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Instalando a play store nos tablets Fire HD da Amazon!

Hello, welcome to another video of the yellow duck and after many requests in the comments of one of our most watched videos on youtube i decided to bring a 2021 version of how to install the play store on the amazon tablet in case like i did last time this one is fire hd and this is the 2019 version but it works for newer models including 2019 models fully updated so

Enough talk and let’s see this new version of how to install play store on amazon tablet and before anything for os amantes de rpg, the pato amarelo channel has a partnership with mercado rpg where using the pato amarelo coupon m today we get discounts on miniatures grids paints brushes scenarios and much more so for those who are rpg fans who would win one nice discount

Market access rpg. and use the coupon from our channel the first one we will access, right, the amazon tablet browser oh and let’s look for yellow duck, it should be arenas in the recommended list and it will be the first link on bing but me too i’m going to leave here in the video description the exact link to this post on our blog, it’s a well from 2019 but it

Still works. mirror and we’re going to scroll down to the apk download even though it says it has a new version and now it’s going to say it needs access to the storage to save we’re going to click on ok allow and go down there now on ok to finally save the file on the tablet we will click on open and it will prepare and it will say that the browser does not have permission

We will click on settings and we will allow from this source this is great news a big difference from the old tutorial of because clicking on install the

The application installed completed we

Close saturday and we are going to install the second one which is the google services framework and we also go down there and imply the download button apk and sometimes the button can be a little weakened and not you can click it but if you wait a little bit it becomes available for us to click and download we will download this one we will also click again there on open

And install the completed one we close the water and here comes the difference we will install now to play services go if it’s a very old version, we’re going to scroll even further down there, look at the apks and we’re going to install the most recent one, which in this case here is the one from january 28, 2021, clicking on the download button there, it will load a new

Page do apk mirror hi guys, it will scroll down again it will say that it has a newer version but now we will click on download apk on the same thing ok it will download and we will insta lar just like the others and this one takes a long time to install so don’t worry because it really takes a long time i even cut a good part of the video because it’s really sweet now

We’re going to talk about play store which is also an old link and we’re going to get it over there to down again and install the most recent version the friezes apk for and universe we will install this one that is from february 15, 2021 in the case of this video, probably you are seeing in the future they will be more recent dates and we will click again on download apk

Andthen the download will start, we’ll download the file let’s open it today and let’s click on install this is much faster than the first one maybe you didn’t have click on allow browser to download files or else he is not allowed to install unknown sources if those first windows haven’t appeared there asking we go there we go to the tablet’s home let’s go to settings

A min there are apps and notifications and let’s look for the silk browser, mine is the first one there, there are several options one of them is permissions, we’re going to click on it and the storage has to be with that yellow zinho symbol over there, it’s allowed, going back down there, there’s installing unknown apps a we will click there and the yellow option must

Also be selected there to allow this source only then can we do the whole procedure of downloading and installing the applications from the play store on the worst is this this is our video showing how to install the play store on the amazon tablet, you saw that there wasn’t much modification. i just said there that there are certain items that we have to install the most

Current version because otherwise we ca n’t even download anything from the play store. getting the 2019 video is an old version so it’s not compatible you have to update it and you saw that there was no mystery in any little detail there that changed in the operating system of amazon but that is not so difficult once you have liked the video if you liked it give that

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