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Amazon Kindle Paperwhite 5 Full Review – All New Paperwhite Gen. 5

The 11th Generation Kindle Paperwhite has a few major updates. It is the first Paperwhite to go beyond a 6 inch screen and now has a 6.8 inch. Page turn speed has been increased by 20% and overall performance by about 40%. This is some serious value for only $139.

Amazon has entered into their 11th generation of kindle devices and their fifth generation of paperwhite devices this is the kindle paperwhite five it is a very premium feeling device at a not so premium price tag it’s only 139.99 on the usa site it also features a 6.8 inch brand new hd card screen this is interesting because this is one of the only times they’ve

Gone past the six inch screen size with the exception of the kindle dx many moons ago and the oasis two and three but a huge and obvious question is how is it different than the previous generation as this is very important remember we waited three years for this unit well let’s lay down some light specs to find out we may do a future comparison video once things

Cool down in the industry right now paperwhite 4 is on the left paperwhite 5 is on the right you have a 6.8 inch screen versus a 6 inch screen and you have a little bit of a different screen resolution layout 1430 by 1080 versus 1448 by 1072. they both have 300 ppi and 8 gigabytes of storage the 4 has a 32 gig variant whereas the 5 does not unless you upgrade to

The signature edition which is more money and features some different hardware changes we’ll get into in the future usbc versus micro they are both ipx8 waterproof and the 5 has far more leds than its predecessor and is 30 dollars more expensive so just looking at the specs on paper is this enough of a reason to make the upgrade after a three year long wait well

Let’s check it out specs on paper aside and comparing it to its predecessor isn’t really fair because this is three years different we’re talking about here and a lot could have changed in the real world use of this so looking at the screen everything is pretty much business as usual home back settings goodreads store and if you go into settings you get your drop

Down that has dark mode bluetooth airplane mode sync your kindle and all settings with your brightness and your warm lights so overall nothing’s really changed and it’s not really the other side of the coin it’s it’s very much just the same very familiar experience something that isn’t written on paper that we have found in our testing is this thing is really

Quick it is super responsive if you tap something you’re pretty much sure that it’s gonna do it this thing is on point and we actually haven’t seen too many units with this level of consistent reliability when it comes to tapping something that’s just something you can’t find in the spec sheet we understand that a lot of people say eight gigs is enough when it

Comes to books because they aren’t inherently large but you do have to make note that even though you’re getting the eight gig model you’re actually only getting 5.91 gb of usable storage space about five years ago we stopped testing the speed of page turns because e-readers had an inherent problem with it we can tell you that page turns are no longer an issue

They’re very quick whether you’re tapping whether you’re swiping and this new generation turns pages twenty percent faster than its predecessor long pressing is as good and stable as it’s ever been you go ahead and tap something you get highlight note share and more options you will have to go back and you’ll have to translate a box and then you will go over here

And then you can get translation you can translate from any language to any language you see on the drop down here and you can even choose something as difficult as chinese and you’ve broken down your book in three seconds to be a completely different language which is a fantastic feature to have if you do want to translate the one word you will have to long press

It swipe over to wikipedia and swipe over one more to the translation itself but it won’t be under the three dots whereas most e-readers tapping in the center will bring up the screen it actually does not you have to tap on the top third of the unit itself this will bring up the top bar it’s the equivalent of the drop down on an android device clicking here is

Where you’re going to change all of your themes font layouts and everything else you can manage your themes or create your own themes if you go over to font you get boldness size and all of the font styles you can switch everything everything changes live in the background in fact amazon is one of the fastest to do this you can change your orientation alignment

Spacing and your margins and everything will change as you are doing this without having to go back to check you can also show the clock while reading mentions about this book and everything is very conveniently paired with a nice toggle switch so you can just toggle them on or off anytime you want without going into the menu they make it very intuitive to change

The font size that’s just pinching and zooming you can actually pinch and zoom hold one finger on the screen drag your other finger and despite the menu here you can change the font size underneath and this is a very quick change tool that is not only easy to master but very convenient we always say we start appreciating manga around the 7 to 7.8 inch screen size

So this is a little bit off at only 6.8 inches but manga does shine through and yes amazon in many markets including japan america canada has a wide selection of manga available they have also kept the quick page turn navigation from the manga model that came out years back in japan so you can just swipe your hand like that unfortunately they don’t have any guided

View or anything like that if you tap the cell it’s not actually going to go into that view but pinch and zoom is very nice and it is very quick it goes into a kind of faux a2 mode although there is no system-wide a2 mode like on an onyx etc and you do get a little mini map on the bottom corner so it is a decent manga experience but it is a little bit on the small

Side however on some graphic novels as you can see right here even in a screen as complex as this with some portraits and landscapes you can indeed double tap into a cell to trigger guided view and this will go from cell to cell until you’re at the end of the page if you want to see the page you double tap and you can still take advantage of the pinch and zoom so

This is extremely useful in graphic novels over manga themselves and it is going to just depend on the one that you download some will have it some will not our go-to benchmark pdf is loaded onto every single device we review to keep it consistent so we can really show off what the device has to offer not the pdf itself so we are using the baseball pdf we put on to

Everything to check things out so you can do page turns and on a larger pdf like this 20 to 100 mb page turns do take a little bit longer than an ebook obviously you can pinch and zoom with an instant minimap that pops up you can still long press on text in a side loaded pdf and make your highlights you can actually also long press a bunch of text like so to make

Massive highlights so if you wanted to highlight a passage you can go like that now it is going to only work on text that it recognizes as elements of text for example things that are styled like this it actually can’t understand that this says tl or tj or whatever the case may be so it is only going to work on things that are in line and things that are considered

To be text the bluetooth is very fast on this unit and it will connect to pretty much anything including this no name nine dollar clock combination speakers that we got online and all you do is sync it via bluetooth and start listening to your audiobook might have been the inspiration for many a poster in the late 80s the engine died and its drone evaporated into

Stillness the van shook on its chassis the device doesn’t have any audio on it it has wireless bluetooth but no speakers no headphone jack so the quality is only going to be as good as the speakers you are pairing it with wireless speakers wireless headphones much the same as the previous generation they do have good reads enabled on the top bar goodreads is a

Social cataloging website that allows users to upload annotations quotes reviews etc the store is very much business as usual you can click on a book and it takes you right to the purchase decision you can download a free sample or you can buy it right out of the gates you can also toggle over to the audiobook store in which case these will be all your audiobooks

Now when you click on something you have to be very careful because it’ll say buy for 29 or buy for zero and in a very small print it’ll say with an audible trial cancel any time so just make sure you read everything before you make a purchase decision because you might be signing up with one of many amazon services that require rebuilds dark mode is very useful

And it is now one of the five choices at the top of the unit itself clicking on dark mode it just completely reverses the polarity of the e-ink particles so that everything is black and some things are white this is really nice because what this does is allow you to get an easier experience on the eyes without having a blinding contrast in your face so it can be

A little bit beneficial to have that dark mode on there and not be buried into any developer options it is just user selectable now because this now has 17 leds you get a very clean experience and not only that you can change the warm lighting via this as well and yes this all works on dark mode at the same time so this is a very very customizable experience but

They did get rid of the max button in which you go to the end and click the max and it goes one step further so is the kindle paperwhite 5 night and day different than the paperwhite 4 released 3 years ago no not really it’s more like day and later that day but you do get a fairly premium feeling device for a very good price point it’s only 139 dollars and it

Does feel very modern the resolution is right the screen size is on point around what everyone else is using in the industry and you do have usbc on here with a lot more advancements in the glow light as for the usability of the device in the real world there’s no color there’s no note taking it’s very much just business as usual make the decision for yourselves

We may get into some follow-up comparison videos versus other things so keep checking into but for now this is a review of the kindle paperwhite 5 for this is peter you

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Amazon Kindle Paperwhite 5 Full Review – All New Paperwhite Gen. 5 By Good e-Reader