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Best Humidifier for Plants & Bedroom? Review of Kelopa Ultrasonic Humidifier

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What’s up guys so you can see i have my turtleneck on my jacket on the days are getting darker and colder the air is becoming more and more dry that means it’s time to bring out our humidifiers to add a little bit of moisture back into our air whether it’s in our house plant jungle areas or in our bedrooms anywhere where you need a little bit of extra moisture in

The air to keep your plants happy or to keep your skin happy and lush and vibrant so a recently reached out to the brand kalopa i saw this you know just perusing online and i saw this humidifier i thought wow that looks like a pretty cool humidifier let’s reach out to them see if they would like to do a little trade for a video for one of their humidifiers and

They graciously agreed now the reason i reached out to them is because i thought that this really looks like a humidifier that i would like to incorporate into my house when it comes to any sort of products or anything really in my house i’m always looking for that cross section of functional quality and beauty something that i use my home needs to be beautiful

Of course because i need to be surrounded with beauty all the time but it also has to be functional so if it’s lacking one or the other not worthy of space in my home so i’ve been using the humidifier for the past few weeks and i wanted to give you guys my feedback on what i like about it and what i don’t like about it so first and foremost it definitely fits the

Bill for beauty you can see it’s tall it’s sleek it’s slender it fits really well into my house plant garden scheme in this in my office and so of course i appreciate that for sure now now a couple other things that i really like about it first and foremost you can see the water level in here so as opposed to some other humidifiers that i’ve used in the past where

It’s just like you just see this big jug of water just you know hanging out wherever you may have your humidifier this it’s definitely has a more contained look and but you still at the same time can visually see where the water level is at another cool thing is that when the water gets to a certain level where it’s like all right it needs to have more water in the

Holding in the holding case to function well it sends off a little red light so it lets you know that all right it’s time to fill it up with some more water and the touch screen has been pretty convenient i you know sometimes with touch screens you never know are they how how reactive are they to your touch um this one seems to be pretty good you know simple power

Button powered on and automatically it just starts to release some of the humidity humidity into the air which is great and um also on this little touch screen pad right here you can set the humidity i personally like to keep mine around 55 degrees that way i’m not using too much electricity it’s not pumping out too much humidity into the air that like any sort

Of moisture is accumulating in in your air but it’s definitely going to be helping your plants reach that nice humidity level or your skin always every winter have a humidifier in my bedroom while i’m sleeping because that is one of the very best ways to keep your skin healthy and looking good is to have the appropriate level of humidity in your bedroom you know

When our heaters turn on the dryness the dryness of the air really can affect how our skin feels and how it looks so definitely if you want your skin to look good you should use a humidifier in the night time while you’re sleeping and this is a great addition into a bedroom for sure because it is just so so sleek cooking um now you can also set like this min it

Says max min which basically you know if you have it set at 70 humidity and you put it onto the level three that just means that it’s going to be spewing out more humidity more quickly to reach that 70 percent faster i typically just keep mine at level one because that’s fine now one thing that you know is not annoying but sort of because i’m in the united states

And we use fahrenheit um it lists the temperature in celsius you know it’d be cool to have it be at fahrenheit but you know you do what you can now there’s another button on here called uv and there’s actually a light in this humidifier host this section up here which will help to purify the air so that the air so that the water coming out of your humidifier is

Of good quality and that’s pretty cool that’s pretty important so the way that this machine works is so down here is the tank that holds your water and up here is like i was calling the humidifier host and it’s connected with these um little tubes which basically just puts down in there you put the humidifier hose back on top and then those tubes will bring the

Water up and then it becomes released out of this top section like we like we’re seeing right now which is pretty sweet in the back of this humidifier host is a little holding a little holding section where you can put some essential oils i currently have some lavender essential oil in here doesn’t help the plants at all but it definitely helps my mood and makes

Me feel good and it’s a wonderful companion while in here working so there’s also a timer on here so you know if you are going to be gone at work and you want to leave it on for one hour two hour three hour you know up to 12 hours you can easily set a timer and then it’ll turn off automatically very very easy and one last thing that i absolutely love about this

Humidifier is that it’s pretty much silent i have another humidifier that i use up in my bedroom but i’m a really light sleeper and it it wakes me up in the middle of the night this guy is so silent that i think that i might bring the other humidifier down here into my office and bring this one upstairs into my bedroom so that i can sleep with this silent humidifier

That’s huge for me those are just a few of the considerations a few of the things that i’ve taken note about this kalopa ultrasonic humidifier and you know some of the things that i really enjoy about it if you are considering if you are in the market for a humidifier just go down to the video description below i’ll leave a link for this humidifier so that you

Can add it to your cart you can purchase it and have one delivered to your home uh you know and start regaining a little bit of moisture back into your air in your home in your office in your bedroom wherever you may need a little extra moisture in the air anyways i hope you found this review helpful i think that this is definitely um a worthwhile investment in

Your health and the health of your plants and um in your life if you have any other comments about this humidifier you’ve used it in the past you have other experiences definitely leave a comment below i love to read them and love to read all of what you guys leave in the comments section think about subscribing to my channel we’re always bringing new health plant

Related topics and videos every single week just like this one definitely give it a like and share it with someone else that you might think is in the market for a humidifier this season anyways i’ll catch you guys soon ciao

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Best Humidifier for Plants & Bedroom? Review of Kelopa Ultrasonic Humidifier By Plant Vibrations with Devin Wallien