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Amazing Salon like Blow Dry at Home using REVLON One Step Hair Dryer & Volumizer review

REVLON One Step Hair Dryer & Volumizer review. Are you wondering if the revlon one step hair dryer works? I am sharing my Revlon one step hair dryer and volumizer review and first impression in this video, which will give you the exact answer you need to hear.

– Welcome to my channel it can you anson do here and i know you’re wondering why my hair is all messy because in today’s video i’m going to test this revlon one-step a dryer volumizer i really wanted to try this that’s why i got this because i’m testing this hairdryer is why i haven’t done my hair anything it’s still wet it’s not like so soaking wet it’s like almost

Like 60 to 70 percent days like right i really wanted to buy this interview for you things because i’m seeing lots of people loving this and i wanted to test it myself and i also know what to say i need this is my life kind of a thing so i bought this that’s why today i am going to lake carve it i haven’t tried it here this is my very first time so it’s like a first

Impression video so that’s when my hair is wet my hand is like kind of state of 70% clicked right that is how i like to like blow dry my hair i don’t blow dry my hair very often like i leave it like to air dry and dah when i leave my hair dry then you know you can see how like it looks like a little something like that but within like what to say 6 to 7 hearts my

Hair because it is like by nature it’s like straight it will like what to say way down and like fall straight so i don’t need to blow-dry every single day or like and this single day i will wash my hair and i won’t use any like a hair straightener before going into the video if you like to watch sorry related videos fashion related video skin care and hair kind of

Videos you’ll subscribe to this channel you will definitely love it and they are with us for the rule let’s get into the video and test this head writer had taken it out of the box this is how it looks it doesn’t feel heavy it feels quite very light i think it’ll be easy for me to lose but this thing is huge see holding is i think hold comfortably but it’s quite

Big and also it has like a brush built into it that is the one fact that either all you wanted to buy this because after cutting my hair i feel like it’s really hard for me to blow dry like precisely when i had my long hair i don’t really precisely blow-dry my hair i just blow dry it and like use a brush that’s it but our now with my short hair i need to be very

Precise because it’s very less it’s very noticeable if i didn’t do it right it’s very noticeable so yeah that’s why i got this and it also has a very long cord which is going to be really helpful because my outlet is quite away from me yeah it’s a very decent size so long but a very decent size card oh i hope this works because i haven’t even tested whether it’s

Working or not and it also has like three settings like cool logo and high end are oestrus and you need to twist here for it to start and stop in like butta settings please sold out and also i can feel the hot hair coming out of it and if you kids i try to put a close-up of this there are like when samia through which the hot air comes out and yeah before my hair

Gets all in love right up let’s go try it and before using any heat tools let it be a blow dryer or any styling tools definitely don’t forget your heat protectant that i’m using the brio choice risako blow-dry perfection and heat protectant cream this is what i use every time and i also use it another my hair feels little drier so i’ve already applied that i have

Mirror in front of me which is quite small and not used up to a car like doing my hair with a small mirror like this so i have a bigger mirror to my side i might be like turning around to look in there so that’s why i will be turning around and whenever i’d go drive my hair what i like to do is i like to do it in sections starting from the front and going back but

Because it’s the first time i’m going to start from the back i’m going to take all my hair out twist it put it away take it did i take them section and brush it my hair is all yours i’m going to start with the low and then know if it’s not power what to say enough i’ll go with the high setting wow it looks really really pretty it looks really nice it has like

Go dried my hair it looks like i have blow-dried my hair at sun moon you know because you have this brush built in here and you can make up holder tail lionlike missed it you know how they do it in the us alone i’m really liking how it looks yeah i think i need to go like once or twice more so it will be like totally dry instead and also that this coil you know

It like rolls around so it’s really easy to use so so let me start again here it looks it looks really really nice and loving it and i’m going to set it with the cool setting every time i’d know dry i try to like set it with a cool setting so it stays like this for a long time yeah i’m really liking how it looks definitely it looks like i’m from the saloon

Beside so so this side i’m going to try this high heat setting and let’s see how many times i have to go through this side i think i went around six times to get this look and like two twice with the cool setting so let’s see let us see how it goes from this side with high setting it is quite loud and also like carbon it didn’t take a long time as with the low

Settings but i prefer the low setting because the high setting is quite hard really hard if i keep doing it my chain will like my chain will start our heating up and that’s not a comfortable thing and also i think i will get a bit more time to style my hair with this when it is with a low setting but if you i have a very fine hair or hair but very very fine hair

So i think low will be like good for me and if you have like a very strong thick hair or something like that i think the high setting will be working really good for you so now that it is done here i am going to like do my hair and get come back to you and do my opinion about it so my things this is all my hair looks just after like our blow-drying i haven’t

Used my hair dresser or anything this is how it looks i can see a little frizz ease because of the high dryer but which is expected but i don’t know whether the dyson hair rack would do it but i don’t have that kind of money oya doesn’t hand out public doesn’t at all as of now so i’m not going to test it anytime soon but at least stuff i don’t know but if i get

A chance i’ll let you do it so yeah my hair feels really soft it left my hair rock so often like yeah definitely it looks really good and it definitely volumizes your hair because i usually like do my hair starting from the garlic starting from the front to the back making sure it goes in the upper upper like so i have a burner cell and that gives a lot of volume

Today i did try to do it but i didn’t fully do how i would like usually blow-dry my hair but now the dot itself my hair looks really voluminous and also look at my friend see with my normal life hair dry like what the star oh my god aha i’m having a very hard brain fog because of the pregnancy you know the pregnancy brain fog i will like talk something and all of a

Sudden i would forget what i was talking that’s what is happening to me so please excuse me for the arta during the videos that you would see in few in few weeks and stuff so yeah so definitely my hair feels like a very voluminous and it’s really good i don’t need to go to a salon to get this taking just like a blow-dry my hair and like go to a party or a wedding

Or something like that and i definitely feel like i’m i came out of this alone looking at this routine like my hair looks really cute and i’m so happy and my hands didn’t take that was like heaven i usually have a round brush and my hair dryer in my hand both of it was starting to walk together and like get my hair to this point but today i just need to use that

And i might have my hands are like thanking me because it didn’t feel a car so or like it didn’t say it you know when you keep working something on your hair like you need to keep your hands all up in the air all the time your hands will a so that can happen today i really really like this and i’m so happy that i bought it this was the birthday present for me from

Myself so and let’s see if it has pulled any hair out of my hair or anything i think like literally see very very few strands of hair which is very normal when you’re combing you losing your hair is quite very normal don’t freak out about it because we lose around 100 hands every single day which is very very normal and it griego’s for our hair to regrow and like

Be strong it needs to fall so that is why so don’t worry about it so definitely i’m giving a big thumbs up to this revlon hair dryer if you can get your hands on it definitely definitely you get your hands on it and revlon hair tools are really good all the one i already have is also from revlon and i’ve been using it for more than a year and still it is going

Really it is going really strong so i would definitely recommend this product if you think it’s a little pricier i think it’s a good investment if you are like looking for hair tool and yeah i would give a five out of five bar to this revlon hair dryer and i’m going to enjoy this baby a lot i am very shy so my things that is my opinion on the revlon now one-step

Hair dryer and volumizer as my very first impression if i have any other thoughts about it definitely i will let you know in the comment section i know i didn’t like show you the whole like hair drying process and anything i know i didn’t like include the whole footage of me head riding my hair because this video is and then to like let you know about my thoughts

And first impression on the hairdryer if you like to see how i use my hair dryer even this or her regular hair dryer definitely let me know in the comment section and definitely do a video on it as a conclusion of this video i give thumbs up to this red zone hair dryer i give i am go file and i am where i am really liking it i love it to be honest for a first

Impression i don’t think i should say i love it as a when it comes to the first impression and let me keep trying it and let you know my thoughts and opinions about it in my instagram follow me on instagram so you will get lots of updates in there i all i interact every single day at least through text because being like pregnant and like having a bad days i really

Couldn’t like come in front of the camera and like talk to my audience like talk to my followers but i make sure i interact with you people over instagram every single day so yeah definitely follow me on instagram and the things i want to know you more so i am going to include in every single video a question that will let us know about each other the question of

This because what was your favorite cartoon network show that you watched ravan you were a kid or like even now if you’re watching what is your favorite cartoon show i want to know it let me know in the comments section my favorite cartoon was hands-down scooby we do because i love their adventures i love watching scooby i’m a big animal over love dogs so i love

Scooby so much i love watching how they like uncovered the mystery and stuff it was so nice i really like their like comedy calvin card you know i really like them i really like all the characters in us like scooby shaggy fred velma daphne that means the diva that everyone wants to be like you know but i really liked willmar to whisper classes and stuff shields yep

And yeah but scooby is my favorite and scooby-doo is my favorite cartoon show let me know what is your cartoon show that you love watching as a kid if you have any other questions or doubts about this video let me know in the comments section i will definitely get back with you as soon as possible and if you like to join my private facebook group with love sindelle

Definitely join there i have thousands of ladies one lady is in there discussing about fashion skincare and stuff i know definitely you will love it in there and the things they come to the end of the video thank you so much for watching if you think this video was useful you liked it and nice you think your friend should see it definitely like this video and share

It with your friends and family and also subscribe to my channel and click that notification bell so you will not miss any of my videos i’ll catch you in my next video until then be kind to one another bye bye with love

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Amazing Salon like Blow Dry at Home using REVLON One Step Hair Dryer & Volumizer review By With Love Sindhu