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TABLET FIRE HD 8 CUSTO BENEFCIO #tablet #fire #amazon

Nesse video falo sobre o tablet fire hd 8 um excelente tablet rápido e com ótimo custo benefício, mesmo valor do multilaser com qualidade de tablets da samsung de 1000 reais.

And they’re going to do another video on the channel

Today not about this guy here or the fire hd 8 tablet that’s right amazon tablet excellent value for money bringing you a little more information about the same beauty some basic information about it then closed focus here focused on it even its hd right an hd screen of excellent quality it also has capacity with a memory card of up to 1 terabyte it has quad-core processing

It has 2 gigs of ram it also has dual-band wi-fi on if 2.4 turns on and 5.0 gigahertz there is capacity it has wi-fi ok it has a front camera 2 megapixels rear camera reasonable just for the basics there is also the sound of the atlas excellent you can do the test in a little while. there is no negative, it does not accept the operators there. so if you want to have access

To the internet and only through wi-fi or rooting through your cell phone for the same thing another thing about it is that it has bluetooth 5.0, okay good guarantees great connectivity what comes inside its cable is already in the case type c is the standard for you excellent there the connection and for charging ok there is also its charger head there together it comes

Here well in the case that is it’s really weak, right, but i wanted to leave it charging all night. its advantage is that the battery lasts a long time, so it’s pretty cool, even if it takes a while to charge, but at least it lasts. you’ll have to buy an adapter like this one here, you go and put it here oh and it’s not the brazilian standard, but there are several types of

Adapters that you can put the same thing that comes with it they are the manuals and only inside the box. so here we have the screen turns off and off what is this volume of less and more here we have the case of loading that the transfer of files in the types and here there is an input for the earphone p2 and here for the memory card e here on this side nothing and those

Two speakers that are the same is this serious the back of it here the amazon smile in some information also ok let’s turn on its screen this is the screen of the same but you lens that one as you can be the i see it in the video because i love asking for this instant speed great where are you going to do the test in a little while very fast install it here for the price you

Are offered there i found this issue of it very interesting there in the speed when you do law ture of me another thing with that one that’s cool in case i have kilos so here it is for you to read it’s really you are reading a page of a book that is it was little difference from the kindle you buy this guy that has many more functions excellent for reading pdf and books

Are also very good speed i don’t because instagram ran it with one touch free fire can run it too ok i’ll be making a video there on google play and another one putting fire running so you can even see this video teaching how cell phone google play to have more applications that come with this standard then amazon applications become very limited because only showing you

The audio issue, right? there’s a video here andthen i never come closer of the microphone for you to listen to andthen andthere is a little bit here we have it here , look and with basics that will suit you very well there for you are watching videos on youtube and others content also beauty that’s it guys his camera doesn’t have much to say a very reasonable quality

And left it to make a video call it’s just at the maximum so i’m going to take a very basic photo in terms of showing something there but nothing much a camera really leaves the wish but it’s a tablet the same i speak with an excellent speed if it was the intention it’s for study you can buy it you can charge it and you can charge it anywhere there quietly because of its

Size that’s why i prefer to buy the hd 8 times the 10 because of its ease of use question of the size you are carrying to the places there so i practically have access to a handheld laptop here and i can take it anywhere personal beauty soon on the videos on the channel teaching you to install google here on google play and also doing a test there with the games for i’m

Free fire so you can see what the issue of gambling is like there if you liked the video leave your like s and subscribe to the channel thanks

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TABLET FIRE HD 8 CUSTO BENEFÍCIO #tablet #fire #amazon By Cleimar Reitz