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Best Drugstore Corrector For DARK CIRCLES!? | Neutrogena Color Correcting Concealer Review

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So i wanted to see if this new drugstore color corrector was really able to cover my dark circles so we are going to be testing that out today so if you want to see the results please stay tuned for the rest of the video so here we are up close and personal with my dark circles so as you can see they’re pretty bad but to begin we are going to moisturize that area

So i’m starting with the cerave eye repair cream and guys let me tell you if you want your under eyes to look smooth and to look healthy you definitely need to moisturize it so i’m going to be starting off with just three dots of that eye repair cream and then with my ring finger which is the softest finger on your hand i’m going to just take that and gently

Begin to work it in as you can see i’m just using gentle padding motions and stroke motions to work that eye repair cream into the under eye you want to be as gentle as possible to not cause even more dark circles so this is the neutrogena clear coverage correcting concealer in the color deep peach this retails for about 11.99 to 12.99 so i wanted to give you

Some swatches of it so that way you can see the consistency up close really quick and as you can see it is very creamy and it is a very peachy slash orange type color and that is the overall packaging so now it’s time for the application as with any color corrector i’ve ever used i’m going to start off with a small amount because i’ve never used this before

I don’t know how it’s going to really blend or work so we are starting small so that is how much we are going to use to begin this application process we can build later i’m going to be using my number 57 sephora blending brush this is great for blending concealers and color correctors i’ve been using it for a long time and i like the shape of it it works really

Well spray that with just a little bit of setting spray this works really well to help the color corrector or your concealer blend in even while we use like a slightly damp brush now we are going to go to the blending process as you can see i’m going to start off with the gentle tapping motions and i’m really going to work on blending this color corrector in over

The extreme dark parts of my hyper pigmentation first when you have color corrector you always want to start with the deepest darkest parts and then blend to the lighter areas so i have blended that in and now let’s take a look at what this first layer looks like so guys please comment below and let me know what you think of the coverage of this color corrector

So far so now i’m going to move on to the bridge of my nose you can see that that’s like really bad hyperpigmentation too so i started off with one dot and as you can see with this color corrector because of like the applicator it was a little difficult for me just to put like a tiny bit on there but it’s fine because i’m just going to work on blending that out

And making sure to get it as even as possible when you are using your color correctors you want to blend them down to a skin like finish and that goes for whatever type you use i’ve tried both high end and low end ones and it’s all the same you want it to blend as smoothly and as seamlessly as possible so that way when you use your concealer you get good coverage

Both ways so i’m going to continue to blend that to the best of my ability there so this is what we look like with the nose bridge and the under eye so again guys let me know what you think of the coverage when i look at this i still see some hyperpigmentation coming through in some areas so i’m just going to build this up and that’s a good thing about you know

Doing your makeup like you don’t have to slather everything on at one time you can take your time and build up especially if you are trying a new product right if you’re trying a new product you can take your time and just build it up and see how things look and see how things work so now you’re going to see me blend that again over the bridge of the nose i try

To take special care of the bridge of the nose because that part is especially dark and it can be difficult to really hide that with you know concealer and with color corrector sometimes if the color corrector just isn’t you know giving that level of coverage that you want and that you need so i have blended both in to the best of my abilities without trying to

Disrupt the initial coverage so this is what we look like with another layer of that color corrector built up i still see a little bit of the hyperpigmentation breaking through so kind of that’s like one kind of tick mark off for this color corrector i still kind of see things poking through but we’re gonna try to deal with that so now i’m going to use my mac 24

Hour studio concealer this is one of my faves and it’s in the color nc50 i like this not only because of the coverage but also because it’s like a perfect color match for me so now i’m going to take about four strokes of the concealer under the eye as you can see this is very smooth and creamy and now i’m going to wait about 20 to 30 seconds so this can dry down

Because that helps to build the coverage so if you want more coverage for your concealer let it dry down just a little bit now i’m going to with a damp beauty blender i’m going to blend everything in so i’m going to blend this full coverage concealer over top of this color corrector and just another note guys if you really want to cover those dark circles seamlessly

And flawlessly you definitely want to use a full coverage concealer that gives you a skin like finish i like this mac concealer so much because it blends in i have literally just done this technique alone without any other makeup on and because it’s so skin like and because it’s such a great match to my skin tone i’m just able to walk out of the door like once i

Put the concealer on so i’m going to continue to blend that in blend it in again until it looks like skin because when it looks like skin you definitely win in the game of concealing and color correcting so now that i’ve done the final touches let’s take a look so comment below and let me know what you think of how it looks right now with this concealer and color

Corrector combo i think honestly that this looks pretty darn good but you guys let me know let me know what you think about how this looks i’m looking at it and i cannot see the color corrector breaking through down there but let’s move forward so now the bridge of the nose again again i like to tackle that separately so that way i can control the level of coverage

And as well as the amount of product that i’m using so that way i won’t put too much on and have nowhere to blend it so i’m blending it in over top and it looks like it’s going on pretty well but i did notice that as i blended it in i did have some breakthrough with the hyperpigmentation it was looking kind of gray there so i’m just going to try to put a little more

Concealer on top of that area to see if that makes it better so i’m going to blend that a little bit and this is what we look like right now with both parts being blended with that concealer on top so it looks pretty okay now we’re going to move on to the setting portion i am going to set this with a little bit of setting powder using that brush this is the laura

Mercier setting powder in the color honey just going to take that much onto the top because we don’t need too much if we’re doing a natural look especially if you’re just on the go you just want to use a little bit of powder i’m going to tap off the excess and that’s how much we are going to use for the under eye so what i like to do is take that brush and with

That powder that setting powder i just like to gently press it in wherever i put the concealer to set it and to make it look good and also to maintain that skin like finish because sometimes using too much powder doesn’t make your skin look like skin so that’s what it looks like after that tiny layer of powder i do feel like i see the color corrector definitely

Breaking through on the bridge of the nose and also that hyperpigmentation poking through on the bridge of the nose as well but i’m going to spray it with just a little bit of setting spray so that it can dry down again once this dries it should look very much like skin and give us a nice finish and let us see pretty much like the whole picture of how the whole

Application process worked so this is the final look guys with everything blended all in all i would say that this neutrogena color corrector was okay is it going to be a fave no probably not but you are more than welcome to try it but let me know what you think below but if you enjoyed this video guys please give it a thumbs up consider subscribing to my channel

And clicking on that notification bell for more videos stay blessed until the next one guys bye

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