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My 2021 Amazon Must-Haves!!!

Quick #Haul of my #Amazon #Must-Haves and I hope you enjoy these products as much as I do! Everything is linked below, thank you so much for watching!

Wow hey hey hey i think that’s my new thing um welcome to my channel my name is crystal price if you are new here if you are returning thank you so much for coming back i really appreciate you um if you are new this is just slowly and surely becoming more of a lifestyle mom wife in her 30s figuring out life channel so if you like what you see i would love

For you to subscribe if you have been watching my videos and you have not subscribed yet subscribe please thanks but today um will be my amazon must-have videos i don’t know if you want to call this a haul or i must have videos but first thing is you guys remember me talking about if you saw my um second video just talking about me getting on track for 2021

I mentioned that me and water um we’re not really friends like that like we’re getting a little better like we’re starting to be cordial with each other um but i said like i said before i don’t taste like nothing so i’m really working on trying to do better with that and in trying to do better with that i’m one of those people that have to have like a really

Cute water bottle or something to make me want to pick it up something that’s easy to carry around um something that’s cute if i want to take it in the gym or take it out with me it needs to look like something so right now the water bottle that i am currently carrying is this water bottle um which is made by oh i’m gonna put it right here a picture right here

Or right there um i don’t know if this is opard apart apart i don’t know but it has not sure if you can see um but it has like the toms on it i really want i don’t know how i can focus it if you see it in gold so it has like 8 9 10 11 12 and at the bottom it has refill and then on the back it has the time to just kind of help you track the water i mean the

Tractor is cute i just thought the water bottle was super sleek super cute um very lightweight i have another like huge water bottle that has a track on it and it is a gallon but i rather just fill this up four times and get the gallon in um and i can carry this around it’s not heavy it’s super cute like i said and i have been doing pretty good with this so

This is the first item my favorite water bottle at the moment the second item is this ice tray we do have an ice maker in our home that we use but this one is super deep as you can see so um andre i bought like some brandy glasses also from amazon that we use and he’ll just take a block um of ice and he’ll put it if he is having a little night cap brandy or

Any type of drink or ethan likes to put it in his little cups for a drink i have um tall coffee cups when i have my iced coffee and i’ll put a couple of cubes in there but these are really awesome if you are having some folks over and you want to jazz up the way your cocktails look or have something cute for people to put in their drinks then i would highly

Recommend these they came as a pack of two i believe but like i s but i am going to put everything in the description box and try to put pictures of things in different areas but this ice tray is one of our favorite finds and we use it often the next item we live by this product and i’ve posted it on my stores before and a couple friends um actually ordered

It and they rave about how awesome it is and it is this folex instant carpet stain remover my son is six years old and i have a dog and we recently just built a fence in our backyard so we just let him go back there and sometimes he comes back in the house without us wiping his paws and it is a problem so actually this is almost empty i need to order more but

It is a no rinsing copper cleaner i have used it on the rug upstairs yes that’s all the same but this is a must-have and it’s amazing and if you have small children or if you’re just trying to keep your carpet or your rooms or anything like that clean if you’re clumsy like me you need this in your house i promise you i stand by this so get it all right moving

Okay moving right along as far as home items go um we recently got some new couches but when we were doing that i wanted to find really cute throws and i found all of these off of amazon it’s just a black white and gray if you can see that yep there we go and it has like the little ties on the end so i got this one we also have it’s the same thing now we also

Have this throw which is around the same colors it’s like a tan and black and gray and it also has the little fringes on the end this chevron black and white one that i think is really cute and again they all have the little loose end ties on them but they were pretty really affordable you can drape them over your bed over your couch um i have some wicker

Baskets by like a tall um faux plant because i kill actual real things um and i have those draped in there you can style them any way you want but they’re super lightweight if you need a small blanket you can do that they’re super lightweight and i love them and i got them all from amazon very soft very easy to sell your house with so that’s that also with

Home items um oh my god stop performing okay also with home items i because i drink iced coffee um i drink my water sometimes in glasses or when i have a cocktail i will put it in like one of my nice hot glasses and i am a straw person like i feel like straws make drinks taste better i don’t know if that’s accurate but that’s how i feel so i ordered these

Straws that come in this little bag and i believe they come in silver too but they are really cute um straws you can keep in your home if you’re having people over it’d be nice to just put them in drinks for people they have the curved ones and they have a tall they have tall ones they have the straight ones and then they have please have another show yes they

Have the shorter ones in here as well so you get two different sizes and i believe that eight you know eight to ten came in here but you have different sizes really cute to put in your iced coffee in the morning um or if you have people over and they want extra strides and give them some cute to jazz up i am just obsessed with straw so if you are obsessed these

Are the way to go moving on to like a different um area these right here are my go-to these are my favorite slippers they are so comfortable and it has the rubber bottom so if you need to go outside if it’s raining or anything like that um then they come handy and they do have extended sizes i am 5 11 and i wear a size 11 shoe and i als often have issues with

Finding things that are still kind of cute that fit my big old foot and these are an 11 12 so if you are tall and have big feet or if you’re not tall and have big feet they will have your size next thing that i saw um is i i know that these are dupes i cannot remember what brand their dupes for but these um i actually saw on somebody else’s amazon haul and i

Got them oh my god they’re so cute and they are i have a round face and i’m probably pushing it but i’m just going to try my best to hold on um i’m in the process of trying to you know slip my face down so maybe that’ll make a difference but i’m not letting these go they’re just cute um these are some super cute shades that are about 13 bucks i just thought

They’re super cute and trendy um for the summer for spring for whatever they’re just super cute um the next thing i have is this super cute tote um that i got as many colors with different um little scarf colors to go with it but um i grab it here and there if i have on a cute little white collar shirt with some ripped jeans and i just want to grab it then

This is the perfect choice so there’s my tote i love a cute fanny pack could be made i don’t know um and like i said i almost heard like a video a picture of me wearing this but i found this super cute faux leather and gold snake skin um fanny pack on amazon has a zipper you to place things in but it’s just super cute i mean some people may say you can wear

The fire so you can wear whatever you want to wear it but um you can throw it over it’s like a little arm you can see um to wear with the outfit or you can wear it around your waist wearing your back however you want but i just thought it was super cute to put with an outfit a little jazzy jazzy fanny pack so this is the other bag that i got from amazon and

They have this bag in this brown color and they also have it in black like i said i’ll put the all the links in the description box so that’s that moving on to beauty um i just released a video um i think the video prior to this just talking about how i don’t really have a makeup collection i already have a breath blush brush brush collection i’m trying to

Learn how to get into all of that and do all of that i realize that i’m 30 and i should know but i don’t this set was 9.10 but it’s i figure since i don’t know what i’m doing anyway um i shouldn’t be spending a whole lot of money to start out on things so i got this um brush set from amazon i wanna it’s a whole set it says professional i don’t know if it’s

Professional but it came with all of these brushes can you see um these bigger brushes i don’t even know what the they are flat face angled what does that mean face tapered face round and a face angle i don’t know what any of this means but i got all these big brushes and then i it also came with oh just for the eyebrows i don’t know it came with this brush

Right here and all of these small brushes and i’m assuming what is this down below tell me what this is uh all my battery’s about to die i don’t know what this is but it also i’m sure these are for eyeshadow so it came with these brushes as well all of this came in the set together and it was i think at the time i bought it it was like nine or ten dollars i

Also um follow a girl on instagram um i had bought a couple beauty blenders trying to start out and i was spending a lot of money i didn’t really know how to use them so she said that these beauty sponges by aesthetica um are like the perfect dupe um for cheap so this little beauty blender was only three they’re only three dollars so it comes in this little pack

Um i got three of them when i ordered them but they feel like my beauty blenders honestly and i use them today i don’t know if it blended well but these are also an addition and a thing that i got from amazon that are going to help me on this journey and if you don’t want to spend a lot of money because those beauty blenders are expensive i don’t understand

Why you can head over to amazon and pick up these dupes and see how that works for you so that’s that i am obsessed with these earrings i wear them all the time only i don’t have them in now because i want to show them in the video but i’m normally a big hoop girl and i am slowly and surely getting out of that and i wear these all the time and i’ve gotten a

Couple pair for a couple friends as well but they are these super cute gold hoops the perfect little size not too big not too small um you can dress them up dress them down i have on a sweatsuit today i put them on with this put them on a super cute top they’re so light even though they look a little thick they are the lightest earrings and i think they’re so

Cute see them they’re about 13 i’m not mistaken on amazon they do have different sizes but i’ve been seeing a lot of the younger girls wearing these and i thought they were cute so i got them too so yeah these super these um go hoops are super cute and that i believe is the end of my little haul i’ll prop or must have like again i don’t know which one is i’ll

Probably do another video with some additional things because like i said i order from amazon all the time but this is my first little must-have of my amazon funds from 2021. um if you enjoyed this video i would love to give a like or if you would like to comment on some things you’re gonna possibly get or like i said things that um you want to suggest that

Would be awesome but this is the end of the video thank you guys so much for watching i say welcome again thank you much so much for watching um thank you for your support with the channel and i will see you next time for the next one y’all have a great day or night or whatever you’re watching you

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