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Top 10 Amazon Dog Toys in 2021

Top 10 list of Amazon Dog Toys in 2021

Hey everyone welcome back to the channel and today we are talking about my top 10 amazon dog toys for 2021 why are you yawning this should be exciting for you you love dog toys alright let’s get into it again welcome to our channel for those of you that are new my name is andy these are my two french bulldogs gizmo and mimosa and we are on the go frenchies if

You guys are new feel free to subscribe to our channel it really helps us grow and for our appreciation for subscribing here’s a short clip of mimosa enjoying a doggy popsicle isn’t that clip just the cutest all right so amazon has some great dog toys on their site so i’m gonna give you guys my top 10 choices now all the products we’re gonna be talking about

In this video are gonna be listed in the description box below and we’re gonna provide links there those are our amazon affiliate links if you guys use those links it helps our channel out a little bit and we really appreciate it so let’s start right away with number one and number one is this automatic ball launcher from all four paws now some of the features

Of this product is that it’s designed specifically for small and medium dogs it launches the ball at three different distances at 10 20 and 30 feet and it can be adjusted easily with the push of a button it comes with three mini tennis balls that are easy for small mouths to fetch and it has two power methods one by ac adapter which is included or by six piece c

Batteries which are not included this automatic ball launcher is a fun way to entertain your dog even if you’re not even there they can still use it which is why it made my list okay let’s move on to product number two this dog soccer ball with tabs this is perfect for kicking chasing and retrieving for those dogs that love soccer balls this allows you to inflate

The ball to the maximum size and still allow your dog to be able to pick it up by the tabs all materials are carefully selected and sourced and comply with the exact same safety standards as children toys and the pump and needle to inflate this is included making this soccer ball the perfect dog toy for all those world cup dogs out there coming in at number three

Is this toy more focused for the olympic swimming dogs out there this is the electric spray chew toy for dogs this floating spraying battery-powered dog toy is the perfect pull toy for your dog it has serrated molar bumps that helps keep your dog’s teeth clean it’s interactive fun and improves your dog’s iq it has a waterproof battery compartment and a water inlet

That allows the water to spray out of the top and it comes in two different colors green and yellow let’s move on to number four now for all those smart dogs out there are these interactive puzzle games for dogs from outward pound these puzzles come in four different skill levels and bring fun with food for all dogs challenge your dog’s mind and find out how smart

Your dog is in the process at number five is another interactive dog toy this one wiggles vibrates and barks perfect for all the dogs bored of their old toys this plush toy comes in four different kinds the crab dog tail monster and the unicorn it’s easy to activate simply by a shake it helps reduce anxiety and boredom encourages play time and it has options to

Buy replacement covers for when that cover has just seen better days all right let’s talk about toy number six which is this double suction cup dog toy for dogs this toy is designed for aggressive chewers it’s safely made of a hundred percent food grade tpr non-toxic materials this toy is a four-in-one multi-function dog chewing toy it’s a squeaky toy it’s food

Dispensing it’s interactive game of tug-of-war and the toy also helps keep your dog’s teeth clean all right let’s move on to toy number seven which is this hide a squirrel squeaky toy from outward hound this is another interactive way to puzzle your fur friend for hours it comes with six stuffed squeaky squirrels say that six times fast and a tree trunk this plush

Toy allows your dog to figure out how to free these squeaky squirrels from the tree trunk what dog couldn’t love this toy okay sitting at number eight is this wobbly wag giggle ball for those dogs out there that gravitate towards sounds this ball emits the best giggling sound and no batteries are required it has six pockets to allow dogs to easily pick up this toy

And it’s great for use indoors and outdoors it’s perfect to encourage engaging playtime and it is made of super durable materials okay let’s move on to product number nine which is for all those basic dogs out there these white paws puppy seltzer squeaky plush dog toys if you are looking for a funny toy for your dog look no further this two pack white paws comes

In two different flavors fetching berry and fetching fruity it has a built-in squeaker plush material it’s machine washable and perfect for taking funny photos for social media alright the last product product number 10 which is the nerf dog tennis ball blaster this blaster is easy to use lightweight it has an extra ball holster it can be loaded by hand or just

By pressing down on the ball on the ground if the ball is wet and slobbery and you just don’t want to touch it this blaster will launch the ball around 35 to 45 feet but you can adjust that for shorter distances by not pulling back the launcher handle as far this is a great way to launch your dog’s tennis ball during a game of fetch it’s not just fun for them but

It’s also fun for you okay so this was all 10 dog toy products from amazon if you guys made it this far thank you so much if you guys felt that there should be other products that you know that should have been on this list go ahead and leave them in the comments below we’d love to find out what you guys think if you guys like this video make sure you guys leave

Us a like if you haven’t already subscribe to our channel hit the bell so you guys get notified when we post new videos and new content just like this and we’ll see you guys in the next video bye did you see that melissa did you just fall out of the bed come here hey come here get back in bed come on get back you

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