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Hello and welcome back to my channel uh we’re in my bedroom right now today’s video is going to be a little bit different i decided to do something kind of fun well i actually decided this like forever ago but amazon takes a long time but today we’re doing a testing out amazon knockoff brands so if you’re like me and you’re an active female you’re probably also

Addicted to active wear i’ve spent more money than i’d like to admit on activewear in the past and in the present like honestly there’s nothing i’m not stopping but if you go on amazon and you just search up like ladies activewear or you search up a popular brand like gymshark amazon has literally every single brand like an identical copy for sale we obviously

Know the quality is going to be different quality could be the same you never really know with amazon but anyways i thought that we would grab a few things try them out maybe they actually match up to the real thing and that’s awesome save some money and all know that for the future you’ll know that for the future or they’ll be trash and that will suck but i

Didn’t spend much money on this i’ll probably just like donate them so anyways i haven’t touched any of these yet i haven’t felt the material i had to wait like two months because you know how amazon is i decided to do this kind of video like when i started my youtube channel so i ordered like only like seven things i think there’s like seven things in here and

It took like two months everything comes individually it’s all fairly cheap i think the whole haul seven things was like 130 150 bucks anyways let’s get started so these ones are women’s highway seamless compression leggings stretchy tummy control butt lift active fitness yoga pants jesus but anyways this is literally a picture of a gym shark athlete it’s supposed

To be like their vital seamless line um i have a pair to be honest i don’t love the actual gym shark ones maybe i’ll like these ones more so we’ll see okay so right off the bat i can tell they feel different definitely not as good quality the thing i don’t like about the ones i have is that they’re actually too compressive so i like the waist compressive because

We all like the you know the snatch waist but the legs and the butt are also super compressive too so they’re just like not flattering on my butt and they just don’t fit like it’s like it squishes the man and just does not look very good so right away i can tell these are a bit looser so we might like them okay so these are definitely different the second tummy

Part isn’t very compressive which is kind of good but it also just goes up way too high like i why would i need these to be literally to here like cover like down here you know if it was like right here it’d be a lot better the legs though i do like how the legs and the butter it doesn’t feel like i’m literally gonna rip them like the other pair i feel like i’m

Literally gonna break them so material definitely feels kind of cheap but honestly they look cute if you like super super high-waisted then sure the only thing is the thick band ends right here so from here to here it’s like that thin material i’m gonna give them a six and a half out of ten in terms of matching the design is literally the exact same the only

Difference is it doesn’t have the little gym shark logo on it so if you’re a brand snob this video is not for you if you’re a active addict that likes to save money then you know keep on watching okay next and i’m sitting super close to the camera because i took off the leggings before announcing what was next all right so these ones are supposed to be like the

Do you even brand so if you’ve seen the do you even pants they literally like outline your butt i’ve never bought a pair to be honest i don’t have much interest in them i don’t like overly contour like if you don’t have a butt no amount of contour is going to do it for you but i just thought i would get these because they were cheap yeah the actual ones are like

Stupid expensive too and they come from like the uk so just wasn’t worth it to me when i don’t really have that much interest i like a little something but not too much anyways these are called instinct women’s worko leggings seamless high waist butt lift up tummy control gym sport yoga pants so kind of the same as the other thing just a stupid long name oh my

God i think i might have ordered i think i might have ordered a children’s size let me just back up here these actually look like children’s leggings i don’t know if i’m gonna fit into these well let’s give it a try it’s not happening we’re not fitting into them well like i thought we did not fit into them i got them as far as my like mid quad and even then

It was like sticking out it looked like you were trying to stuff a sausage into like a plastic bag so those were a size small all of these i got my normal size i would wear anyways so bras i’m like a medium to large pants i’m a small to an extra small so yeah those were a fail for me i think they actually would have been kind of nice though if they were a size up

Or two sizes up honestly i could have gotten a large in those the material actually felt really good and the like the band was like super super compressive to the point where i literally couldn’t stretch it to get into it so if you want like a waist trainer slash pants go get those so these next ones i’m actually kind of excited about i was told that these are

The closest thing to a lulu a line every single girl has those soft pink lulu on the lines except for me because i’m cheap the only pair of lulu’s i own are a pair of black ones and i wear them to work like i honestly i don’t love working out in lulu’s but we got a pair of those pink ones that every single girl seems to own and on here they are called colorful

Koala women’s buttery soft high-waisted yoga pants full-length leggings okay that’s kind of a normal name for once so that’s hopeful right away they definitely don’t feel like lulu’s they have this like weird elastic like it’s only this thick it looks like it should be this thick but it’s only up here and it like slides i’m not hopeful all right so first of all

You can tell that these are terrible they’re crops they’re meant for maybe short people but these are also a small and they’re like really baggy up here and really tight on my calves they don’t go high-waisted they’re like this and they have this terrible elastic and they’re almost lower on my back and then higher in the front they’re not backwards no they’re not

On backwards and then they the that part should be up here um these are terrible i was told these were the closest thing to lulu dupes and they lied so far we’re not impressed honestly the best ones so far were like the gym shark knockoff ones okay so my shirt’s different because it’s actually like two days later i had to run and do something so i just didn’t get

To finish filming lulu dupes i’m giving those a one out of ten a literal one and that’s generous those were terrible so these ones are meant to be like the gymshark energy seamless which i do have two of them and i love them they’re probably the best like gym shark things that they put out because to be honest i don’t love their stuff so these are called women’s

High waist active energy leggings slimming seamless compression fit pants workout tights tummy control i think they need them really big names like that so that you can look up like energy seamless because that is what the actual gym shark ones are called so you can like find it on amazon or like a lot of people will search up tummy control and then like that will

Show up you know what the material the material actually feels identical i have some hope here i am shook these are the winners wow okay so these are the literal exact same material pretty high-waisted um the ones i actually have i like to kind of like fold down anyways so they’re literally the exact same as the ones that i own in black these actually got an 11

Out of 10. i am beyond blown away i’m shook that they’re the exact same like to the thread they’re the same pants it’s also crazy that you can pay like 75 or something on gymshark and these are like like 20 bucks on amazon i’m impressed so that’s our winner so far because the rest of them they didn’t do so well but these guys i knew i’d find one of them okay so

Next we have these ones i’m actually pretty curious about these i don’t actually own a pair of these in their real brand so these are supposed to be a picture on the screen here they’re supposed to be like navigation i think that’s what it’s like nv gtn it’s like ashley jordan’s clothing line if you’ve seen them it’s they’re kind of just like seamless leggings

With that booty contour and the girl that owns the brand has literally just like the biggest ass on the planet so like of course when she wears it it’s gonna look crazy i don’t actually own a pair so i can’t really compare them but people i know love them so if these turn out to be good i’ll just stick with these not do the real thing let me see what they’re

Called first we can laugh at the name women’s highway seamless compression leggings stretchy tummy control butt lift active fitness yoga fans okay they’re all just name the same thing pretty much just all those different words in different orders i guess okay so they’re definitely i think i got size small yeah size small they actually feel really good this is

Like a super tight feeling but these aren’t so the butts there it has those like butt lifty things they really do just look identical to the real ones these feel really good i’m shook again these are amazing i have no idea what the real ones feel like and now i don’t even care to know because these feels like such good quality these also get an 11 out of 10.

Am i being too generous with these 11’s out of 10’s that would be a 10 out of 10. but yeah there’s another winner so if you want to try those navigation leggings honestly just go get these on amazon or if you have a pair and it pained you to spend all that money and want another pair order yourself some of these okay so i have to stop taking the leggings off

Before announcing the next contender but so i post the camera again so these ones are supposed to look like the bombshell leggings so let me just read women back pockets wrenched leggings butt push-up scrunched yoga pants they’re very trendy in like the bikini pro world right now they’re not like as big as gym shark but they’re also extremely expensive they are

So nice so nice i own two pairs i got them on poshmark though i’m sorry they’re 126 dollars if anyone’s watching this in the states this is canadian dollars that is what i’m talking about you click because i got all the ads and it’s like leggings 80 bucks i’m like 80 bucks it must be on sale when i open it it’s usd but canada it’s 126 and then you’re paying for

Shipping these feel pretty good i have really got my doughs though because of how expensive and good quality the other ones are but like these feel pretty good all right i wouldn’t say i’m blown away by these but i am very impressed they don’t feel exactly the same as the real ones but they’re like they’re pretty damn good the material is completely different

They almost feel kind of like the navigation ones i just had on the only difference for these is the waistband’s not as like good so those are what they look like the this part is a bit too big i got a small but i probably could have done an extra small because these are actually very stretchy these fit like a glove around me but to be honest like besides the

Waistband being a bit big which i don’t really mind i wish they were a bit snugger but whatever it also has a little booty scrunch which i don’t think the real ones do pretty good so these ones i would say you know i’m gonna give a solid eight and a half these are a pretty decent choice if you really like the style of those bombshell ones but you don’t want to drop

The money good job good job amazon all right so we’re on our last thing and it is a shirt this time so this is a sports bra i actually have some hope it feels pretty good what’s it called long sleeve i knew i wasn’t getting long sleeve i wanted that bra just weird that it was called that long sleeve t-shirt yoga crop top seamless hollow oat type fitness workout

For women i can already tell it’s not meant to be like a running sports bra like i don’t jump around so i don’t really need anything to like hold the girls in there i literally just need something to cover them up so this is kind of perfect i am so impressed by this i am like wanting to order other ones now so i’m very impressed by this i don’t own the actual

Camo seamless gym shark bra but like the support’s pretty good the padding is kind of like weird it’s almost like a weird circle i think i’m going to take out the padding in a little halter it’s not like too much cleavage that i’m not like busting out not like i have anything to bust out this is what the back looks like so the back is like crisscross style i’m

Impressed this one is going to be a 10 out of 10. good job yeah so like i thought it’s actually better without the padding okay so we got a big old pile of clothing here i got the trash ones these do you even tiny pants trash lulu dupes trash vital seamless dupes trash these eight out of ten pretty good and then these navigation pops also an 11 out of 10 like

I said these are great so are these and so was this so i got seven things total and four of seven are bomb so i’m gonna link everything below i’ll put the links for the shitty ones anyways not like anyone’s gonna want to order them that’s it for today little fun video uh thanks for watching hope it gave you some insight let me give you some tips on how to save

Some damn money if you’re an addict like me hit subscribe hit the notification bell i don’t know how many videos like this i’m gonna do but anyways bye thanks for watching

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