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100%Matte Sweatproof Sunscreen Gel SPF 50+ II Z Block II Honest REVIEW #emegamartindia

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Hello people of the internet welcome back to my channel my name is tompa and today i will be sharing a review for a single product and it’s a sunscreen gel so there’s a website called emag ahmad india calm or may last domain is a and key kuch kuch products use curry mostly skincare products in key website pay heck skincare and amazing bohot bought products joab

Jackie check out kar sakthe many change a website curling or the product mastic on a value skedaddling up local shaker dungee now the product which i’m going to review today is zee block sunscreen gel 50 plus 50 plus is actually a good sunscreen now the problem is bohot sorry market my sunscreen lotions hair or usually as a package of 50 plus sunscreen otona well

Yeah the pods are the white car that i have faced co offal baba jelly oily kurta or especially summers meto sunscreen under 50 plus legaia the logo kalakaua or with other skin oily or chip chip or yep so the best part about this sunscreen gel to subside main cheese module active oh hey basically matte effect hey then this is totally chemical free there are no

Chemicals paraben banana it’s paraben free basically mat effective and my review dr. ira you but my net a visa face wash kirk a throne as i makeup on eclipse trick like i yeah i have nothing on my skin right now oye product morocco avila gotta be the county so that you guys should know kim eligible rio keys white card a tennis or sunscreen gels it’s myself coach

Vinny in fact yet net pr say absorb pooja 10 skin may volta hal casa a global data hottie hull casa many basically school receive key i had double k packed me so i got up chato single product beliefs at a nato double pack beliefs up there too many eight of my husband code the air because you know he goes for a long run everyday tokai beans and judith masada expose

Chop and rob is medically be duke madurai it is very important key up sunscreen allah guy so there are so many products her madness artifice and you know a gel go gel it means that his prophecy tequila got it but in subsets are the jammu select a subset importantly up key skin kelly especially jump up daytime a bajoran it is very important to use a good sunscreen

And jessica monica is kaname z block he k and it’s 25% zinc oxide sunscreen gel it’s coal agonic a bath pondrá base minute up it cannot a a so that up k skin may absorb hoja and then you can do your makeup if you want to or q lagana sunscreen surface like a tanning the ho tanning 30 watt booty thi have sunscreen la guy and ala guy taking sunscreen casual actual

Purpose a boy yeah up k face pay uv rays job / – hey when i got up her rose duke maggiore it’s a up k fine lines wrinkles freckles your brown spots so they yellow cheese about theanine specially joe lock pahari area parma today yeah gingka complexion coffee fair hey one quick atcha sunscreen lagana bahat his other is early yet so basically school lagana have

Nice skin co healthy that make aliyah or our teachers may be aging k science a boom up delay course attainable late i ain’t gay agora is a la gang game so anyway maggie up courtney fees people oligarchy the cotton this is the product or up the exact angry man occasionally is a farce arkadyich are there too or sunscreen guy gave you the key up the high product

Side and did my spf you know 25 30 vote i may take a charge of sunscreen and you’re actually a piece can go protect chemically a benign or a few skin vigil the aging sign no wrinkles or these some nah you seeing it 50-plus logano to you but just talking with a hot look cool thing here 50 plus like out there to skinning them rifle but a deep select a pushover

What is about oily who j’tia now you can see many are be able agalya care up cool again came in a face bought these are the white the body of the patchy yeah only could you be a selector and substantive artist couple good matt effector is colonic about cool ess wait yeah personally attire and it’s kobus metastatic celadon ichabod faster smell training they do so

They give me skin may absorb pooja or skip bathroom apni normal foundation makeup again or shahrukh our team so then sunscreen is really really important as a rough lumber long-term whose medic nechayev company skin kelly consider is a carnage a year those missus subset bella step yeah here that you should use a sunscreen or grab didn’t make a bb bihari lumbees

A metahuman si jules can pay aging science a dryness or thea freckles are they’re fine lines that they take a dark pigmentation get subculture uv rays given sa bhi hota boy delay hojjat ahead so yeah this was my review about z block or alba coach product says o many a mecha mutt india a maharaja may up say a kicker cachaca runge movie skin care products hey but

Mutual agog ecobee skin care product caribou shaken asap la journée a khmer up lagos a scarab you shaker ooh because mira three haskell favorite a major garden meadow technically you know couch gardening cacao mom be carnage item or media that america llegará biological space garden augusto and austin sup says other character pathya though i make sure capella

Malegaon’s the smittcamp a vehicle of fair majority garden me come with you so yeah this is very good product jessica monica matt effect a paraben free hair quit chemicals name hair and body absorb odors absurd she body is can go as a cheetah whitening core data jockeys arthur sorry 50 plus sunscreen curt ahead may pass a cold hey boy many of my mother could

Hear because she goes to school every day she’s a teacher or would you be booyah did hip hurts other way to jog the 50 plus sunscreen legate yeah hot oil ert make his skin to men even go made a pesto cassettes are many iko iko the idea i told her that you must use this and she really liked it and get oily skin here so if you have oily skin then this is a really

Really good product for you because mostly market maybe 50 plus sunscreen a boy yottabyte car detai yeah aki skin capote’s are the oil either they say or you don’t know it cheese’s mania and mu j product honestly coffee person daya yeah hair almost 200 some think i am and it just appraised they’d only it’s really good i think you should try a girl up go a

Sunscreen don’t rain here at cha to fit go for this app bill will be regretting yoga in fact you will love this anna escobar but order cutting a mooch of the bahat person daya and this is by ethic air brand so yeah this is a very good product genuine made an honest review hey or moochie product both person daya so if you are someone who goes out for you know

Working college school or whatever if you go out in the sun shine upon judgment kelly a say you should apply this product before applying anything on your face so go ahead give this product a try or map similar scale ugly video may just may again my email martynyuk re-echo product up logo kelly review kururugi so yeah if you like this video go ahead and give

This a try share like comment and do subscribe to my channel i shall see you in my next video bye bye

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☀100%Matte Sweatproof ☂️ Sunscreen Gel SPF 50+ II Z Block II Honest REVIEW #emegamartindia By Tumpa Banerjee