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08 NEOCUTIS LUMIERE FIRM EYE CREAM: REVIEW & 1 MONTH RESULTS| does it reduce undereye darkness?

today i’m giving you an honest review of the neocutis LUMIÈRE FIRM Illuminating & Tightening Eye Cream! it’s quite pricey at $108– i’m letting you know if it’s worth the money and if it delivers the benefits it promises. I’ve posted multiple videos reviewing medical grade skincare on this channel and justifying their price tags because of their effectiveness- but can i say the same about this product? watch to find out!

Today i am bringing you guys another skincare video it’s been a minute since i’ve uploaded one i’ve uploaded a bunch of different videos on my channel on medical grade skin care and this video is no different i’m going to be reviewing a medical grade under eye cream i’ve reviewed one before but this is a new one this is one that is new to me at least so i’m gonna be

Reviewing the lumiere firm illuminating and tightening eye cream i have been using this for a little bit over a month so i’m going to be showing you guys my one month result and letting you know if i think it’s worth the hefty price tag it is quite expensive 108 u.s dollars which is very pricey so before you go and purchase something like that of course you want to

Make sure it works and that’s what i’ll be reviewing in this video and medical grade skincare it just has a higher price tag because it has a higher concentration of active ingredients and it’s a lot different than buying an eye cream from sephora theoretically these products should be more effective so if you guys want to see if this eye cream could solve all of

Your dreams and grant all of your hopes and wishes keep watching also how did i not mention the fall vibes are immaculate in this video i’m gonna be wearing this every single video from here on out until halloween’s over i got this sweatshirt from matt for our anniversary we got matching ones we’re super into halloween into fall so here we are i’m going to start

This video out by going through the website and seeing what exactly this freaking 108 eye cream promises how do they justify this price tag let’s see what the site says this is an illuminating and tightening eye cream it says it targets a delicate eye area with the advanced anti-aging formulation human growth factors and proprietary peptides reduce the appearance

Of fine lines and wrinkles crow’s feet puffiness and under eye darkness and as soon as 14 days that’s a big claim and then it says it’s non-competitogenic dermatologist tested paraben dye and fragrance free and not tested on animals so key benefits it preserves so it reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles with growth factors and then it revitalizes it

Supports collagen and elastin production with proprietary peptides and improves firmness elasticity tone and texture it hydrates so it moisturizes under eye skin with sodium hyaluronate it brightens let’s try to read this glycerinic glyceradenic acid helps lighten the appearance of under eye darkness it dissipates helps minimize the look of skin puffiness with

Caffeine love me some caffeine and it sues refreshes the delicate eye area to help alleviate the signs of fatigue with bisa bolo a skin conditioning agent found in chamomile extract and then application you’re just supposed to apply it in the morning and the evening to the skin around the eye or is directed by my skin care professional which is my sister so i put

It on morning and night around my eyeball area that’s we’re gonna be going over today just keep watching to see if the under eye cream worked did we achieve those two week claims because you know that’s that’s a big statement let’s find out hello so it’s currently july 23rd and i have not used any under eye moisturizer for like the last month or two because i ran

Out and then my lazy ass didn’t buy more so i’m kind of at a new starting point here with my under eyes just like what they look like naturally and i’ve noticed that some of my like eczema or red bumps are returning and i got a new under eye cream and i’m gonna see what it does if it makes a noticeable difference so here is my starting point on july 23rd i have

Some redness in the corners once again and then i also have some bumps over here so i got a new under eye cream and we’re going to see what kind of magic what kind of magic it does so here’s how i use the product both morning and night you just need the teeniest bit and this will cover both of your eyes so as you can see i just put it around my entire eye area

And then just rub that in without yanking but this is what i do morning and night so here’s what they look like right after application i’m just going to do this twice a day and for the indefinite future and keep you guys updated hello so it’s the morning of august 10th and it’s been a little bit over two weeks since starting my new under eye cream and i feel

Like my under eyes are actually looking a little bit better so i’ll show you with and without the light it’s murphy barking in the background but yeah i mean obviously i still have discoloration but i feel like the redness and the eczema forming on the corners of my eyes is going away there’s still a little bit of redness on the corners but i think it’s getting

Better so so far so good i’ll see you guys in like a few weeks or a week we’ll see but i’m gonna have to compare this directly to the beginning but just from memory i feel like my under eyes are looking better so the before is on the left and after is on the right i think really the only difference at this point is my under eyes do look a lot more hydrated and

Then when you look at this view here you can see that the redness on the very corner of my eye is dissipating a little bit it’s currently august 31st so it’s been three weeks three weeks three weeks since i last checked in and here is what my under eyes are looking like i’ll do it without light or without my uh bright light first i think they’re looking much

Oops better the redness around my eyes is basically gone like the eczema that was in the corners is basically gone obviously i still have discoloration it’s just in my genetics but i’m curious to see what my under eyes look like now compared to when i first started this moisturizer i’ve been putting it on morning and night this is without it on in the morning so i

Haven’t applied it yet and i feel like it’s going to be like having a hairball sorry tubby i need to compare befores and afters to give you a definite review but i think they’re looking better here are the before and afters the before is on the left and the after on the right i definitely think that there’s less discoloration on the after there’s a lot less redness

Both under and on top of my eyes and then also the dryness on the side of my eye is almost completely gone as well as a discoloration there i think it worked i still do have some milly on the side but i don’t really know how to get rid of that i’m going to wrap up the video by going through the website once again we’re going to officially and finally evaluate whether

Or not the eye cream did what the website claims it’s going to do and just keep in mind it’s only been a little bit over a month so i’m sure a lot more of these effects would potentially take effect a little bit longer down the road this is just kind of a first impression after a month of using it so we’re just gonna recap here is it worth 108 does it do what it’s

Supposed to reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles i don’t think i can definitely say it gets rid of fine lines and wrinkles or helps reduce the appearance of them i don’t have that many to begin with but it definitely didn’t make them worse so that’s good right it says it’s supposed to improve firmness elasticity tone and texture so this definitely i

Can say it did it definitely improved my texture i had a lot of eczema around my eyes if you’ve watched my channel before this is something i suffer with when i’m not using a good under eye moisturizer so maybe not technically eczema but dryness around my eyes i had red and crusty flaky-ish dry patches around the perimeter of my eyes and that is almost completely

Gone if not completely gone so it definitely improved the texture of my eyeball area and it also improved the tone in my opinion i had a lot of discoloration around my eyes namely in the dry patches there’s a lot of redness and i feel like this really helped alleviate that get rid of the redness and just have a more neutral check one it revitalizes it says hydrates

Moisturize under eye skin yes yes yes of course it hydrates once again it got rid of the dry patches around my eyes which is the number one clue that it’s definitely hydrating so i would say it did that i feel like my under eyes just look all over healthier and more hydrated so check two yes i would say hydrated brightens so it says it lightens the appearance of

Under eye darkness and this is where it gets tricky i just naturally have dark under eyes it’s just a genetic thing been like this my whole life i don’t think i can get rid of genetic dark circles with any serum on the market because it’s literally just my dna but with that being said looking at these videos i do feel like there is a little bit less darkness under

My eyes especially in the perimeter under eye portion of my eyeball i feel like the darkness is still here in the hollows but when it gets to the outer portion of my eye i do feel like the darkness has dissipated a little bit which may be due to the like the tone improvement with getting rid of the dryness and the redness it does look like my under eye circles

Are smaller and they don’t go around the whole perimeter of my eye as much as i did in the beginning i kind of agree with this brighton will give them a half check yes it brightened my under eyes a little bit but you need to be realistic you can’t expect to have completely new under eyes and just no discoloration whatsoever and especially not in a one month time

Frame but just in general don’t think that’s super realistic so it says it minimizes the look of skin puffiness i didn’t have much puffiness to begin with so i can’t really speak on that sorry i’m looking at my screen that’s why i’m looking down here’s what i’m looking at right now i’m looking at my screen honestly i can’t speak to the puffiness and then it sues it

Refreshes delicate eye area to help alleviate the signs of fatigue i don’t know i mean i can’t i don’t know how to speak to that i would think yes it does soothe my under eye area it’s more hydrated there’s less irritation my under eyes do look a little bit brighter so i would say that it refreshed the delicate eye area and helped alleviate the sign of fatigue but

It’s hard to kind of speak to that point also there’s another claim in here that it’s supposed to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and puffiness and under eye darkness in 14 days did it i don’t know editing sydney why don’t you let us know if you think that it did these results in 14 days look at some comparisons let us know yeah that’s gonna be a

No from me dog i think the only difference here a little bit over two weeks is that my under eyes do look more hydrated but uh that’s about it from what i can tell that is really all there is to touch on for this product and with all this being said going through the recap of the product and my experience it’s hard to say i do think it’s a great product i’m going to

Continue using it until this is empty i would repurchase it if you know the effects last through the entire duration of the bottle do i think it’s worth 108 honestly i kind of do because i never had these kind of effects with sephora grade under eye products i know there’s cheaper alternatives but what’s the point of spending 60 bucks on a sephora under eye cream

That’s doing nothing you might as well splurge a little bit more and get something that will actually work for you and this is just my personal experience not a doctor or anything of the sort so definitely do what you want with this information but i would recommend it i’m a huge recommender of medical grade skin care on this channel i recognize that everyone’s in

The space or the place to spend 108 on an eye cream i don’t think it’s a necessity by any means but if you’ve been looking or searching for a product that you feel like will maybe solve some of these concerns this product does then i would recommend it if you’re in a space where you can pay 108 for an eye cream because i know that is very pricey that’s the 4-1-1

I hope you guys like this if there’s any other products you want me to review let me know in the comments below and i really appreciate you guys watching this i upload videos every single wednesday at 11 a.m eastern standard time you guys know where to find me and i will see you next wednesday peace out bye haters peace you

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$108 NEOCUTIS LUMIERE FIRM EYE CREAM: REVIEW & 1 MONTH RESULTS| does it reduce undereye darkness? By Sydney Nicole