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2016 Lodge Great Smoky Mountain Skillet, Review and comparison

Reviewing the 2016 GSM Lodge Cast Iron Skillet and the added fundraising effort from Lodge for family’s directly affected by the Tennessee wildefires.

Hello and welcome take a quick opportunity here to review the 2016 great smoky mountains lodge cast iron pan this is a number eight skillet ten and a half inches across and was originally available only in lodges to factory stores great local artwork featuring the great smoky mountains and some bears for the 2016 series lodge is known as don’t doing a lot of these

Art series pans maybe one a year or so when the when the area was hit by the tennessee wildfires they’ve made this pan available to collectors with the additional contribution is available $15 out of $30 cost of the pan went to support those victims of the tennessee wildfires through partnership with dollywood great contribution as to where i saw the pan originally

Advertised in some research i found that the first offering of this pan spur very limited thousand 1500 pans and sold out in four hours with that success lodged plan a second day’s manufacturing and took orders for another day selling 7,000 pans and being able to contribute over a hundred thousand dollars to the tennessee wildfire victims this is again the their

Art series great sand cast art on the bottom the pan nice finish helper handle made in the usa obviously nice handle but heavy about a couple of these to get to my hundred dollars free shipping i’m frugal kind of guy similar to the likes of cast iron where pan can last you a hundred years having a couple extra pans i was able to test the secondary market and it is

Very strong those original 7,000 pans went into collectors hands in the two weeks that this has been available there have been four pans available on the secondary market so i believe this pan will have strong collectible properties throughout the years i did get a couple other pans to make a couple of quick comparisons on exit this particular pan is a griswold

Block small logo number eight eerie being a vintage pan it’s got a glass-bottom finish both these two pans recently went through restoration where they were in a lye bath to clear the crud and gunk and scraped and then re seasoned with a couple of couple of times with crisco and the high heat to complete the comparison this griswold and many older cast-iron pans

Are much thinner lighter this is four point three pounds where the lodge is 526 pounds the helper handle thicker and the same cast finish twenty percent heavier now lodge does pre season their pans and even though it’s got the sand casting bottom this looks rougher than it is and will cook very nicely and treated correctly will be mostly nonstick two quick tips

On that heat this pan for four to five minutes on a medium level maybe just a touch higher than medium before doing anything with it four to five minutes let it sit set a timer be patient that’s a long time second tip use a little more butter or oil after those four or five minutes than you normally would for an egg for what it may be for a little bacon fat the

Completely warm pan and a little bit more oil or butter will complete your nonstick situation again same thing with these smooth finish and lastly this number nine fancy handled gate marc pan that also has a heat ring this is where i prefer my pans i cook on gas heat the heat ring keeps the heat a little more on the bottom nice pan also recently restored by me and

That is a comparison and a little bit of market talk on the 2016 lodge number eight skillet for the smoky mountains to go with the review i’ve got a reads raspberry ginger brew ginger ale great strong ginger flavor but the raspberry adds a nice sweet finish thank you craft soda out

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2016 Lodge Great Smoky Mountain Skillet, Review and comparison By Craft Soda