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YEOREO Amazon Tie-Dye SCRUNCH Leggings Try-On Haul | TIKTOK VIRAL | gymshark & nvgtn dupes

i’ve never experience something like it.. im flabbergasted

Hello everybody and welcome back to our channel um yeah we’re back in my room today i have a legging video of gerry the amazon story that i cannot pronounce for the life of me yeah that one they sent me more leggings and i’m very excited because you know i love their freaking stuff and i wanted to try finally their scratch leggings and i know everybody has been

Hyping about scrunchie leggings in general the tie-dye one so i know their leggings are one of the popular ones and then like now is some sheen ones so i finally get to try their tie-dye leggings and they sent me three of them and i have like two more leggings to try to to review for you guys let me show you the leggings i got three different colors so i got the

Blue tie-dye the black tie-dye or grayish they’re all inside out by the way because um there we go and then the i think it’s like orange orange tie-dye and the really blue one let me talk about them first i actually got here before i left a dr like a day before two days before so i kind of had the chance to try them on test them out at the gym and all that stuff

This is a pretty good review in my opinion so let’s start with the tie-dye ones that’s the stretch to them they have enough stretch but they’re still stiff one thing and it’s not a bad thing by the way i had a really good workout with this leg it was great it was phenomenal it didn’t budge it it held me tight and i didn’t feel like i had to pull them up or i was

Like suffocated in the leggings so i appreciate that i can still move very freely so these are very good for like just very active an active workout or just a slow tempo workout you guys haven’t noticed they do have the ribs on the side of them and they do have a contouring just in the bottom of the butt you can’t even tell you see right there that um i think you

Can tell more in the lighter colors but you know and my ass is not big enough to like you know really stretch it out one thing i really like about these things is the fact that even though they’re seamless leggings the seamless leggings usually have like a v at the in the front this one does not give you a vi on and i think it’s because it doesn’t have excess

Fabric but and it’s not extremely stretchy where it kind of like goes up to every crevices of your body so it has enough fabric that is not going to go in between your little you know the sides and i really appreciate that because it accentuates your ass enough because of the scrunch i don’t know if it’s just gonna come down why do you have to stop it this is

Awkward don’t be awkward don’t show me i’m not bad you don’t have to pull it up as high as other leggings like the navigation ones the navigation ones you have to like really put it up in your eyes and then like you know and it has excess fabric in the front but this one has enough fabric in the back where it really situates your ass and it’s already up there

But it doesn’t do the same in the front so i appreciate that and i really love that it’s very squat proof and if you’re insecure about your cellulite this will really really really really hide the cellulite it just makes you look really good really good your ass looks beautiful and even though it’s loud the tie dye is very loud you still feel good you still feel

Comfortable so i appreciate that oh and it hits a good length at the ankle tube now they came out with these new leggings that are the same as the navigation like dupes that they have but without the contour so it’s completely solid and the material is a little bit different because it’s not moral so let me compare let me show you what i’m talking about so these

Are the other leggings they have this little texture this little the look but these are completely solid smooth so it does not have like any any nothing look no pattern nothing um you can think that is a good thing you can take those bad things so let me tell you about this i don’t know if you guys know this but i keep stopping the camera because the cameras

Keep stopping me because it keeps running out of time if you guys have like any suggestions i can how i can like improve my storage in the camera please let me know or what things i can buy because i need the storage anyways these are the leggings they are kind of like metallic that’s what i’ve noticed about the gray ones i chose the gray ones they have a lot of

Different colors too like they have this dark green one that i kind of wanted and i kind of regret not getting that one i love the color sections that they have now this doesn’t have the contour no contour nothing so it’s just going to be completely smooth the difference that i noticed that the fabric is a lot different it’s like stretchier less stiff sort of very

Stretchy like super stretchy so i will size down for these it’s just like a a lot different i don’t know how to explain it maybe don’t size down if you’re already thick gums so the small would be perfect but at the same time i have a size down because it’s just super stretchy and it’s a lot different the waistband is like you can roll it down a lot and with the

Different um because there’s no contour and then because not moral it looks very metallic and that’s how that’s what i was talking about not exactly shiny but almost getting shiny but i need to test out like more different colors because i really like these leggings but i’m not sure and i love the fact that it doesn’t have them because i am looking for non-moral

Ones that are kind of like this so that’s something to keep in mind um the fit pretty good not much to say they’re just seamless leggings and you can see it in a try on um pretty good pretty good stuff now let’s talk about these which are gymshark dupes but i’m pretty sure the material is a lot different because these are so soft they feel like normal cl um

Cotton normal cotton shorts i am way too late right now they feel like normal cotton shorts like to be at home or just to go out and stuff except they have um they’re ribbed and they have like the little pattern you can feel it you feel that you can feel that little those little circles and they also have a scrunch at the back one thing i would say if i were

You and you were me just kidding i got these on size mob but these were so big because i okay i don’t like my shorts to be super long so i like to write them up so it creates a lot of excess fabric in these shorts and the fabric itself is so stretchy you wouldn’t expect that with leggings like this but this thing is so freaking stretchy it’s insane so what i

Would do the next time that i buy these they also have different colors by the way i will size down so i would get an extra small and i highly highly highly recommend that it will have less excess fabric and it will be it’ll sit better because with the this waistband i have to pull it down a lot or else it will just be in my rib cage pretty much but i love these

Leggings i just wish i got them extra small and i can’t wait to try like the different colors that they have and these are so comfortable you can do like yoga with them they’re very yoga-y shorts size down let me see if they have the fabric composition they absolutely don’t also they do not have like a um you know the size in the waistband so the only way that

You can know if you’ve got the front correctly in the back correctly is if you look at the scrunch so it’s crunchy i’m just going to be in there um this is how the scrunch looks like the scrunch sits a little bit high on me just because like i said it’s a bit bigger so i have to pull up these shorts a lot to fit the way i want but that kind of defeats the purpose

Of the scratch you understand also squat proof they also hide your cellulites in the any ass area that you have in them anyways that was my take on these collections and these leggings i highly recommend the tie dye leggings i know it’s like super hyped up right now but it’s hyped up for a reason so i would definitely get these if you guys want to get any of these

The links will be in the description box and then you can just shop around through there i love their brand i think the amazon store has grown a lot and now they’re producing a lot more shorts more leggings and more shorts and stuff and i think they’re improving a lot what i would love to see from them though is some sports bras to go with these things some cute

Cute cute stylish ones if you guys are hearing me please make some sports pop i think everybody will love them anyways i’ll see you guys in the next video and have a good day

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YEOREO Amazon Tie-Dye SCRUNCH Leggings Try-On Haul | TIKTOK VIRAL | gymshark & nvgtn dupes By Lisa \u0026 Erika