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Recensione Video citofono SMART Ring Video Doorbell Wired Amazon il campanello smart con Alexa

RECENSIONE Video citofono SMART – Ring Video Doorbell Wired Amazon oggi un nuovo contenuto sul canale per la rubrica “la Domotica semplice con MarelloMottaTech “.

Yes yes no look later leave the ball next to it but no yes i left at 18 thanks to 10 against hello everyone and welcome back to the comedy channel stella intro i’m called the fool no meanwhile you also need to make fun of yourself this video this point of view from the title to present this brand new product because it has been available on amazon for a few days and i got

It in pre-order even with the price of 59 euros it is the ring and now wired or the smart doorbell or smart video door phone or alexa door phone with which everything that, as we want to define it, is nothing more than a product that is installed let’s say in place of a video door phone if present or even a traditional door phone system with its dedicated button that acts

As a bell and we can then connect it to our smartphones to our amazon is aware therefore we could be read available on our doorbell intercom at any time and in any anywhere because this being connected to the internet in which the courier like the joke i made at the beginning of the video or anyone and intercoms at home even if we are not inside the house we will receive

As mentioned is the notification directly on our smartphone or directly at home we can ask alexa to show the doorbell and then talk to the person who is at the intercom alexa show intercom i already have it you have installed the immoderate simply for this short video review the product is very simple to install can be purchased omanita wired or not wired so for example

I chose to power it with a power supply that i had genius possession which is nothing more than an old limiter of a laptop since it was within the voltage range that the product supports or between 8 and 24 volts ac and so i preferred to use this without having to buy even if you can still buy with dice rin closed in a moderate through the order you see at a small ring

The only flaw i could say is the absence of a position however plate i for example printed the plate that found proposal of the upper part we must not go to hit any of the parts because there are also the sense of movement because the ring as well as obviously responding when we press the physical button the bell also detects the presence of people in front of the intercom

And if we want we can also receive notifications i said it is very simple to install it is also equipped with screws see to fix it to the wall with two dowels there is also a small say about yourself disputed if for the safety closure after connecting it also to the bed an interesting possibility should the ring be stolen and you can obviously ask for it by presenting the

Complaint by communicating it until you can ask for the return of the product that for the cordi no immediately possible theft i was telling myself the connection is very simple as you can see from the images there are two contacts for the connection i said i brought from the junction box the cable with the contacts of the power supply connected on the back very simple

Then it is closed again with the salt shaker then closed on with the safety screw on the base i see them this is one of the other elements that make up the home automation i hesitated it was also missing because in addition to the mind the intercom was having tantrums once it worked ten times no so wanting to complete the whole ecosystem that i have integrated with amazon

Specifically with the eco show i preferred to buy this product which finally in a price range we can define love compared to those who are the older brothers of this product which have really high figures then in the package of which i’m not here to tell you there are all the various destruction manuals and i must tell you that the application is really well done because

It also brings you the step-by-step guide. it can also be installed by connecting it to a video door phone with peaks, i.e. therefore with the internal ringtone and all the wiring to bypass is also present inside the package. the cinemas can also be installed with the three tops of the additional ringtones for example if we want to insert additional bells inside the house we

Can buy them separately and move them between our direction i leave you for the whole link and in the description you can also find my telegram dog subscribe if you have n’t already done so or in any case the link to the amazon showcase and where you can find all the products that i deal with on the channel and above all the home automation products beautiful video review

For this new home automation product access it some small access operation we can of course can go to ges pull all the various news the application both the application but also from the web because through the browser we can see our intercom if we want to say this i leave you with the next video bye everyone from marcello motta tech channel name hello everyone

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