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Hi guys welcome back to my channel and i hope you’re all having a beautiful day so for today’s video we’re going to be trying the new releases from belly body they have their instant tan and their brush i actually still have it still here so you can guys see that i haven’t opened it yet so this is going to be a first impression so this is uh let’s say body makeup

Um which i’m really excited so the reason why i’m quite excited about these products is because i do have some concerns about my skin firstly i don’t know if you can tell in the camera but i am a veiny girl so i have a very pale and light skin and i don’t really like that i am quite conscious i do hate it to be honest it’s nothing that you know i can control but

I think that this would be great help um and also i have that pigmentation so all right this is how it looks the packaging it’s really pretty they both match they go both together and okay so this is the light medium and it washes off it is transfer resistant and fast drying so this is telling me that i have to act quite quick now we’re gonna get the necklace out

Of the way and i’m going to try with my chest first and then i’m going to try my legs because i feel like that’s something that you guys would like to know okay so it says to hold 15 centimeters away from your skin so it’s gonna be right there oh wow okay so i’m gonna do that and i’m gonna go okay that looks so much better already oh my god i actually saw

Some people that they did these i don’t know if this is gonna work hopefully just on the brush go like that looks like that and just for like the closer there you go that looks really nice that looks like i just airbrush my skin in real life just like the bottle says actually and it matches my face oh thank god there you go if you can i see but that looks so

Perfect i’m actually going to try a little bit on my arms and see how it looks in terms of drying it’s already dry it’s not sticky at all i am actually so amazed like i’m touching and nothing comes out wow that’s really good don’t know if you can see here but this is where i don’t like the pigmentation like that’s probably the worst area of my body well that

Oh my god oh my god that’s so nice well wow honestly i am quite impressed i’m gonna go like this i’m just gonna go in the outside it does dry really quickly but it’s easy to um to blend it’s very easy to blend perfect all right so i’m going to put two of my arms so that’s my arms i don’t know if you can see the difference but that’s that’s the difference

That’s pretty good let me know what you guys think and i’m just going to do it evenly now and then i’m going to jump on the legs i figure i can put the product in the two different ways and the legs and see what i’m more comfortable with obviously you can put a towel or you can do in your bathroom so awesome so i’m going to try to just spray it on this one and

Then the other one i’m going to apply it on the brush and just do it with a brush and see what i prefer um but i think you should be fine with both okay so firstly shake it well and now i’m going to well that was super quick there we go wow that was so quick and i don’t know if you guys seen that that’s super quick i think i prefer this way for my legs maybe

For my chest the other way because i get more precision and depending what you’re wearing but this is super quick this one wow that’s it i love it okay so you can guys see the difference it’s super cool i don’t know what you guys think but i quite love it and you can see the blemishes really disappear from one to the other so i’m going to do the brush technique

With the other one okay so okay so these are their legs done so to be honest i do prefer doing their the legs with just the spray um i just thought it was quicker and easy it was actually a little bit harder just because of the amount of surface really but yes i think that they blurt my legs quite a bit and i really really like the results and jump on the other

Angle okay lucky it’s drying so we got one more test to go and that’s the transfer resistant it does claim that it’s transfer resistant so i’m going to say if it’s actually it and i’m sure it is because it’s like nothing though all right so that’s it for today guys i hope you really like the video i actually really enjoyed it it’s you know something different i

Usually do other kind of reviews so let me know anything in the comments below and if you do try it let us know how you want big kisses and stay safe thank you for watching you

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