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Do These Amazon Herb Scissors Work?

Today we’re looking at a paid of 5 blade herb scissors we found on Amazon to see if they’re worth buying, or if it’s just a gimmick. Marc chopped up a few different herbs and vegetables to test it out. Should you buy these for your kitchen?

Don’t even know if i’m gonna keep them or if i’m just gonna throw them out hey welcome back to the average kitchen today i’m gonna do a quick and easy review on a very inexpensive inexpensive product that i’m very curious to see how it works these are five blade i believe they are five one two three uh five blade herb scissors we’re gonna try it on some green

Onion some basil and some flat leaf parsley to see how it works now i would think that these are something that are pretty one dimensional other than these couple products i don’t know what else you would use them on but 15 bucks that’s all they cost 15 so i’ve got a bunch of green onion here so let’s just see i’ve never used these before just got them on amazon

So let’s see can we do them all at once okay so so far not good maybe i’m expecting too much of these let’s do half of once so it does come with this little cleaning brush here so it didn’t really sort of slice those nicely it just kind of squeezed them all together so let’s try that again with maybe a few less green onion take two here all right so first view

Or first glance not good i like to use green onion as garnish and this looks terrible so the green onion test one one green one green onion okay so for the purpose of the video let’s try one green onion but practically you would be there all day if you’re slicing a green onion at a time can we do like this or do you just want one strand one string okay okay

Hold on here let’s square this up and just go with one that’s what you’re asking jamie one strand moment of truth first thing is completely jammed up every single time but let’s see how they look whenever so again not bad not overly practical now there’s also this guard here that has this maybe that will work easier let me let’s try it one more time all right

Here we go so let’s try this bigger one well this definitely works better but it still just kind of smushes them and makes a bit of a mess and if you’re like i said if you’re going to use green onion as a garnish and you want it to look nice i don’t know sort of defeats the purpose so let’s try some fresh basil here and see what it does to the basil all right

So we got our basil all right whereas basil is not generally used as much as a garnish let’s say you’re doing i don’t know a margarita pizza for example this appears that it would do a good job because it doesn’t have to be overly consistent but you could see that it sort of has cut up that basil that being said i don’t know if it’s any quicker or better than

Just chopping it up with your uh knife we’ll try some parsley here so personally we wanted to get cilantro but they didn’t have any at the grocery store so we’ll do parsley the thing with parsley or cilantro is you know sometimes the stems you want to get rid of the stems but in a perfect world maybe these just sort of chop up those stems so that you they can be

Edible again pretty inconsistent some really small pieces some still left over try uh regular scissors a regular pair of scissors okay on green onion all right regular scissors way better but in a perfect world what i would generally do now we’re running out of green onion here but what i generally do is i square up my ends with a knife and you can hold a bunch

Of green onion at the same time and if you want to cut on a nice angle you know let’s say you’re making a nice stir fry and you wanted to have those sort of elongated you know pieces of green green onion i mean obviously i was doing that quick but it’s not overly consistent but you can see they look a lot better than the mush that that was making this amazon 15

Pair of herb scissors do not recommend them whatsoever don’t even know if i’m going to keep them or if i’m just going to throw them out i wouldn’t buy them if you have these or if you have something similar to these and you have a better idea of how to use them maybe i’m not using them properly i mean they’re scissors how else can you but i’d love to hear from you

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Do These Amazon Herb Scissors Work? By The Average Kitchen