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What We Know So Far Of The 2022 Amazon Fire HD8/HD8 Plus

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Hey everyone so this is what we know of the new 2022 amazon fire hd 8 and hda plus here uh so these are going to be coming out next month on october 19th 2022 of course uh it is now gonna be 100 bucks i believe last time in 2020 they were 90 bucks uh that is for the non plus version whereas if you go with the plus version which is what i will personally be going

With uh it’ll be 120 i believe in 2020 they were 110 so they’ve gone up a little bit in price uh just like the fire settings did as well for this year uh so you’ll be able to get 32 or 64 gigabytes with the hd8 you’ll get it in black we can get it in denim or blue or last but not least we can get it in rose or which is a pink color then of course you can get it with

Or without lock screen ads uh without the lock screen ads you have to pay an extra 15 bucks i personally recommend getting the ad supported lock screens to me they do not bother me whatsoever i need to save 15 bucks uh so the biggest thing about this is going to be a new hexa core processor in it so they’re saying up to three percent faster than the previous 2020

Models uh which is really really cool so we’ll have to see if this is not gonna be faster than the hd10 hd10 plus which i’m thinking it might be uh just like for 2020 the hd8 has two gigabytes of ram whereas hda plus will have three gigabytes of ram and again i personally would recommend getting the plus 20 more uh the extra gigabyte ram will make a big difference

At least it did in the 2020 2020 versions of this tablet a bit further down here we get a bit of a better look at the colors uh so we have the rows the denim and then the black so it will still be an 8 inch display hd display i’m gonna guess it’s still gonna be a 720 uh it is not going to be full hd for that you’ll have to get the hd 10 or hd 10 plus uh they’re

Now using a different type of glass uh aluminum i don’t know how you say that word uh but it’s supposed to be a stronger glass than what they had before again we also have the new hexa core processor another big thing is it’ll be up to 13 hours of battery life i believe the 2020 versions had about 10 or so hours of battery life then going back up to the top here

One more thing to note is this will still only come with amazon’s app store it will not come with the google play store on here it says it is not supported i’m sure we’ll hopefully be able to download it off of google like we have been with every other uh every other iteration before this one then switching over here to the one i’m personally going to be buying

The hda plus uh it also comes out on october 19th uh but the biggest difference here is you’re going to get that extra gigabyte of ram along with wireless charging and then the backing of it might be a little bit different as well as for the 20 2021 msfire hd10 hd 10 plus the 10 plus had a little bit of a softer backing on it but to see if that’s how it is with

These or not but to me the biggest thing is going to be the extra gigabyte of ram which will help with things like gaming as well as keeping multiple apps open at the same time again just like with the hd 8 you get either 32 or 64 gigabytes of storage you’re gonna pay extra money to get rid of the ad supported black screen but unlike the hd8 the plus only comes

In gray which is the same way it was with the 2020 version of this tablet uh then you can also get it with the wireless charging dock otherwise the hda will basically be the same as the hda hd8 and hd8 plus would basically be the same but again you’ll get wireless charging and then again more ram and again for 20 bucks i would say just go ahead and spend extra a

Little bit of extra money and then get it with uh the hda plus get more ram a little bit of a better experience and it should last longer down the road yeah so i am super excited for this i was hoping they’d be coming out with out with a new one of the eight or the hd 10 uh but since they came out with the seven i was kind of thinking they’re not going to uh but

Thankfully if they are so and a little bit less than a month from now they’ll be coming out with this on october 19th uh so i’m going to be pre-ordering mine uh let me know which one you guys are going to get if any either of them thank you guys for watching as always i appreciate it hope you have a good one goodbye

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What We Know So Far Of The 2022 Amazon Fire HD8/HD8 Plus By Fred’s Aquariums and electronics