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Hi guys welcome back to my channel for today’s video we’re going to be reviewing some leggings these are the very infamous um leggings from tiktok and they are super popular they’re all over the place i see them in walmart everywhere i go so like i’m gonna have to do try and haul on that for those of you that are new here my name is queen v that’s v i i press

That red subscribe button and become honeybee today for free give mom a big fat like and without further ado let’s get right into the video i got all these leggings from amazon i only got four pieces because i am pregnant i am almost six months um i’m five and a half right now and i didn’t want to buy too many leggings because obviously they’re gonna fit me

Different when i’m done with the pregnancy but at the moment i just don’t have any leggings that i can wear that i like because my body has changed um a lot the past year or so it’s been a good change um and a little bit of a bad change with that quarantine weight i just didn’t have any leggings that i was comfortable working out with at the gym so i really

Wanted to get a few and wear them for as long as they’re gonna fit me in my belly so we’ll start off with the elephant in the room because we know that these are the most popular i love how deep the scrunch bootie is in this one this scrunch booty is actually really emphasized and most of them were around twenty dollars each so that’s something that i absolutely

Loved about them because every time i try to find scrunch booty even before they were like super popular on tik tok i could never find them and every time i found them they were like 50 60 easy and i’m like i’m not paying 60 to a pair of leggings so the fact that these were that these are all around more or less twenty dollars they’re like 19 20 23 29 at the

Most and they are also amazing quality so this is the first one that i wanted to show you guys these are all high-waisted and they are all squat proof like they definitely don’t rise down when you squat the scrunch is really really good it makes your booty look super 3d and super sexy they’re high-waisted like that and they have like that long shape in the

Back so it makes it even more like edgy and sexy also from the same brand i got them in blue the scrunch booty is really nice but because they’re darker then the scrunch or the booty itself is not as emphasized as with the with the white ones the white and gray ones with the blue i feel like the darker the color the less scrunch and less emphasis you can see

On that booty but either way i love this blue i love this royal blue is so pretty and even though i’m five and a half months pregnant i like that it still covers like my belly button and it still looks pretty high-waisted so i can imagine what it’s gonna look like when i’m not pregnant they’re gonna look so good i’m so excited about that these are all so squat

Proof and they don’t come down when you squat and they also don’t look clear so you can’t see your underwear um so yeah thumbs up for that i really really loved this brand i’ll link it down below because they’re so affordable and the quality is really on point the third set of leggings are the ones that i am not too crazy about these are squat proof and i do

Like that about them and i love the design on them but the scrunch in the back is not it’s not really there the scrunch in the back it’s not really it doesn’t really emphasize your booty the way that the others do um but they don’t rise down and they’re not clear and the material is really good and they’re also very affordable around twenty dollars and i’m

Gonna keep them for sure even though they don’t have that that scrunch effect everything else from the leggings i really like for the last pair i have the classic black legging you can never go wrong with a pair of black leggings they’re so slimming and these are really really nice love the material super stretchy and it’s got the scrunch booty that is a lot

Better than the last pair the first two pairs are still my favorite with the scrunch booty effect these are also high-waisted and these are all size medium so so that’s another thing like i didn’t want to get too many of them because after i give birth i’m gonna be um more sure on whether they’re gonna fit me long-term or not after my pregnancy is done right

Now obviously they’re going to be a little bit tight because my belly is growing but if i have to return any of them i wouldn’t know because i don’t know if it’s because of the pregnancy or if it’s because they really don’t fit me properly so i still got a few because i really needed some but um after the pregnancy i will buy some more see how these fit and

See like if i’m still gonna be a medium or not but yeah all right guys so that’s it for today’s video i hope that you guys enjoyed my scrunch booty haul don’t forget to press that red subscribe button and become a honeybee today for free give mom a big five like and i’ll see you in my next video hello

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