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Look at this it’s amazing it’s like liquid gold it is what’s up everyone we’re back dr maxfield dr shaw and welcome back to our channel dr lee where we talk about all things skincare and dermatology so it’s that time of the year when we wrap up our favorite skincare products of the year so best moisturizers of the year that’s what we’re going to start off with

So this is great because i think moisturizers almost are like the backbone of skin care sometimes i don’t know it just seems to do so much of the heavy okay actives do the heavy lifting but look but they’re so important one of my favorite things to talk about yeah i’m obsessed with moisturizers as many of you know you know big fan of the double moisturizing but i

Noticed when i was trying to put together this list that there are so many favorite moisturizers that i have and the best way to do this i think is to do it based on category we’re going to go over the best moisturizers for very dry skin we’re going to go over the best lightweight moisturizers we’re going to go over the best moisturizers with retinol best of the

Year here we go here we go so let’s talk about very dry skin first i like a thick moisturizer so you can even use these if you don’t have very dry skin but you just like a thicker moisturizer so what’s your sort of favorite of the year okay my favorite is absolutely this right here la roche posay lipocar bomb ap plus it is i have one upstairs in my dresser i

Have one by my front door i have one one in my drawer in my office and one on my other driver mouth is like my go-to yeah so this is actually a great option so it has a lot of beneficial ingredients in it so i really personally like this one for my body but i think you use it on both your body and your face right so only when i’m in the winter and like just the

Wind uh what do you call it wind chap wind when burns burn really starts to get me then i move it up to my face as well so it’s got shea butter that has that la roche posay prebiotic thermal water in it um it’s fragrance free um it’s been tested for comedogenicity which you know hit or miss um plus dr maxwell’s favorite ingredient niacinamide yeah and the like the

Thing that i think makes this nice is it’s a heavier uh moisturizer my arm is going to be super greasy by the end of this video but it’s a heavier moisturizer um but it’s not like the heaviest moisturizer so if you get with like a vana cream that one has a bit higher petroleum concentration so for me this is like heavy thick thick has dark shocks safe but then it

Also has like a medium blend and i think most people are going to tolerate this really well so this is definitely something worth if you have dry skin or if you have dry skin on the body i use this on my ankles because my ankles are always dry so big fan of this one shout out to laroche posse accepted by the national eczema association all right so for very dry

Skin this one is more for the face for me skin fix triple lipid peptide cream huge fan of this one i think when it comes to moisturizers you really have to try it you can look at the ingredient list all day with some of these products you have no idea if you’re going to like it on your skin unless you try them so i have a normal combination skin but i still use

This one just a very very good moisturizer with this peptide lipid complex anyone who’s tried it really does love it um it’s fragrance free doesn’t cause a lot of allergy or irritation in anybody and i’ve just been using it for a really long time and this is the this is the moisturizer i like send to friends and families who are like getting into skincare i like

Order from the website and i just like ship it to them because i know a lot of people like it and the thing i like about moisturizers too it’s pop-off yeah i knew that so the thing we like no it’s not it’s like a no you just open the holes i don’t think okay i just don’t want to break things i’m so strong i just break things all the time so you’re not supposed to

Put your finger in this okay so so the thing i like about moisturizers now uh i think they’re just becoming almost like a hybrid you just have this has peptides in it among other things your moisturizer is doing work it’s not just moisturizing it’s also adding to your actives along the way and this is just an example of one of those all right so next up let’s

Talk about some of our favorite lightweight moisturizers now these are going to be good for like oily skin normal skin but maybe just somebody who likes more of that lightweight uh texture some people don’t like to feel like their skin is being suffocated by their moisturizer and i totally get that you don’t need like thick moisturizers like i do i think stand

Out in this category has always been the cerave pm lotion yeah this has been one of my favorites it’s kind of like just that old school go-to i think in my mind like first thing comes to mind lightweight moisturizer and then like does it have niacinamide of course happens to have nice and mitotis too it is just the cerave pm great for facial skin good for sensitive

Skin it’s just very all-around excellent lightweight moisturizer and remember that niacinamide regulates oil production and so for somebody who does have oilier skin look for more stretches that have niacinamide in it now it’s not necessary like when i say that a lot of people think it decreases oil production so if you have dry skin it’s not like you can’t use

Niacinamide you have oily skin it will normalize it but if you have dry skin it’s not going to dry you out so dr maxfield is applying the crb pm moisturizer while i talk about the biosol’s squalene probiotic gel moisturizer okay so as you can tell i have a lot of skin care products for me to get this close to empty we’re using this quite a bit why do i like this

One well it’s a lightweight super gel consistency so this thing is like very gel consistency like but that squalling that it has in it that it leaves behind leaves me with the glow so this is always my last step in my skincare routine before i shoot video let me tell you something okay i did a video with wired and go check it out i don’t know if we can link it but

Check it out hi i’m dr maniv shah and this is skin support how safe for tanning booths i used to go tanning all the time at young forehead great username should you or shouldn’t you pop your pimples all right let’s settle this debate i am very much against popping your pimples i got to the studio and the people there were like hey do you want us to like powder you to

Like get rid of the uh shine and i was like no i do skincare like we never wear like makeup when we should do skincare videos and they’re like no no like you’re we’re studio lights right now like it’s gonna be you’re gonna shine and i was like no no i’m good i do video i’m fine i was wrong i literally am like reflecting light off of the screen so um that’s probably

Because of this squalling probiotic gel moisturizer could have been that but ultimately i should have listened you know what’s great about that though is when i was watching his wired because i actually do watch some of some of his things not all of his things but some of them and i actually thought it was like man dr shaw looks so dewy he must be loving this right

Now i was hoping that people from our channel would go to the video and comment that dr shaw had achieved his ultimate goal of being dewey a couple people did comment dewey because they knew what was going on but i was doing but maybe a little too dewy for your average wired viewer so next up we’re going to be talking about best moisturizer of the year in the acne

Category so this one’s pretty simple and it really it was the standout so much so that we dedicated half a video to it and this was and i drove to target 45 minutes away for it but this is the cetaphil gentle clear mattifying acne moisturizer right so of course the salicylic acid is really doing that heavy lifting for the acne and that mattifying component makes

It really good for oily skin yeah and for people with oily skin that’s actually pretty important to them i think they spend a lot of time battling their oil control and the glossiness of their skin dewy skin is something they want less of but this lotion also has ingredients that are going to help with the hyperpigmentation that comes on after the inflammation of

Acne calms down it has coach acid and licorice so really unlike a lot of salicylic acid products this gave a little bit more boost and i think actually the texture is something that won me over i think that for someone with oily acne skin this is really going to be a very comfortable lotion with great ingredients right and i don’t think a lot of people are doing

The mattifying things so i think it’s great that cetaphil has that line for people that don’t like to have that dewy experience that i like to have um the other thing is that a lot of people with acne don’t want to moisturize because they think it’s going to make it worse and so having a moisturizer that’s also an acne treatment is really going to encourage people

To moisturize which is good because if you don’t moisturize and you have acne it’s going to make the inflammation worse all right so next up moisturizers that have retinol in them so you can always use your retinol serum or retinol cream or whatever you have and put your favorite moisturizer over it not going to discourage you from doing that but for somebody who

Really wants a simplified skincare routine and does want to skip that moisturizing step we figured because we love retinol so much we should include moisturizers that have retinol in them as a separate category one of the sort of og’s in this category is the neutrogena rapid wrinkle repair regenerating cream it has a fragrance free and a fragranced version so go

With the fragrance free version it still has the same actives in it i see no reason to use a fragrance product when there’s the fragrance free option out there personally so now you had some issues with this one well okay it’s not like issues okay you know what just very candidly i think there’s an expectations issue so i got this i got this probably when i was 20

Years old that was a long time ago right and it was first time ever bought a retinol and i think i you know saw reduces wrinkles gets rid of pores whatever was being promoted at the time not even necessarily by them and i bought it with the expectation that that was going to happen and it didn’t at least not immediately so um i think that was actually where a lot

Of my initial frustration came from and actually i’m glad they brought this over so actually very few negative if any negative things to say now about it it actually is very tremendous in the space right so this is going to be something that has been time tested grab the fragrance free one and it can be just cleanse at night and apply this and you’d be done next

Up in this category that deserves mention is the retinal correction max daily hydration cream from rock i gotta highlight rock because rock we talk about retinol all the time on this channel and we know the tretinoin when it was first invented and discovered that was pioneered by albert kligman at upenn that showed that it had all these benefits in anti-aging

And act it didn’t become commercialized and available to the public as retinol without prescription until many years later and the company that pioneered that was actually rock so it’s kind of associated with more like old-timey type of skin care old-timey but effective and i think that’s actually a very strong testament to the brand if you can maintain a certain

Status quo for what decades there are so many good moisturizers retinols coming out like even the olay or generous one just solid right but to have something like this they pioneered so much of it so props to them and a great great product so similar to the neutrogena one this actually does come in a fragrance free and a fragrance version again i would still opt

Fragrance free version for this it’s actually a new product believe it or not because i think they actually had other retinol products before this and i think they had the fragrance run before this but this one came out maybe came out this year i really like this one a lot it moisturizes and it also has a very effective stabilized form of retinol that rock uses

And they actually put a lot of research into it this is a company that spends a lot of time doing research on their products but they go through like years of trials for them yeah that can’t the value of that can’t be understated putting in the legwork there it just carries the whole it carries the whole industry when the one company puts the research in everyone

Piggybacks off of that and i will say that retinols in moisturizers they’re very they have a very high utility in my mind for people with sensitive skin who are wanting to start a retinol because they may not experience the irritation that you might get with a high strength prescription tretinoin or something like that off the bat and so it’s a nice way to ease

Into the retinoid world and just also moisturize your face at the same time you’re new to retinol it may be nice to kind of ease in with a retinal moisturizer so we’re going to be talking about how to simplify your skin care routine with a retinal moisturizer well what could you potentially do during the day or you could find a moisturizer that has spf sunscreen

In it so caveat here is if you are going to use your moisturizer as a sunscreen you need to use as much as you’d use of your sunscreen so according to my calculations uh you need to use two finger lengths of sunscreen for the face neck and ears same applies if you’re going to use a moisturizer the reason why is because when they do the studies on these they do it

Under the same sunscreen conditions and so maybe you would normally apply a little bit less moisturizer maybe apply the same amount but just keep that in mind that applies to makeup also so if you’re using a makeup that has an spf in it you need to use as much makeup as you would have used of sunscreen that sounds crazy and practical for makeup wow i never thought

About that now again i think the utility is high for moisturizers and spf because it’s just like very natural for people to reapply moisturizers throughout the day in fact i think it’s just easier to carry that one product with you throughout the day and reapply that and not have to think twice about two different things so what is our first pick so this one came

Out this year actually this is the cetaphil healthy radiance whipped day cream broad spectrum f30 so broad spectrum spf 30 plus it has two percent niacinamide in it so it could actually triple as your niacinamide treatment plus um it’s a moisturizer and so it has a lot of moisturizing ingredients plus it’s fragrance free so this is another really good option you

Could just cleanse throw this on the morning bolt at the door still be late like i am okay and then there’s another side to this too so that one is amazing only comes in non-tinted so the upside of this one here this is by dermatology the universal tinted moisturizer spf 46. this is tinted so it gives you the added coverage against visible light but unlike some of

The other tinted moisturizers this blends in pretty well which many do but it doesn’t pill as much as some of the other ones now my wife has been using this actually has her foundation but i know some other people like abby young use spfs as foundation dupes as well for like four maybe six months now consistently and it’s just worked great so i can speak to that

Side of it where i might not otherwise super lightweight it’s not that greasy sometimes i think spf moisturizers can feel really greasy this is not as greasy as a lot of them and i think in an honorable mention in this category would be the alpha md uv clear which i in my opinion think is pretty moisturizing personally it’s not marketed as a moisturizer sunscreen

But is moisturizing enough for me to just use it as a single step in the morning yeah ltmd’s their whole line i think fits that role almost like uv restores my go-to the same thing as my facial moisturizer you want will restore smacks that is so good definitely i think if you are a big fan of alta md and you’ve tried the uv clear in the past try the uv restore it

Is amazing all right if you don’t have any of these skin issues then what about just a normal moisturizer for you know daily use so okay one of the ones that we have talked about before it’s actually similar there are so many great great moisturizers and we’ve talked about so many over the course of the year we always talk about cerebri products talk about first

Aid beauty ultra repair cream before this one is first aid beauty but a different cream yeah so this is their collagen repair cream ultra repair firming collagen cream okay so one of my issues well i don’t really have an issue with it but you know part of the marketing of course is that you know the word collagen so you think collagen i have collagen in my skin

I want collagen on my skin that’s going to get in my skin collagen is way too large of a particle you know it’s a combination of amino acids long chains so it’s really just not going to penetrate the skin that being said it’s actually a great moisturizer collagen so this is actually just overall a really good moisturizer to have that um collagen in it i thought

I love that so i’m actually thrilled that he took a little dig there in it because that this is like a very very big pet peeve of mine too is just i guess collagen i think it’s a trigger word for me i’m learning about myself today on this video but regardless of that does make great moisturizer which just doubles down on the effectiveness of this moisturizer it’s

Just wonderful effective and just good all-around for just everyday skin right and it is a little bit on the heavier side it’s not like a gel it’s truly a cream one of them i used quite a bit honestly and got a lot of use out of almost out of it but what i will say about it is i like the way it feels on the skin in addition that has a lot of beneficial ingredients

It has you know your standard moisturizing ingredients like glycerin dimethicone things like that but other ingredients like niacinamide panthenol shea butter and even ceramide yeah and then it also has colloidal oats which for me is one of those standout plant based ingredients it’s been studied in eczema we know it makes a great moisturizer has some cleansing

Properties which you’re not utilizing here but i love seeing that in products vino also has that incorporated into a lot of their products as well i really just like it it doesn’t cause any issues with my skin it’s fragrance free it’s safe for sensitive skin i’m a big fan of first aid beauty in general i really like a lot of their products and this is one that

Really stood out to me but at the same time it doesn’t really get a lot of height yeah it doesn’t but that’s okay we’re bringing attention to it now great loaded moisturizer exactly so looking for a new moisturizer just normal skin that’s safe for sensitive skin i would check out the ultra repair firming collagen cream another moisturizer in this category that

Also doesn’t get a lot of hype is la roche posay tularian double repair face moisturizer now we talked about the tellurian ultra which is more of a lightweight lotion which maybe should have been included in our lightweight moisturizer category for safer sensitive skin but their double repair face moisturizer has ceramide and niacinamide in it is really in that

In between category between lightweight and heavy and it’s really just going to fit for most skin types if you’re looking for a moisturizer don’t know which one to grab the roche per se on double repair moisturizer is one i like a lot yeah and this is dry mentioned like it could have fit maybe into that lightweight moisturizer category there’s so there are so many

Great moisturizers now and like the vana cream also would have been an addition like it deserves an honorable mention for that lightweight category actually this is this is this really is almost like a go-to for people i think coming out of dermatology offices it’s like not using a facial moisturizer this is the perfect place to start so even for normal facial skin

Vana cream failure facial moisturizer is kind of a go-to and gets a little bit of an honorable mention here so the last moisturizer which i don’t have on hand because we’re at your place um but is the kiehl’s ultra facial cream which is like an all-time favorite of mine but it’s also like a cult classic so people that haven’t tried keels like once you’ve tried

Some of the kiehl’s products a lot of people like go crazy over them this is what i live with every day i lather this up with keels in the shower i don’t like everything that they have because some of their products do have like some fragrances in them that are like not my favorite but they do have some products that are just like absolute hero products in their

Category and the ultra facial cream is one of them so it has a lot of beneficial ingredients like your glycerin your squalling and on top of that it has hydroxyl puminol swinging which is a pro an ingredient that no one really talks about but it’s a ceramide that increases your own body’s production of ceramide and so it’s going to really reinforce the skin barrier

But it’s just because i’ve tried so many moisturizers i it’s like one of those ones that you try and you just love it yeah amazing amazing moisturizer and i think that ties together our favorite list of moisturizers for the year they’re not necessarily all new but they are some of our favorites that we have just grown to love and appreciate over the course of the

Calendar year and this is probably like the biggest category that we have of things because there’s so many moisturizers that we both love and so uh sorry if this was like overwhelming but you know i would say you only need probably one moisturizer so yeah there’s one of these you don’t need to buy all of these but we try all these products um and this is just

Like maybe 10 products of the like 250 that we’ve tried this year and so these are just really great products yeah they are and once again dr shaw’s light died so that cues us that it is time to go all right we’ll see you in the next video please like comment and subscribe we appreciate you always is that too close to you like an awkward sequel it’s too close

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