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Testing VIRAL TikTok Leggings (cheap Amazon leggings under 0!)

I tried the viral scrunch leggings that make your booty look amazing!! Here’s my try-on haul and review of these Amazon butt-lifting leggings.

Guys we got mail does anyone else get like super excited about mail ever since coven because i do so it kind of feels like you have a constant wedgie today we’re trying out the viral tick tock scrunch bum leggings what oh that booty so basically they’re cheap amazon leggings that apparently make your booty look amazing i’m sure you guys have seen these and today

We’re going to test it out to see if they’re worth it if they actually work all right so first up we got the season ruched butt leggings so they have 53 000 reviews on amazon so these are the viral ones there’s basically like none in stock so i got the black ones and they’re supposed to look like this so basically they have that ruching in the middle so kind

Of accentuates your curves and um they’re high super stretchy material it’s kind of like a knitted material but yeah let’s try them on and see first we’ll compare them to normal black leggings so i’ll show you my lululemon lines first and then these ones to see how they compare so these are the lululemon align leggings um obviously a staple piece in everyone’s

Closet um great so how does the butt actually work in these they’re stretchy they don’t really do much to outline your butt unless you have a colored version these are a hundred dollars um obviously super great quality lasts forever so obviously recommend but let’s go try on the season ones which are only 30 dollars here so if you didn’t know i actually post

Every monday and thursday on this channel so please subscribe so you can see every video also comment below what videos you guys want to see next i want to make content that’s useful for you guys so let me know in the comments all right these are the amazon ones for only 30. first thoughts they’re actually so comfy like the stretch in these are insane i got a

Size small i actually like the height of the high rise it’s not like insanely high like the alliance um so i do like that for the tummy but of course the booty so it’s actually kind of crazy i find that like obviously a much better job of like outlining your booty this rouge in the middle right here really like outlines your butt nicely which you don’t find in a

Lot of leggings um so i do like that i feel like it really like gives your butt what it is like show it definitely shows everything like the lines you don’t really get you know the full picture so things do bring it out um so if you want that yeah for sure um the qualities you know pretty cheap i wonder like what it takes to put a hole in these there’s like

Knitted holy sections so these sections here are pretty light material so that could rip pretty easily one thing that sucks obviously they’re like out of stock so that’s annoying but there’s a bunch of different colors i feel like colored ones would make your butt look really good too um they’re not like super good looking they’re kind of ugly but if you just

Pair it with you know something black or plain on top it works um but not like you know an ultimate fashion statement here one thing that sucks is that they take forever to ship so they’re from china so it took like a month for mine to come in so if you’re okay with waiting then the price of course is obviously worth it only three dollars canadian um and they

Do fit really well and they do highlight your butt nicely so that’s plus so overall i give these amazon 30 leggings an 8 out of 10. you’re getting what you pay for do the job with the butt they’re stretchy and they work for working out i definitely recommend these for a good dupe and something to to know to you know give your booty some love uh let’s try on the

Second pair coffee break alrighty so the second pair um is more focused on butt lifting and they’re really a gym shark dupe so it has that line under the butt so they’re from um amazon of course but specifically in stink store they only have 157 reviews um so it was kind of a gamble but i risked it i got it um they have a bunch of colors and they’re only 30

Canadian as well um these one these ones have the ruching in the middle like the first ones and then they also have that underlying um band here to kind of boost your booty as well um and they’re high rise and they look a lot like gymshark leggings um so it would be a pretty good dupe if they fit well you like a normal pair of gray leggings first with no butt

Lift or ruche and then we’ll compare them to these guys they are just normal plain gray leggings these are from bow and tee um so this is just a look at what the butt looks like and these they have no you know butt lifting features or no ruche in the middle um so yeah they’re about sixty dollars um i personally love bow and tee so much i love the quality and fit

Um but let’s try on the amazon ones for 30 dollars and see the difference all right so these are the amazon leggings um so first thoughts they fit really well they’re not as stretchy as the first pair definitely like gym shark type material the seamless fit um quality not very good the butt definitely does something for the butt for sure these lines here help

With the lift and then the ruching here definitely like helps accentuate each each cheek for the butt um one thing is so it kind of feels like you have a constant wedgie in these um the way like they made it it’s like the ruching is like just a big line of something so it like hurts if you try to do like any lower movement it’s like all the way up the butt so

Yeah that’s one thing what do you think yeah but basically they’re pretty standard gray leggings these are 30 as well also from china so it takes about a month to come in which sucks um overall i’d rate these like a 5 out of 10. the quality is not there and this ruching like hurts if you are just looking for leggings that like accentuate the butt you just want

A pair to like wear every now and then not for every workout these do the job for sure and i’ll definitely wear them from time to time but like not my go-to legging when i’m trying to do like an intense good leg day workout all right guys so that’s it for today’s video hopefully this is helpful information helped you decide if you’re gonna get the hyped leggings

Or not if you do end up getting them comment below what you get thanks so much for watching and i’ll see you guys in the next video oh also i’ll link both leggings i try today in the description a this baby that’s my baby

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Testing VIRAL TikTok Leggings (cheap Amazon leggings under $30!) By Melinna Mills