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Como Transferir qualquer arquivo via bluetooth para o Tablet da Amazon: E-books, Apks e mais! Assista ao vídeo até o final para ver tudo.

Hey friends welcome to the channel sandro comments and today i came to give you a really cool tip for anyone who owns an amazon tablet, okay, you who have an amazon tablet there and like to transfer files via bluetooth and not always get this transfer to yours tablet today has a very cool tip for you to do this beauty it was a suggestion of one of the channel’s writings so

That’s why today studying this very cool tip here today for you beauty let’s go first very important thing pay close attention to everything i say here so that you can also transfer files from your smartphone to your tablet or vice versa whichever you prefer ok here i will be using a smartphone and a tablet that is i will transfer files from two smartphones to the tablet

For this people, the first thing you have to do is leave your like, subscribe to the channel and activate the notification bell so you don’t miss any news dade let’s go the first thing you have a file manager ok on your smartphone and on your tablet too nice have a file manager what i use is this one here

File manager this one here o file manager plus you you can

Have your beauty download yours in case you don’t have it yet and now you want to do it first let’s do a quick test here here’s a picture and i’ll click here o share my tablet’s bluetooth is already on here now i’m going to click here on bluetooth and i’m going to select the bluetooth of my tablet, which is this one. let’s see if it will arrive here. next here guys the

Bisu is very cool you who did not imagine doing this transfer for example e-books like the example of the colleague who said that in the comments or you can also share the apk of ep which is the case with this one here on the youtube base here i’m going to try to share and you’ll see that it won’t arrive here like it arrived in the photo here i’ll try to share remembering

That here i am in the file manager of my smartphone ok these files here i’m opening it directly from the file manager now i’m going to click on share let’s see if it will arrive here like the picture well, people, it didn’t arrive this is one of the types of files that really don’t get to be received here on our tablet and now you want it i’m going to make it work first

You have to do the following leave your like leave it here in the comments if it worked for you now click here on the file you want to send people and very important you will click here on rename beauty rename here ok apk let’s rename it to a name ending that the tablet accepts what is this name ending it can be pdf jpg which is image etc etc and such here o jpg and mp3

Etc the important thing it’s just that it’s a name here too, there was apk i’ve already paid for it to be a name that the tablet recognizes alright i’m going to put it here jp g which is the format of an image alright but this isn’t an image we know it ‘s the basis of an apk that is youtube okay let’s change it now here guys the tablet will recognize this file i’ll click

Here on share again let’s go okay here let’s share via bluetooth now this one has arrived you see it automatically it already recognizes that we have to do the only one first thing we have to do is change the name of the file this little end here, which is here at the end after the dot we change which is the case here that was apk after this little dot here we click on

Rename and change it to one name of a file that the tablet recognizes which is what we already know that it accepts pdf when we send bluetooth it accepts mp3 images and life if it does not accept we change it to the name of a file what it accepts, simple as that, people here, we are sharing this file, it has 20.79 megabytes, but it’s not over here, people, don’t leave

The video now, because it’s not just simply changing the file name. just change the file name don’t look i ‘ll wait to send it here that there will still be the last step for everything to be impeccable and you can enjoy your files both on your tablet and on your smartphone or anywhere you want ok we’re back let’s go here we’re in the tablet’s file manager and now we’re

Going to the last step so that this file works and we can read it directly on our tablet. i don’t know what jpg and we’re going to change it to its original name now that this will be the last step that was its original format it was apk remember people that the base from youtube here ready you already have your perfect file and you will be able to enjoy your file on your

Tablet too ok and that’s it let’s install it here but i already have youtube installed here so no insta etc but that’s how it works send all kinds file you have there and it will work on your tablet yes beauty thanks if you liked it do n’t forget to leave your like and subscribe to the channel turn on the notification bell so you don’t miss any news we ‘re together thanks and until the next video

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