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Pesquisa De valores tablet amazon Fire HD 8 Vs Samsung A7 lite

And we’re going to do a search here for the tablets the valuation value here in the paraguayan shopping to see the value they are costing a dates the dollar today worse 5/35 okay, let’s go here, put it up here or sorry i forgot that i’m using it the keyboard here oh amazon he hd discover will stay in front let’s see what i found here oh oh and of course baganda you are seeing

Here 48 dollar the seven version has the seven version hello what are they showing up in the advertising brass he g1 appears i made one so far that to improve this side of it browser is not cool for visualization where is the panel there the fire hd 10 there is 10 inches that i’m comparing is r$ 500 look as you can see here look it hd8 next to the 10-inch, i don’t know,

It’s a bit confusing but where i have the 8-inch here, okay, that’s it, look, no, hello everyone, unfortunately, the ringer ended, i think the mega goes to 430, but i can’t find it here, look i’m just finding the one of 10 inches us i’m going to put it here to search and there’s not there luckily there i wrote it wrong sorry and to take it out it’s going to take people

No time is dedicated the museum that appears reminds your car there, i do n’t know, i don’t know, i just don’t know, having to drink milk the nissei website oh i’ll show you there oh i’ll bring the person interested 396 it’s just cheaper let’s see if there’s still a ring let’s visit caio da nestlé and don’t buy online there usual to buy three times create let’s total you

I’m opening on tabu da we go 6 hours want to know how it works well over there lunch there’s a non-brazilian website that ends up going online it plays that i have nine dollars and then olá is here let’s wait to load because it has nothing to do with the tablet it has to do with the one there i’m showing it because i sent the quality of it there’s the pout value the sad

Idea of ​​values now compared in a little while i’ll show i’m nav egando it look bye bye and look not to mention the advertisements in the browser it bothers you right but that in both of you will have advertisement there advertisement here advertisement there my god in heaven see look at it here oh hello ah okay now let’s see samsung if it still exists there and

The aspect of the samsung a7 will show a tablet or a cell phone here, you even saw a drop in price, there it was more expensive there, asset-light there, there was a fall of three, say what i have this one oh hello asset-light what i’m cool with but compared to what i said you’re good the discipleship a personal price box to see if there’s a store that isn’t there it’s

Still there 800 i tell you that the stores that i i can buy this one, look, and how to use r$ 800 over there ah, that’s on average but of course i’m not going to bring it . provide it and the woman visit the store’s website mega eletrônico in paraguay today’s dollar over there mega eletrônico is here it’s improved thanks thank you for the asset-light 780 reais if you’re

Interested locally and want me to bring one for you with me we’ll do a really cool one there make a peak there we negotiate the amount, of course it costs to go there, so there’s no way i can bring it for the amount you say, right, i was going to pay it, he said, i have to go get it, right, but i’ll go here, four, say the battery there, the focus, bring one memory card

Cover there which bathroom charger is very weak but then it’s a samsung thing there pressure to stay very top samsung mega eletrônico this difference in value is a hug to all

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Pesquisa De valores tablet amazon Fire HD 8 Vs Samsung A7 lite By wagner Luiz viagens suport análise etc