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All New Amazon KINDLE BASIC 2022 | Full Review

The new Amazon Kindle can finally be recommended for serious readers. It has a sunken e-paper display with 300 PPI high-resolution, 16 GB, up to six weeks of battery life on a single charge, and USB-C charging. It is a recommended e-reader for audiobooks, books and manga.

Amazon has been refreshing their lineup the scribe was announced the oasis 4 got leaked on a 16 gigabyte variant of the paperwhite 5 came out they certainly have been releasing and re-releasing some interesting things as of late this is just another step in the right direction this is the all-new kindle aka the kindle basic it’s a six inch display with

300 ppi adjustable front light a more refined battery and usbc it also has two colors at launch black and blue denim which is the one they sent us today there’s something else important about this latest release in that it is more ecologically conscious than its previous units 75 percent post-consumer recycled plastics in the black device 30 in the denim color

And 90 recycled magnesium utilized in the electrical components this is to coincide with what kobo is doing with the 2 2e sporting over 85 percent recycled plastics utilized in the body construction so let’s dive into this amazing e-reader starting with the ui so in terms of the ui they’re not bringing anything new to the table in that regard it is very much just

A kindle in fact if you update your older kindles to the latest model typically they will look like this so you have a drop down up top you’ll have airplane mode bluetooth settings sync and dark mode dark mode flips the entire thing to dark mode to actually advertise that on the box bluetooth is a tricky situation because if you register this in certain markets

Outside of the us when you start it up this will actually not be there even though bluetooth is physically in the unit that bluetooth function will be gone and they’ll just be a straight line of four things everything except bluetooth so you have to make sure you note that we’ll show you brightness at the very end of the video you can collapse that over here is

Your settings you have a quick drop down of some things goodreads amazon kids web browser settings if you go to settings you get all your typical settings here again this will be different as well depending on the market you’re in because wi-fi and bluetooth will be gone and certain things will be under device options and some will have advanced options and some

Won’t so this is all just going to come down to where you register it if you click here you can update your kindle restart reset and device info if you click on device info this will be the latest update so take note of what it says on the screen here and you can click on what’s new and it’ll tell you the kids ebook store wpa3 support safety feature and charging

Port etc we’ll get into all this and we will be doing a separate video on the kids ebook store so they can submit requests to their parents etc so the settings are very much business as usual everything from reading options wi-fi bluetooth page refresh etc you get parental controls accessibility we covered all this on our youtube channel if you want to go over

There and check it out if you click on the top right here you go over to the store you can access any store from anywhere based on how you start your device so for example we are in japan right now and although some of our devices we put our japanese store on we’re accessing the american store just because everything’s in english you can toggle

Between kindle and audible because this does have bluetooth on it audible will show up you can click on something like that it’ll take you over to the buying decision you can buy it for zero this one particular is zero dollars you have an audible trial you can cancel any time you got to be careful the small print you can buy it as a one-off for 26.90 or you can

Actually get samples depending on what you click on if you go over to the kindle you can click on a book from here this will be ebooks so make sure you’re toggled correctly on those try a sample is right there redeem a code and add to list if you scroll down you get all the information from customer reviews and product details isbn where it’s sold from etc if

You go back to the home screen here you can actually scroll up and down so these will be everything ev most of this is actually the store this is yours these three 3.25 books those are yours that’s the store and everything else will be the store it’s all recommendations what’s in the kindle store try kindle unlimited most wish for kindle books it’s all gonna be

Stuff that is from the actual amazon amazon store so a lot of this is just going to be their unit rather than it being your unit you can click on here to go to your library from here you can sort and you can change some things like list view collections view i like grid view because it shows the actual thumbnail you can alter it by title author publication date

If you click on something it opens right up we will be doing an actual comparison between this and the paper white but if you guys wanted a little bit of a peek of how much bigger or smaller it is respectively there it is you can see the bottoms are lined up it is significantly bigger it kind of sounds the same 6 6.8 but it’s not it’s quite bigger in terms of

Overall screen real estate now you do have no quick turns engine on here because if you long press it’s just gonna long press so much like on the previous devices or ones like the oasis with physical page turn buttons you can hold the side this one you can’t you can tap the side to go fast but it isn’t actually the quick page turn engine moved over from the manga

Model or anything like that and it doesn’t do chapter jump like the barnes noble so it’s a little bit limiting if you tap the top you can change your text up here you get different ways to do themes you can do font everything changes live in the background as well you can see there kindle is on the faster side of things when it comes to changing everything for

What it’s going to look like you can embolden or you can take that away and you get different fonts right here if you go back you can do layout options which includes orientation landscape portrait you can do spacing and margins and if you go to more you get some reading progress book mentions etc going back to long press if we long press on something you get

Highlight note and share or you can go over here to do report content error if you’re down here you can actually swipe over to translation translation is going to be really cool because you can choose any language to any language you see on the drop down menu and it’ll instantly translate via bing you do need wi-fi or internet of some sort to do this or else it

Won’t work but what’s good about that is you can box a whole bunch of stuff and still translate it which is really cool because it breaks down language barriers if you’re here you can do swiping like so click out of there you can swipe the pages to turn pages it’s overall pretty quick and it does have a 300 ppi screen so it’s very dense and it’s a good combination

It’s sunken screen embezzle not flush six inches with a 300 ppi screen you really can’t get better than that currently in the market there’s just no combination of things you can do to get better if you go over to x-ray this is all of your x-ray information you can click the video card up above if you want to see more about x-ray but it basically tells you people

Terms images and if you click on something you can actually see how many times they were mentioned click on something and completely just navigate right through the book over to that page you can go back or actually stay here and continue reading and it’ll highlight what the character’s name is foreign unlike the ebook experience you actually do get the rapid

Page turn engine from the manga model on manga and what it is this is actually a guide of your finger and you can actually slow down or speed up as you see fit in order to change the pages at your discretion so if i want to hover it in the middle and say where am i on the page oh yeah i need to go further so i’m going to go level one and slowly proceed through

The book and stop and maybe i can speed all the way back to the beginning and it’s really good and it actually it triggers the only time that this can go into an a2 mode is rapid page turn or pinch and zoom those are the only times amazon can be forced into an a2 mode other than that there is no system-wide a2 mode control you can do pinch and zooms like this you

Don’t get a minimap that actually has a thumbnail but you do get an overall kind of skeleton outline right there so it does show you where you are on the page but it would have been nice to actually put a thumbnail of where page you’re on but honestly with the overall pixel density you don’t need to pinch and zoom them all that much it is quite a nice experience

If you want to really appreciate the artist’s detail you can go like that but it isn’t necessary overall amazon depending on the market you’re in does have a wide manga selection so it is quite nice to have this unit dedicated for manga and remember that manga model was a release from amazon exclusive to japan that they actually pulled a lot of things from for

This unit years later if you’re on a manga on an amazon and you double tap a cell nothing happens let’s think you’re gonna interact with it and try to turn pages but that actually doesn’t happen on graphic novels more of an american delivery of manga which is comic books and graphic novels you can see here they actually give you the ability to read the entire

Thing as is just like the manga experience or go into guided view or panel view and it actually cuts out each individual cell that’s really interesting and you can double tap to get out and you still have the ability to pinch and zoom so it’s really a completely different delivery than manga and they’re both completely different on this unit so manga will not

Allow you to do that but graphic novels purchase from the store download it from the store will and things like these that look better portrait certain things will look better in landscape and you can actually twist your device left and right to change it based off of software in order to cater it to your liking magazines and newspapers are really nice too so

Something like the onion for example what they do is they actually put everything into article mode what i mean by that is it doesn’t actually look like a typical magazine if i click on something like that they’ll give you a lead-in image the overall title and then it’s just in article mode they basically just give you an ebook delivery of the actual news article

Or magazine article and this is because they actually don’t have the full-blown pdf magazine on these units because this is primarily an ebook reader so they actually don’t give you that experience but it is nice and the store up top will have an adequate amount of selection when it comes to magazines and newspapers when it comes to the glow light they did the

Best they could they couldn’t add a warm light because then there would be overlap with their devices in there in their lineup it wouldn’t make any sense so what they did is they added a simple glow light it isn’t that blue but the full power is quite quite intense it’s very very illuminated and a little bit more than you would feel comfortable with now this time

They don’t have a max setting you can’t go beyond the actual max setting which is kind of nice and unlike other of their competitors like kobo for example it actually changes when you swipe it with kobo if you swipe it it won’t change until you let go then it will actually change overall the distribution is fine although it is quite bright there is no spilling

Or anything like that e-readers technically don’t use front light anymore in the traditional sense the leds are actually built into the gel layer that illuminate the screen it actually doesn’t shine down on the front so if you tilt it you can actually find right there there’s the leds at the very bottom they’re kind of hard to see they’re not at the top they’re

Not at the side you can very well tell they’re right down there the little illuminated spots but overall it’s a very good glow light experience and it’s the best they could do without adding warm light and light sensors and auto sensors and everything else because you just you can’t do that on a device like this amazon doesn’t necessarily blaze the trails they

Sit back and wait to see what their competitors do and then they typically do it better this is no exception this is an amazing package at only 120 dollars it has everything you’re going to need and more it seems that the gap between the paper white and the basic line is getting smaller and smaller by the day it’s only a matter of time before the basic line gets

A warm light and a bigger screen to put the paperwhite at risk of becoming something of the past for this is peter

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All New Amazon KINDLE BASIC 2022 | Full Review By Good e-Reader