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Evening guys welcome back to another video if you’re new to the life for nike channel make sure you go ahead and subscribe hit that like button for me in today’s video we’re going to be reviewing bang energy drink y’all know i’ve been working out now for i want to say close to a year i’ve never used any pre-workouts any energy drinks today will be my first time

Trying an energy drink it’s been over five years since i’ve drank the energy drink i’m trying to bang energy drink out tonight because i see it all over social media now all the uh youtubers and stuff they be like hey guys this video is sponsored by dang energy drink this and that so i want to see what all the hype is about oh it says it’s zero calories as well

Hopefully the camera can pick up on that but yeah so i’m gonna give it a try this is the sour heads flavor right there so yeah let’s see what it tastes like it has a unique smell but let’s see how it tastes ah tastes just like soda it got a fizz to it just like soda so it doesn’t taste like juice tastes like a sweet yeah let’s get some more i’m halfway done

Halfway done through now i’m gonna be sipping on this throughout the rest of my workout we’re just gonna see if i feel like this drink provides provided me with more energy for my workout tonight so usually i work out about 30 to 45 minutes i’ma record some of the different things i do for you guys and then we’ll follow up at the end of the video i appreciate

Y’all tuning in to the channel and also i appreciate y’all watching the video again if you’re new to the life with nike go ahead and subscribe down below and hit that like button for me if you have any questions or any uh tips for me you can comment down below as well i respond to all of my comments all right guys let’s go to get this video started all

Right guys i know y’all just saw me hitting them biceps and the shoulders i’mma retouch shoulders again now we’re gonna do some push-ups i got about a quarter left for the bang energy drink so far not really feeling too much of a difference we’ll see what happens all right guys just finished my push-ups i set up about a quarter left now it’s done it’s done a

Couple drops but that’s it let’s finish up the rest of this workout so far i’m not feeling that much more energy may take time for it to kick in but we’re gonna finish up this workout baby let’s get it oh man so my camera died while i was in the middle of recording my workouts for you guys or whatever so you did you got a chance to see some of the workouts i did

Tonight uh pretty much hit the arm shoulder i did some abs chest for the push-ups uh pretty quick basic workout for now i didn’t use most of the equipment inside of the little fitness center downstairs so um just a pretty basic workout tonight i didn’t really notice too much of a difference using the bank energy but i did drink all of it so um i don’t know i

Started to get a headache about 10 to 15 minutes after consuming the whole drink i started getting a headache and also my heart rate was pumping a lot faster than usual uh so if you know anything about that comment below and let me know what’s going on i still did get a good pump also i rinsed it all down with a a bottle of aquafina shortly after i consumed the

Whole drink so yeah i mean overall pretty productive night basic workout again but i didn’t feel um more energized than usual but definitely my heart rate was pumping and um i got a headache after consuming the entire drink but we’ll see i mean when i get home i’m a shower and uh prepare my meal for tomorrow so we’ll see if i’m still wide awake but overall not

Much of a difference maybe i’ll have to continue to try it again but uh that headache that that that headache i had like 15 10 to 15 minutes after drinking it was not cool it’s definitely starting to go away now it feels like um but yeah you guys this flavor i had a friend told me he didn’t really care for but the flavor didn’t taste bad at all tastes like uh

Sweet soda like you all have had a limited edition fanta sodas i would say it tastes very similar to one of those just not as much flavor you could tell it’s not as much sugar in this uh drink right here but yeah guys i want y’all to know that life is short i hope everybody had a productive day uh we still building the brick by brick clothing brand brick by brick

Day by day just do something productive to better yourself physically mentally spiritually monetarily you know if you if it’s been a while we’re coming up on holiday season all the christmas and all that i know some people have fallen out with their family and stuff give one of your family members a call let them know that you’re thinking about them and that you

Care and that y’all still family you know what i mean if you can get in the gym at least a couple times a week read a book do something listen to a podcast you know better yourself but you better yourself you’re gonna better everybody else around you break by brick day by day again i appreciate y’all tuning in to the life with nike youtube channel um because this

Stuff isn’t cheap this stuff is not cheap but i did get mine for free so yeah we keep that on hush but uh again subscribe to the channel like the video share it to anybody you know who uh who’s been talking about trying this bang stuff out but i’m giving it to y’all from my perspective and um and yeah we’re out but if you have any questions or anything comment

Below i respond to all my comments you can check me out on instagram at life with nike l-i-f-w-i-t-h n-a-i-k-e i respond to all my dm’s as well and i post little workout videos more car content to come order all right guys i’ma catch you in the next video

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