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Fire TV Stick Lite –

Hello everyone, how are you? i recently released a video about the fire tv stick from amazon and i received several questions. the video had a lot of views so i decided to make another video here answering some questions and showing you how to install practically any android application on your fire stick tv i’m going to share this super tip there to boost your fire stick

Tv and if you can don’t forget to leave your like it helps a lot here our channel if you are not yet a subscriber sign up and click the bell to don’t miss the news there’s a new video every week i recently published a video about fire tv stick da armação if you haven’t watched it yet i’ll leave a card appearing up here and if you want to buy fire stick tv i’ll leave the

Links here nothing the video for you to buy directly from amazon brazil and you buy with them they release it for 30 days for you to test if you don’t like the product you can to return and get your money back so let’s go first thing you must do you must come here in settings right down go there in my fire tv select developer options and leave these two options on debugging

The db and also applications from unknown sources by default it is off you leave both on then you go here in preferences privacy settings and you will leave the three options off then you come to data monitoring and leave it off as shown here to do the procedure i will download it if i need to an application called download you come here in the water of categories someone

At the top of categories and you will come in utilities and it will be one of the first applications that appear here in the list and you will click on it and you will click on download and ready it finished i will click on open here you can click on ok then you come here to the side and click on settings and you have to leave these three options checked for us to continue

And now i’m going to go back here to home so we can type the address then you’ll come here and click and type this address here look you have to observe typing exactly the same as you see here if not it could be that there is an error or it does not enter the installation after you click on goal but if you want you can pause the video to copy the address exactly as it was

Typed here after finishing the download of already enter to install aptoide tv here we will click on install and now you can click on done and select delete and delete again let’s go back to the beginning look i’m just going to come here now in the app you’ll see that it’s here now let’s try to give an ok to this first part and now with aptoide tv you you can

Install practically any android application here directly on your fire stick tv ok it’s fire stick tv nothing more than it’s an android right it’s the firewall this is a mod version of android to run here on your fire but you can install applications there that are present in the play store through aptoide tv so i’m going to give two examples here of the two applications

That they asked me the most in the comments of the firestick video i’m going to enter here i i’m going to teach you how to install the exhibited goal and also the globo play let’s type here in the search and the result appears. click on finish click on return and i’ll type here in the search again and for beagle i typed edibiou he already found it here o usually i like to

Install this one from the top which are applications more focused on seeing you let’s give an ok and click on install one and then you click on install again and that’s it finished installing i’ll click on done and i’ll go back there in the initial part to show you you ready now here in apps let’s go to the end we have the globo play here and we also have the goal display

I’m going to enter here in globoplay unfortunately guys i don’t have a subscription neither to globo play nor to ebi the goal is later you tell me me in the comments there if it worked there you who have a subscription if everything went well look just working perfectly the entire catalog here on globo play i just can’t test it because i don’t have an account i’ll come

Back here at the beginning again i’ll try to enter edibiou too to enter it entered normally here now you have to see if it is really working you have a signature of the exhibited goal and want to share it with us in the comments it will help a lot the other people who are interested so in short here through aptoide tv let’s enter it here again you will be able to install

Pretty much any android app right here on your firestick if you liked that di don’t forget to leave your like and if you want to buy the fire stick tv directly on amazon brasil i’ll leave the links here in the video description remembering that amazon allows you to test the device for 30 days if you don’t like it you can return the product and get your money back i hope

You enjoyed it a big hug and see you in the next video and then

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