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My Amazon Faves!

These are just a few of my daily Amazon favorites, hope you guys enjoy!

Hey guys welcome back to my channel if you’re new here my name is cali nice to meet you so it has been a while since i posted a video my makeup go away went amazing you guys thank you so much for everybody who entered in all the love and support my winner was at yeah oh she’s a lot of aids in the names so congrats girl once again thank you guys seriously i like

I said on my life if you were there on instagram and if you’re not following that instagram already make sure to do so it is kelly dot mercedes oh it’ll be down in my description and and yeah so i just like thanks guys like i cannot wait to do another giveaway i’m gonna be doing many more and many more videos so that little spiel so guys today i wanted to go

Ahead and show you guys my amazon faves so we’ve all been in quarantine we’ve all been online shopping and don’t act like you’re not some of us have bought things that we really don’t need a que me um but there are some things that like you know what i think are very helpful so a lot of these things that i have i think it kind of there’s something for everybody

Honestly there’s something for everyone on my amazon faves um so let’s hop into it alright guys so the first step that i’m gonna start for you guys is for my mommy’s out there so this right here this little dinky thingy um this is plastic it’s like a pacifier be put fruit in it you can put like steamed vegetables um frozen yogurt whatever for your little ones

Because stella was teething and she just wanted like the fruit i had but i didn’t want her taking and choking on it so i bought these it comes in a pack of two and then the little plastic parts they come in different sizes it’s really easy to clean really easy to assemble boom you just pop some chopped fruit in there and your baby’s happy um i like these ones

Better than the mesh because the mesh are really hard to clean guys and is just you don’t want your baby to have that in their mouth so yeah i’d go for those ones i love them 100% stella loves them okay so for my next items for us mommies aren’t these magnets letters okay so these are perfect for your little ones i’m stella started crawling at six months so

As soon as she started crawling she started going for the kitchen of course and i’m honestly in the kitchen probably 85% of my day uh always eating i’m cooking i’m cleaning whatever so she obviously goes in there with me and she would go towards the fridge and pull the magnet well some of them were kind of tiny and then i had to find these ones these are perfect

Size because because she won’t put them in her mouth and choke so these are a great size i love them and it gives you the whole alphabet i obviously only pulled two because they’re everywhere in my house yeah and drawers and her toys everywhere but they’re perfect and they’re pretty cheap too i’ll go ahead and link everything below in my description for you

Guys to amazon in case you guys want to get one for yourself but i love those they’re so safe for your kids um so yeah and it’s a great learning tool guys i can’t wait to like start teaching her like how to read and spell on the fridge so that is it for my baby stuff so for recreational guys it is summertime everybody’s in the pool you want to go play so i will

Actually julio thought of this because we needed a pump i know this doesn’t look like a punk right now but we need a pump to blow up like beach balls and just small things i’m like a lot of stella stuff is tiny she was a baby so there’s this right here it’s perfect size for like traveling going on a camping site the beach whatever i love this thing comes with

This and it comes with this other bag with all of the different needles and another one to fit so perfect like seriously perfect for traveling and comes in two little bags and you won’t lose it so this is perfect actually love this yes it’s an arm workout too so if you’re trying to get fit perfect two and one guy’s doing one but yeah i love this holy all had a

Great idea for that so um another thing that has been so great for me i know a lot of us have taken quarantine one or two ways to lose some weight get healthy or we snacking i do both so i actually did take a lot of the time during quarantine to get healthy and start working out and all that good stuff so i bought a new um weight machine this bad boy right here

Okay so i love this thing i really wanted a good scale the one we had um was not a hundred percent accurate all the time i mean i go to the doctors and i would be like off pounds whatever this one actually weighs your body weight your metabolic cool age your body fat and your skeletal muscle muscle mass your body water all that good stuff so another thing that

You guys know i do make up a lot um so i have dirty old brushes and stuff so i finally gave in i have been wanting one of these forever it is a brush cleaner an electronic brush cleaner just trans little power button on this kind of carrot yeah i have a video i will show you guys like you know how to use it but it’s so cute it’s this it comes with your bowl and

Also a holding rack for it and all the sizes for um your brushes so they come with a ton of sizes and i love this thing it was like 20 something dollars like i said i will list it down in the description but it works amazing like i was shocked i was so shocked and my brushes are so clean i’m huge on keeping my brushes clean because girl does not good for your

Face if you don’t clean your brushes okay so clean your brushes guys clean them i love that thing oh another thing that i bought because of quarantine is so my nails obviously have no polish on them only because i did go and buy a poke gel kit i was interesting that a struggler came whatever but yes so it is um the star brand i love this thing it’s amazing my

Mom loves it she uses it um it comes with a lot of different colors i got like more of the nudes because that’s usually what i wear um but you can always order more colors and you can go to the store the store has them as well so i love that thing 10 out of 10 because it does the job and my gel actually stays on for a really really long time so i love it i got a

Lot of compliments on my skin in my last video my giveaway and beauty krishnas video which thank you guys so much um it has not been easy okay i’ve never had perfect skin i still feel like i don’t have good skin without makeup on i’m red and this is why i do still break out yeah i know something’s gotta go on so the big reason though i have good skin is another

Item i bought on amazon so i’m sure you guys have heard of these but these jade rollers lookie there yes so i got the jade rollers it also came with an ice roller i’ll show you guys so this is the ice roller yes it’s ice roller oh shoot you keep it in your freezer and it does say to keep it in a bag so i’m not just doing that because i want to it says give you the

Back so here’s your jade ice roll they’re going oh my skin so i bought these i have been thinking about it for a while i’m huge on the rose quartz as well i use a lot of rose water on my skin but i felt like the jade ones were great i watched a ton of videos before i bought it and honestly guys these are amazing this is a great pack it all all three came together

And that’s what i’ve been using up my skin every day so yeah that’s what i got and it’s often amazon so i will go ahead and link that below as well i’m leave me everything i’m just letting you guys know so you’re not like oh my god i want one um so yeah these are amazing seriously i was blown away with the results and the way my skin fills so i don’t want to keep

Going into skincare because i could talk all day about it but if you guys want a video on my skincare routine go ahead and comment down below and let me know guys cuz i will totally do that i’m thinking about doing one actually just so you guys can know what i do for my skin because i’ve always had issues for with my skin honestly always had issues so yeah for my

Next item it is all about clothes i was a little skeptical and buying clothes on amazon but so but literally um so i was a little iffy by buying these because i know like they target the bed area but when i’m nursing but said but so much of my wife except for right now um so i bought these because i wanted something new to workout in i wanted something that was

Stretchy and lightweight and that was also gonna make me feel good so i bought these swords i love them they’re the scrunch booty and they are life you guys they slim you a little bit they make you look bomb so if you’re trying to feel good and look good right here so i got that in the color pink and i also got some pants so guys here’s the back little scrunch

Booty and they’re red i love them they’re so comfortable you guys um and the guy said you want to like them feel good these are it these will make it look good so so that is the end of my video thank you guys so much for watching and listening to me talk about all these products i’ve gotten amazon amazon you are my best burger correct but anyway no seriously

Though amazon is a good thing and a bad thing for me because it’s just so quick i do love amazon though guys if you don’t have amazon it’s a great thing to have i have amazon prime i actually got it when i moved out from the very first time because i am not well as people who are gonna be for cable and all that good stuff in channels i’m not gonna would use

So they have amazon prime video and there’s a bunch of tv show those videos all that good stuff you could totally look at that and i love amazon so hey i was on responded to me i got you girl um but yeah thank you guys for watching um i hope you guys are having an amazing day or night whenever you’re watching this um comment down below what you guys want to

See next because i’m all for it guys i’m all for it and thank you guys again for watching i’m showing so much love and support without you guys i would not be as motivated as i am to do these videos and more giveaways so thank you guys

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My Amazon Faves! By LivingLifeWithKali