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All-New Amazon Kindle (2022) Review | Best eReader on a Budget!

Reviewing Amazon’s All-New Kindle 2022, the budget-friendly eReader costing under £100 in the UK. This 6-inch model is more compact vs the Paperwhite and Oasis, and the best option if you want a highly portable reader. But the All-New Kindle 2022 is also missing many of the frills of those more expensive models.

Hello gorgeous peeps i’m chris from techspurt and this wheat charmer right here is the all-new kindle 2022 amazon’s most affordable e-reader and a proper dinky weed joby as well the all-new kindle 2022 edition sports a compact 6 inch screen which makes it smaller than both the kindle paperwhite and the kindle oasis but despite what some highly critical and frankly

Rude people might say six inches should be plenty to satisfy most people and this fresh new e-reader starts from 85 pounds here in the uk from uk of course but that’s only if you don’t mind being served the occasional ad when you want to take a read and break otherwise if you don’t want any ads and frankly who does then that’ll cost you an extra tenor to

Get them to bugger right off but anyhow i’ve been using the all-new kindle 2022 as my full-time e-reader so here’s my in-depth review and for more on the latest and greatest tech please do pog subscribe ending that notifications bell cheers so the first question you might have is what do you actually get in that lovely blue box well you’ve got yourself one all-new

Kindle a quick start guide which is essentially a waste of paper as it just ensures you don’t mix up the charging port with the power button somehow and then just tells you to follow the on-screen instructions and tucked away in this little flappy bit you’ve also got a usb type-c charging cable and i am very happy indeed that modern kindles use usb type-c the

Sim has more smartphones these days not that god-awful micro usb which is now pretty much defunct and that is everything you’ll find bunked in the box so no there’s no power adapter stuffed inside there i’m not really sure how they would have managed that to be perfectly honest so if you do want to charge directly from a wall socket you will have to provide your

Own luckily if you search for power adapter on amazon they’ve got absolutely dozens of the buggers so let’s start with the design of the kindle 2022 and i’ve got to see it i am very impressed indeed with just how compact this latest model is besides the price this is definitely the biggest advantage of the latest and cheapest model i just compare it side by side

With the current kindle paper white and it’s basically like watching twins with ollie schwarzenegger and danny devito is the perfect size for slipping into a handbag to keep you occupied on a long trip i can even fit this thing inside of my jeans that’s how bloody small it is and no that’s not just because there’s plenty of room inside my jeans this thing really

Is that tiny that compact design also means the kindle 2022 is very very comfortable to clutches where you can easily wrap your hands around the back end and hold it like so and because it’s so lightweight at just 158 grams i found that the new kindle is very comfortable to hold just above my face when i’m reclining in bed or in the sofa or whatever i don’t feel

My pathetic little boy biceps immediately start to ache you’ve got fairly chunky bezels surrounding that display especially down here on the bottom although at least at the edges this prevents your fingers from accidentally intruding on the screen when you are clutching the kindle tight you’ll also notice that there’s no physical pitch turning buttons here on the

Regular kindle 2022 there’s just the power button down below you’ve got the usb charging port and that’s essential actually it flip around to the back and it’s pretty basic bog standard kindle design with the big old amazon logo there and apologies for all of this mess my kindle 2022 review model came with this annoying sticker slapped on the back which has proved

Impossible to remove but thankfully this won’t be on the actual retail models as well as the black model which i have you can also grab the kindle 2022 in denim when i first got my review sample there was a bit of a wit on that denim model but that seems to have evened itself out a bit now however while this black model is constructed from 75 recycled plastics the

Denim model is only constructed from 30 recycled plastics less than half the amount so basically if you order yourself a denim one you are actively hitting on the planet you’d probably go and curb stomper dolphin if you could the absolute fracker and also take note that the kindle 2022 is not water resistant unlike the kindle paperwhite and the kindle oasis so if

You want to do some reading in a nice hot bubbly bath through a jacuzzi or whatever well yeah maybe upgrade so anyway let’s power on the kindle 2022 doesn’t take very long at all twig from hibernation as you can see and what you’re presented with is quite a dinky six inch e-ink displayed definitely a lot smaller than other kindles and most other e-readers but i

Still find it perfectly fine for reason with this here compact theming still fit quite a bit of text on each screen so you’re not like constantly tapping the display to turn a page and as always you can quickly and easily change up the fonts just with a quick tap up here as you can see i’m on compact if you choose standard then that makes things a bit bigger and

That large font is pretty good if your eyesight ain’t what it used to be they’ll get your pork and finger at the ready because you’ll be turning the page every few seconds and this isn’t even as big as the text goes because if you dive back into those settings switch from themes to font as you can see there we’re only on level seven if you boost it all the way up

To the maximum levels level 14 those words are really big and bold so hopefully easy to raise even if you really do struggle to see close up letting display boasts a resolution of 300 pixels per inch which is ideal for books with tiny text and illustrations you can even read graphic novels on this thing just bear in mind that it is a monochrome screen of course you

Won’t get any of those lovely color pictures of course if you are a fan of graphic novels or comics and such forth i would highly recommend upgrading to the likes of the kindle paper white with that bigger display because even though you can go through panel by panel you’ll just get a much more comfortable reads and experience now as with other e-readers and the

Other kindles you do have a glare killen matte finish here on this screen so no worries if you are reading out and about it’s generally corpse well with full-on reflections this fierce studio light as you can see there no real problems and of course you can boost the brightness if you need to the basic kindle 2022 is front lit with just four leds which is a fraction

Of the more expensive models but that lighten does appear to be evenly distributed at all brightness levels it’s quite impressive stuff i was expecting the brightness to be slightly uneven perhaps around the edges and towards the center but as you can see there no issues whatsoever unfortunately there is no auto brightness here on the regular kindle however you

Will have to upgrade to the likes of the paper white for that you’ll have to manually change the brightness levels to suit your reading environment it’s no great hardship to be fair if you want to save yourself a few quids and on that maximum brightness again this will easily counter any kind of bright sunlight or anything like that sadly the regular bog standard

Kindle also does not have any kind of night light feature to lower the temperature of the screen for a more comfortable reading experience in the evenings but you do have a dark mode that you can swap to at any point like so and this performs a similar sort of function basically does make it nice and comfortable to read even at night even with all the lights off and

I won’t spend time banging on about all the various other features and tools in here you got all of the usual stuff bookmarks dictionaries etc tap up here and you can jump to any chapter in the book it’s pretty regularly out and then when you want to leave the book and go back to your main desktops just tap like that a little massive horrendous shocks or anything

When it comes to the main ui here on the kindle 2022 very similar to what you’ll find on the likes of the paper white you’ve got fast access to all of your recently read books plenty of suggestions from amazon on more books you might want to spunk up some cash for as well surprise surprise now if you hit library down here at the bottom that’s basically all of your

Books that you’ve bought over time as you can see here i’ve filtered by my own books if you tap this little button right here you can change the filters so you can bring in books from the rest of your family if you’ve got the old family sharing on the go you can filter between books and also audible audio books if you’ve got some of those on the go and then at any

Point if you do simply want to jump into the amazon kindle so i just tap this little shopping cart up top quite often as to update but usually only takes a few seconds and then boom you’re straight into that kindle store you can browse all the latest deals and get even more recommendations you’ve got 16 gigs of internal storage for all of your books that you’ve

Downloaded so if you’re just downloading standard kindle books then that’s plenty of space you’ll be able to pack on thousands of those books and take them wherever you go of course if you are also download an audible audio books and that’s going to take up more space as well likes the graphic novels in the time i’ve been using the kindle 2022 i found the wi-fi

Connection has been absolutely fine so browsing that store nice and nippy nor hanging around waiting for pages to load for hours at a time or anything like that the performance in general has been absolutely fine as well once or twice you’ll maybe tap on a link and nothing will happen and it’ll be like well did it just not register the tap or is it just thinking

About it but generally it’s just because the screen responsiveness isn’t quite 100 all of the time but it is generally fit for purpose and you can get a pretty good type and speed up even when you’re using the little dinky on-screen keyboard that pops up when you’re doing searches and yes it is that time in my kindle review for the shameless bit of self-promotion

Oh look at all these brilliant books that i may have spanked out in my spare time before i became a youtube look this one is completely free and it’s got four star review whether you be a full not to download that one and these books do download in just a second or so as well as that wi-fi again proving it’s worth now one thing i forgot to mention when i was banging

On about audiobooks is the fact that you don’t actually have a built-in speaker here on the bog standard kindle 2022 however you do have bluetooth supports you can quickly and easily hook up a pair of headphones it’s very simple and straightforward process just like connecting to a pair of bluetooth headphones on your smartphone and with that done you’ll be able to

Enjoy your audible audiobooks direct through your kindle but what about the all-important matter of battery life well amazon reckons that with a full charge of the kindle 2022 this will deliver up to six weeks of read and time which isn’t quite as good as the paper white and about on par with the kindle oasis of course that’s quite a vague figure and never trust

To manufacturer’s estimates anyway so i’ve been paying close attention to that battery percentage when i’ve been using the kindle 2022 and i’ve been getting around 17 to 18 hours of reading time from a full charge but of course there are lots of different factors that could impact that figure so for instance i’ve been using it at a sort of medium screen brightness

Most of the time but if you’re out and about in bright sunshine you want to have that brightness set to the maximum level that’s going to drain the battery faster and then of course if you’ve got a larger font than what i usually be turning the page more often that screen will be refreshing quite frequently and therefore that’s going to impact the battery life

But what you can expect is to go away for a full week abroad somewhere and read for at least a couple of hours a day and still get a full week’s use from a single charger at which point once it is drained just bung a usb type-c cable in the bottom end there and that will power it back up again and once again i just like to express my extreme delight at the fact

That it is type c and not bloody micro usb because that’s the one cable i always forget to take away with me so anyway with that in a nutshell folks is the fresh new amazon kindle 2022 under 100 pounds just about if you want to get rid of the ads and i gotta say i i do really like that compact form factor i really like the nice affordable price and the fact you’ve

Got all the main kindle features chucked in there as well it’s a shame you know you don’t get the auto brightness the color temperature adjustment all that kind of stuff but those are just nice to have you can definitely live without them if you’re looking to share of a few quid of the cost so that’s what i reckon anyway are you tempted by the kindle 2022 or maybe

The paper white or the oasis and don’t forget that kindle scribe edition is just around the corner as well which comes with a stylus bundled in there if you want to do lots of sketchy note taking shenanigans so let me know what you think down in the comments below please do pug subscribe ding that notifications bell and have yourselves a really wonderful rest of

The week cheers everyone love you foreign

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All-New Amazon Kindle (2022) Review | Best eReader on a Budget! By Tech Spurt