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And where to buy the fire tv stick this new device that is booming that you transform your television and a very top television maybe you have an old television it has hdmi you put it on and it will have smart to be able to access netflix you will access amazon prime you will be able to access several features that you couldn’t before, cheap price and quality with alex

As you can also put alexa in it you can use it so it’s really worth a lot just guys before anything be like share this video subscribe to the channel and i’ll leave all the links below in the description for you to follow with a discount here on the channel you support me help me and there’s also a discount i’m always updating the links and putting promotions for you down

There guys first thing we ‘re going to go to amazon these links below are at a discount you will to get here there are three devices for us to choose from on that date the amazon is chic light the amazon fi re common stick is that the normal right that is a medium one and the amazon fire stick right 4k is older than i kiss and guys already out of line don’t buy it doesn’t

Pay for those who have it there for example on the internet they are people who have already bought it for the old stock in my opinion it is not worth it it is the one that hangs the most it is not bad it is good but like this among all here the kiss that is no longer sold by amazon man it is already out of line i more bad we delete these three first thing guys the amazon

Fire stick light is a very good version that you plug it in there you will feed it with energy there from usb a socket everything it connects the television starts working and you can control alexa through the remote control you talk to her there then you can put it to wake you up to change the channel to do things through lexa and it has some basic commands in it it is

Very good to see the forecast on the smart tv or it puts resources in it very cool man so it is very worth it however it’s the simplest but we can see it also has more sellers look here on amazon it has 57 thousand ratings man so it’s a lot of ratings and from all of them here i’ll summarize for you there are no less than 4.5.8 stars so they all have a variation like what

Will differentiate is the quality that will have more resources right and the price guys so this impacts today on the current date i got a discount for you it was 349 it will come out to you through the link there 259 maybe not adapt watching this video it has already increased a little below or else click and check man it is the simplest for me it is what you would buy no

I did not buy it is it because i think the second one is the best for me in my opinion the last one is also good but recognized the price if you really only want the cost that is simply transforming the television is more economically possible this equipment for you the fire stick version the normal one, the hotel light its common it is different from the remote control

Remote control of the first one it needs you to use its control but for you to turn off the television and change the channel if i need the control of the television its in the case of the second generation here that i talk about it was common it has commands for you to turn off the television and kind of magically when you connect the television it can also change the

Channel you can do everything by increasing the volume through the amazon remote this remote is really worth it so you can do everything through this remote so you don’t need two remotes so for me it would be bad, i’m going to sit in the living room i ‘m going to change the flute and it’s looking for two remotes it’s kind of me to staple the other one no man you can do

Everything in one you can retire the television control so for me it’s worth a lot aesthetically, it’s a shame if you have an alex button over there in the blue color that i thought was more beautiful and on the bottom the gen it has some buttons and shortcuts for disney netflix and others so for me this second here is basically worth it the big difference with it is the

Control ok if you already have the first version right all this thinking about buying a second one you don’t need it just if you buy the separate control, you only have it there, you will click and check it out, there is a separate control, it’s worth it if you already have the first version, are you thinking of changing it? name right and it has the 4k version so it will

Play this type of content this device is more recommended if you have a television with this technology because there is no point in buying a 4k device television is four unless you are already thinking about changing it there i agree with you if you don’t have to buy it ‘s not necessary expensive it’s price difference won’t compensate ok his audio city is also superior

It supports a much better audio quality than his predecessors the second the first the simple quality the second the average quality and the last the perfect audio quality so a message that is more worth it the best is the most expensive guy that is 4k but you have to see the need and if you simply want to transform your son’s father’s television in the bedroom there into

The smart tv with some lexa features and take the first generation which is much cheaper it’s much better right now if you go there in your living room i recommend it the second generation because it has better control if you don’t have to look for the control everything it can also connect with other alexa devices that you, for example, want to turn off the television

You talk to the other devices you have it already turns off the television ok so it’s very good now if you already have a 4k television, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t get the last one, it’s because, like, you’re going to have a 4k television, you’re going to get another version, it’s not going to work to produce 4k so i suggest you pick the most expensive one, in

Case you have to, it will depend on you choosing which generation is the best for your segment. it will depend on you and your television i will leave all the links with a discount for you below in the description and you also support my work also put it below in the comments which device do you think is the best and why if you already have it too put it below for us if

You raise help until next time what

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