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ASPIRADOR ROB VALE A PENA? Comprei o iRobot Roomba i3 [Unboxing e Review]

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Hey guys i’m andreia medeiros and if by any chance you’ve always wondered if the robot vacuum cleaner is worth it if you could safely invest your little money in this device then that’s where we’re going to clear up all these doubts and the baby and before the people to start i’ll invite you to leave a like in the comment here on this video if you liked the content and think

It was relevant to you it’s an excellent way for you to say thank you here just leave your thumbs up easy easy for free to invite also to join subscribe here to the channel and press the notification bell so you don’t miss any new videos around here, but i’m going to stop seeing social people in the video description and let’s see that there are a lot of curious people, man,

The first thing we have to do addressing here and people’s expectations because most of the people who are looking to replace hand vacuum cleaners with neoclassical brooms and brooming around the house see if you want to replace it with this type of device, i can already guarantee that the success rate of the vacuum cleaner will be ninety to ninety-six percent effective

Than what you could do with a manual brush or with a conventional broom. also the point that nothing is perfect, but here we have something exceptional if you’ll know why it’s here in the video i’ll depend on the person there are things that you’ll only start to think about after the purchase, this is super normal at least that’s what happened with me, right because here

At home there ‘s so much stuff that there are a lot of boxes everywhere around here and although it’s not very messy, i left a lot on the floor just like you leave a vacuum cleaner on the floor and you can’t pass it, right? getting a dirty area so you kind of have to organize it, end up like this if you have a problem with organization, buy the vacuum cleaner and you will

Start to organize your house and start cleaning r look, so let’s go, i’m going to tell you a little bit about this model here and why i chose to buy it. benefit it had it’s good to make it clear to you here that if you look for its price you’ll be scared but it’s an entry-level vacuum cleaner because it’s going to have a good quality of inspiration and especially the heart.

The military enter already in the movement because it is important but it will have these two super positive points but on the other side it will not have an intelligent navigation which is basically recognizing dodging objects and also cleaning in specific rooms in your house that’s it it was reserved for the models that are even more expensive and look, speaking at home i

Live in an apartment of 62 square meters i can tell you here about the progress it gives service bill without the slightest problem i honestly won’t know tell you the factors that make the price of this model so expensive in brazil but one thing i can categorically state here is that a good vacuum cleaner is not the price you’re paying for him but the functionalities he has

A beautiful example of this is when we take brands like mundial ea multilaser mundial there has an rb03 model ea multilaser has the ho041 if i’m not mistaken, even if you want to know more about the models i’ll go leave the purchase links right here in the description okay because they are really used around but as we look at these two models we see something different from

This one which is much more expensive which is the fact that they have two of these brushes over here instead of just one like i have on my model and why does this happen this brush here it serves you to maximize your cleaning especially in campos it against the wall and also well in the angles there in your rooms this little brush it will reach rich you round thing right

It won’t enter the stop at 90 degrees under what happens here this model here it has such a good movement that it doesn’t need two of these brushes and finds from the cheaper models they will play on top of that is a power they have that they are simply dribbling got it so they are giving you a very nice quality with a much lower price this is really very interesting to

Stay so i will show you now some functions you have when you buy this model because it comes with a cell phone application where i can call to use or turn off the vacuum cleaner and it will end up working there in my entire apartment because i as i mentioned to you there is no way for me to manage the room is with this one this type of functionality will be reserved for the

More expensive models unfortunately here is what i can do r right, just cry but anyway, coming back here to the application, you can still see the areas that he managed to clean because all of this will be highlighted in green and you can also see where he didn’t pass because there will be some white marks there that mean that he had an obstacle or closed the wall i don’t

Know anyway, he’ll be able to show you where he went and where he couldn’t get there, so you can even make some adjustments to the furniture, right, modify something so that he can go there and clean as much of your house as possible i can also program automatic cleanings on predetermined days and times there for when i’m not at home another when simply forgetting pokémon

Can happen in everything possible and a pretty cool thing here man that i never thought i’d i can care about that, can you give the device a name? hugs, right, but then, as i mentioned to you, his movement is so smart that he can pass two or three times. it’s through an app if you don’t have an app a device will find a way to come there’s your name there in the room you

Go right don’t worry he’ll let you know if there’s a problem i’ll go to someone who cares about it guys there are 2021 this type of stole here no matter how cheap they are they are not at risk of falling down the stairs but they are very calm there you don’t have to worry too much stop doing his job also good correlation to time cleaning in mine the whole apartment takes

50 minutes at the most okay, he’s going to go to every corner he can in 50 minutes and i’m going to leave here a piece of advice for you if your expected robot you are the connected device take a look i went to the amazon store and to google to see if they have a collective so you can give the order for your device i won’t say the name here to give it to you at home but

If you have a google device change the weapon only you give the order he will call to use it or go back to the base of it is very interesting also if you don’t want it he has to keep picking up the cell phone the whole time to open the application you are simple ah so there is one more tip for you to check in the specifications item connectivity what if this is relevant

To you or you honest to you here that the cost-benefit for me in my life couldn’t be better i am a person who is producing content all the time and man everything time has to stop to be able to do it something else is a time that i’m wasting here suddenly writing a script so seeing something interesting will bring here to the channel and let’s be honest here everyone who

Likes it and cleaning the house everyone likes to have a clean house but nobody wants to keep cleaning the house or at least you need help to spend as little time as possible doing it nobody wants the reality is that here at home we don’t stop cleaning the furniture or anything like that not now there the beach the dishwasher the electric pressure cooker all this man came

To add to the life of the young man even if you don’t have any of these devices man go look for it because your life will really change, you know and certainly robot vacuum cleaner street is another one of those essential things i hate you too much causes of hospitalization cleaning in general was very impressive and it was a stop that i wasn’t giving a damn looks like

I’m going to buy this thing there just to make a video in which people want to know if the really interesting thing is going to come to nothing and i bit my tongue before i even came here to record it for the first time this little bug was cleaned. then i was impressed i said it ‘s really the world is changing and we’re getting that i’ll tell you that we’re getting boring

We believe in nothing anymore but look if the business of the good of the world has to have a reason for it so the following here in the video description you will find some models that i will indicate for you to buy in brazil, many of them with very cool cost-benefit, there are still models multilaser expensive for 300 and little reais it is worth it before you make the

Purchase take a look at the technical specifications and comments to see if this product will fit in with your life and your expectations, you know, it’s no use, i don’t know, buying the word i indicated to you but i didn’t do the math and didn’t even look at what which is and i will say more here if you are looking for the product at a discount not only waiting for the

Robot but anything else i will invite you to know my telegram group is the first link here in the description and i’m using this space to put all the products on sale that i find on the internet so if you want to pay less and for products keep an eye out there i’m even going to start looking for more humor vacuum cleaners because it’s really worth it very tight but i hope

This video here is enough for you to clear all your doubts about this product and whether you should buy it or not and i’m leaving here as always my thanks and until the next video if honest with you there guys there are some stops that save marriage i’m going to say that this here changes life changes life in your house a completely different environment i’m the happiest

Person you know you’re happier with sometimes you understand promotion think i don’t need to wash anymore dishes that have dishes no longer need to sweep the house so many times, right because as i said 90, ninety percent, right? ninety-six percent of execution clean operation just thinking that you no longer need to mop the house every day you are already a person how

Are you going to be happy this guy’s business is simply impossible there o invest in your quality of life your mood on the day day and put an end to your possible marriage problem thanks not the heart to the

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ASPIRADOR ROBÔ VALE A PENA? Comprei o iRobot Roomba i3 [Unboxing e Review] By Bryam Medeiros