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Atendendo a pedidos!

Hey guys, how are you, welcome to our channel, i’m kit ballarini, and we talk about technology, pop culture, among other things. from amazon we already know that this device here, folks, is among the cost- benefit champions in fact now the question is will it run the heavy games that people usually play like free fare or toast among others that is the question and here we

Are let’s see in the video and ok and then prepared follow with me personally to start i think it’s interesting to say the following this tablet put in my hand it is a favorite seventh generation hd 8 failure because because depending on the generation we have different configurations on this device ok so guys we are here with fire hd 8 seventh generation device screen

Resolution is 1280 by 800 pixels its cpu a 1.3 ghz s quad core with the chipset t from mediatek and this version that has 1.5 ghz of ram ball show let’s start so guys let’s start with a mobile cloth here is a warning please help the graphics the screen settings if you have gameplay problems thanks for the support starting the club of people is realize that it is a little

Heavy for the device because it takes a reasonable time and not even to be able to start the game but ok come on here is the naked guy guys look let’s take a look at the settings a the team checks the graph here, the graph here makes you smooth and the frame rate stays in the middle, right, and so we can have a nice configuration and here we put graphic self-adjustment,

The adjustments automatically if there is a sudden drop in fps frames per second playing the personal request we notice that the graphic lacks a bit of detail, it lacks a bit of texture but the game flows normally ok the person looks i’m galena free fire how is it different here the graphic is already better it ‘s very interesting discographic that is much better than the

Bid maybe because playing it is a little lighter let’s go here in settings take a look at how it behaves just look at the graph it stays in the standard right then the standard graph and it looks really cool it’s really a serious one that’s what it looks like it’s already better you can see that it’s better than the exchange rate graph then the frei fire runs really with

A more beautiful graphic than the bid so we are here with koff pain i think that of the three this one is really the heaviest and if here it would do it hd it even suffers to make the presentation that little intro bakanas casa apart from everything else is the presentation key the kindle it the kindle is not the fire hd 8 it suffers a little ok let’s take a look here

At the graphic settings audio and graphics look how it behaves here guys a graphic quality has to be on low ok and the frame rate medium then it runs fine obviously we will be able to play but in the same way it will lack a bit of texture it will lack a bit of graphic quality but the gameplay is 100% the gameplay is of good even the graphics of this game in fuel is a

Sensational business i now look at the game asphalt nitro for example i thought it was very cool the graphics were very good and the response was also very good your attitude is a little game that i consider it’s not as heavy and gobbi as koff pains but it’s a relatively heavy game and the tablet doesn’t do ugly i thought it was pretty cool to finish we have the minimum

Here today it’s also a relatively heavy little game pretty cool game right and that needed here it also runs very well bustamante wheel does it very pretty there in this little game there of my favorite so people, as we can see, it is a tablet with modest settings but the truth is that it doesn’t do ugly and you realize that some games the quality really isn’t that good,

Right, it won’t run in full quality either, that’s not it, it’s something that we already noticed but the fact is that really the gameplay in terms of gameplay he manages to do it very smoothly you can run the games you can play with a lot of peace of mind so yes at that point you won’t have any problems we can conclude that if you don’t have any objections you don’t care

So much about the visual quality of the game in relation to the gameplay you will not have a problem now if you really care about the gameplay with the visual quality wanting to play everything at full there is no way you will buy a more powerful device that’s it guys i hope that if you liked the video, we’ll stop here , be sure to subscribe to the channel if you haven’t

Already subscribed from your fan base to give us that strength beauty and share this video and also to give that strength ok guys in the biggest hug stay well and see you next time thanks went

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