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Ultimate Tech Gifts Guide For Geeks (2020) | Get Them From Amazon

In this video, you will find the 20 Must-Have Tech Gifts On Every Gadget Geeks Wishlist! It’s your Ultimate Tech Gift Guide For Geeks (2020)!

Number one the pics digital customizable backpack this is the sickest backpack we’ve ever seen it’s also the smartest tech friendly one we’ve ever seen either the led screen allows you to create just about any colorful design you want and don’t worry it’s totally waterproof this one comes in three different color options black gray and a really cool yellow we’re

Totally obsessed number two that magic hands body massager we could all use an at-home massage especially on our neck back legs and pretty much anywhere chosen by oprah as one of her favorite things this portable massager as a total must-have this year you actually won’t believe how good it really feels we’ve been using ours everyday especially after a long day

At work number three the lar q self-cleaning water bottle the future of tech is here and it’s in the form of a self-cleaning water bottle using special uv c led light the lar q will clean the water inside your water bottle and the water bottle itself amazing it comes in a bunch of cool color options number four the new iphone 11 pro it’s the latest iphone 11 pro

That everyone is now obsessed with thanks to the insanely amazing camera there’s three on the back and really cool color options its water and dust resistant and will totally up your selfie game this year number five the polaroid one-step bluetooth instant camera you can never go wrong with new instant camera especially when it has the modern twist of bluetooth

This is already one of the best sellers of the year it has a 60 day battery life allows you to toggle between standard and portrait lens plus will make your photos insta presentable number six the sony extra bass portable speaker it may be small but it’s totally powerful and has amazing bass a colorful portable bluetooth speaker that has great battery life up

To 16 hours and it is waterproof that makes it our fav pick to bring just about anywhere you’re going see it in other colors too number seven the bose bluetooth audio sunglasses so these we love if you’re looking for the perfect tech gadget and one that they most certainly don’t already have this is the gift for them new from bose these sunglasses connect to

Bluetooth and play music near your ears without everyone else hearing what you’re listening to did we mention that the lenses won’t easily scratch or shatter either check them out in a variety of different frames lens colors and more number eight the tile stickers we’ve all been there we can’t find where our remote control is and we just had it our wallet went

Missing and the list goes on and on these little tile stickers come as a pack of two are waterproof and will alert you via your smartphone or tablet when your prized possessions have gone missing and where they can be located number nine the philips smart sleep light therapy lamp if they’re struggling with sleep like we all are this will help them improve this

Best-selling sleep and wake up lamp will help them wind down at night with a new relax and breathe function and will help them gradually wake up before their alarm goes off as this lamp will slowly get brighter in the morning to simulate a natural sunrise number 10 the new nintendo switch light now you can easily play super mario brothers pretty much anywhere you

Go like the total gamer you are after the insane success of the nintendo switch gaming console they’ve recently released the new switch light which is handheld sleek has built-in controllers and even comes in colors like grey yellow blue and more number 11 the jabra elite truly wireless earbuds these are officially some of the best-selling true wireless earbuds on

The market this year they’ll be able to listen to their favorite tunes without pesky wires with a battery life of up to 5 hours with continuous use don’t worry it also comes with a pocket-sized charging case that’ll allow you to get up to 15 hours of battery life if they’re not into the look and feel of the apple earpods these are the best option for them number

Thirteen the fitbit inspire hr fitness tracker in lilac it’s one of the top sellers from fitbit and we’re totally loving it it’ll monitor your heart rate calories you’re burning distance you run or walk and so much more it’ll even track your sleep patterns so you can hopefully start getting a better night’s sleep you’ll be able to enjoy up to five days of battery

Life so you won’t have to worry about charging it each and every day did we also mention its waterproof gives you your calendar alerts and your normal calls and texts this one is geared towards women thanks to the lilac color it also comes in black too number fourteen the vicks inc our speaker a top-selling shower speaker year after year this latest model sounds

Amazing is totally waterproof portable and comes in a bunch of different eye catching colors you can easily hook it on to your shower or use the secure suction cup that comes with it it even has a built-in mic for hands-free phone calls good luck with that number 15 the phone soap phone sanitizer and charger did you know most phones are dirtier than your toilet

Awesome use this must have uv phone sanitizer to get rid of 99.9% of all the nasty bacteria on your phone keys credit cards and more it’ll fit just about any phone out there number 16 the smart pixel art bluetooth speaker okay so how cool is this bluetooth speaker not only is the sound pretty amazing but you can create your own art you want to show a pixel like

On the screen or choose from designs that have already been created plus you can use it as a smart alarm a sleep aid get the weather and so much more it also comes in a bunch of other colors too number 17 the link smart dog collar it’s a dog collar activity tracker and gps all in one it’ll keep your pup safe and you’ll be able to track their daily progress it

Comes a sporty option or go the fancier leather route number 18 the bose quietcomfort 35 – wireless noise cancelling headphones when they’re ready to tune out the world these are the best headphones for them you can’t go wrong with bose when it comes to quality and sound not only are these amazing noise cancelling headphones perfect for the plane the beach or

Basically anywhere you want to totally zone out but they’re wireless in bluetooth enabled and alexa enabled for easy voice activation and come in black silver and rose gold number 19 the iphone 11 mood coloring changing case not only will it help protect your new phone but it changes colors based on your mood when you touch it number 20 the foreboding rah and

Treat tosser it’s one of the top-selling smart dog cameras again this year you can’t go wrong with fur bow this 1080p hd camera with night vision has two-way audio a barking alert sensor and even allows you to give your favorite puppet treat via the free app no matter where in the world you are we are seriously obsessed

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Ultimate Tech Gifts Guide For Geeks (2020) | Get Them From Amazon By Shopper Corner