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Comprei Um Tablet Amazon Fire HD 8 No Mercado Livre

Maquininha que uso para minhas vendas e indico:

Hi guys today i came to talk to you about

Amazon fire hd8 but first subscribe to the channel and leave a like there i bought this black model it is a very current tablet in terms of launch and it has the white version black, coppery brown and blue its box i threw it away but the box was very simple it is orange and the tablet functions are written on it like most mobile tablet boxes and in terms of price i paid

480 for it i bought it for mercadolivre it arrived in about a week by the carrier and it has a reasonable size its doors are very thin the screen is a very light gray i will show you you can see that the screen reflects it is a very light gray not a dark screen and it gets a lot of fingerprints because it is very light, so anything you touch is already marked and its

Screen is not laminated it is a space it has a space between the screen and its glass it is an air suit it there is a good size it’s an 8 inch screen hd resolution there it’s only hd it ‘s not full hd but with a screen that size and if you look here, on this side, it has a memory card compartment. i’ll also tell you a little bit about the design here on the back let me

Block it here so i don’t click on anything the back has the amazon logo that this little smile here the rear camera and these scratches here is because who uses this one the most tablet is my daughter so it has a little bit of scratches and down here there is this part here the writings with the tablet model these things like discarding the good ideal is you buy a cover

For it so it can not scratch and not fall on the floor and not to spoil it very quickly its back is plastic it is all plastic but it is a very resistant plastic here on this side it has the standard p2 headphone output a usb-c input which is the famous type c here a little microphone the power button and the volume up and down button on this other side here’s the speaker

It’s stereo its sound is good underneath there’s nothing in this part here there’s nothing it ‘s flat over here it has the sound output the memory card compartment and here these other little things here power turns these things on and off it has this amazon app that already comes with it i left everything here in the folder the kindle photos amazon lexa prime video it has

Alex here only i don’t know enable i don’t know if it’s already enabled i don’t know how it works there’s a silk browser amazon music and games colornote e-mail and amazon applications let me tell you a little about games this game here my husband who when you play it, it runs smoothly, it doesn’t get stuck, choking all the time it depends a lot on the internet too, right,

But it doesn’t keep choking due to the memory of these things and there’s one thing that doesn’t come installed on it, which is the play store, i installed it through google in the case of this little internet that already comes with it i installed the play store it’s very easy just put it there play store and install it comes here so you can download applications from the

Amazon store here it has all the applications only some are paid the same in the play store too right but there are some that you can’t find here some apps you don’t think there are only in the play store so i chose to download the play store its camera is on the side for zoom live and these things its camera is very good it’s a 2 megapixel camera both on the front and on

The back and i was going to show you also about the screen that the colors of the applications are not distorted which is a very good screen and i i think it’s very good people i think it’s very fair for you to pay in this case the price i paid 480 i think it’s a good cost-benefit for those who want to use it like this for work for college for anyway for these things and

You can be there too o word or powerpoint that works normally works very well you can also customize it to your liking and something else although it doesn’t have a chip you can put whatsapp on it i’m going to make a video for you how to put whatsapp on a tablet that doesn’t have a slot for a chip as you can see there is whatsapp here and these applications here also run

Very well and the good thing about it people here you can store a lot of things because in addition to it is 32 gb in addition to having 32 gb you can put the memory card and expand it up to an integer so you can store a lot of things photo video file and here look at you moving to the side there is the amazon design here shopping suggestions recent free apps there here

Show the the weather forecast right here the library i don’t have the kindle but if you put the kindle it will show here the books you’ve read recently everything right you can customize it too so guys this is the video i hope you enjoyed it comment here are your curiosities experiences with this tablet and don’t forget to subscribe and leave a like

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Comprei Um Tablet Amazon Fire HD 8 No Mercado Livre By Tainara Mota