which was in the log down i switched to this electric toothbrush from colgate the synonym for brushing your teeth and i don’t really recommend this the only reason

I ordered this was two minute timer fyi you should only brush for two minutes not more not less which is why most of the electric toothbrush has two minute timer the brushes vibrates for two minutes and then stop so there is no way of you over brushing or under brushing your teeth at the back it also comes with a tongue cleaner which in my opinion is more of

A gimmick i highly recommend a separate tongue cleaner those are cheap and make day and night differences however the reason i don’t recommend this toothbrush well for the first few days i had bleeding gums which is normal if you’re changing your toothbrush and then it was eventually fixed in two or three days but what i really didn’t like is the two double a

Batteries which don’t even last two months so i finally bought two rechargeable batteries and even the mechanism to take out the batteries is not very easy unless you stroke the back of the battery compartment on a hard surface it also makes lot of noise compared to other electric root brush and finally i was not able to find a single brushed on amazon which

Is quite weird for a popular brand like colgate overall while it’s a decent toothbrush with two minute timer i don’t really recommend it you get better option at this price range if there is one electric root brush that i can recommend to everyone it’s gonna be the meat t100 unlike colgate toothbrush this one has micro usb charging so no matter whether you are

Running out of charge while traveling or at home you can easily charge it and once fully charged the battery goes for 30 days that’s like saving two double a batteries compared to colgate every month in terms of design it’s pretty sleek and can stand on its own and bristles are quite soft as well however if you still have a sensitive teeth you can use the gentle

Mode but my favorite part of this electric toothbrush is the smart timer so it not only has a two minute timer like colgate but the two minute timer is also broken down into four 30 second slot so 30 seconds for the lower left side followed by 30 seconds for the lower right and you repeat the same for the upper part as well overall it will stop for a split

Second in every 30 second and that’s a game changer for most people it also make a lot less noise compared to colgate so that’s good however the only caveat is since it’s available on me website or crowdfunding it might be hard to get your hands on it or you can check out the me t300 which is pretty much the same as this one and finally we have the amazon

Best seller the cool smith spark which i might switch to once i’m done with the colgate first off you get the toothbrush body along with charging cable and two brush heads soft and medium hard it comes in white and has three led indicators for switching mode and a similar charging port like me brush in a way it’s not similar to me brush so you get the sony

Technology which deliver 30 000 strokes every minute while me only has 18 000 stroke per minute you also get the two minute timer which further breaks down to 4 30 seconds interval also just like the metoo brush you also get a micro usb charging so portability is not gonna be issue however it’s not full charge like me t100 and you will have to charge it

For three or four hours which will last for 20 days that said what separate this from me t100 is the extra brush head according to american dental association you should change your brush head every three to six months and in case of this you already get one extra and if you want to buy more a pack of three comes at 500 bucks which is pretty decent another

Significant difference from me t100 which only comes with two mode standard and sensitive k smith spark comes with 6 mode which you can access with a single tap and they don’t seem like a gimmick either i mean check this out overall k smith spark is basically like xiaomi toothbrush but even better with one extra head brush 6 cleaning mode and 30 000 strokes per

Minute so finally which one should you buy well if you’re a first time user you can’t really go wrong with this oral b cross section it’s cheap and although it doesn’t have all the necessary feature it gets the job done however i don’t really recommend this colgate electric boot brush but what i do recommend is the xiaomi t100 it not only has a 2 minute timer

With 4 30 seconds interval but it also has usb charging something that comes in handy when you are traveling although it’s not readily available on amazon just like all the others and finally if you’re looking for an upgrade go with ksmith spark it’s basically like me t100 but with more vibration and more cleaning option either way do let me know which one are

You gonna buy in the comment section below and check out for other videos on this amazon prime sale this is mina signing off catch you guys later you

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