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BEST Sonic Electric Toothbrush between Rs. 1000 and Rs. 2000 | Dentist Reviews

Want to know which is the best Sonic Electric Toothbrush in India ?

Want to know which is the best sonic electric toothbrush under rupees 2000 in india is it the agaro cosmic plus the aura kura sb 200 or the real me m1 i’m going to tell you just that in this video hi everyone dr arib here these three toothbrushes have two things in common number one is that they’re sonic electric toothbrushes and number two is that they’re priced in

The range of rupees thousand and rupees two thousand i’ve already made individual reviews of these three toothbrushes the links to those videos will be given in the description down below and without any further ado let’s compare these three beauties both the agaro and the aura cura are very similar in design they are light ergonomic and have a black matte finish

On the body which i really love and there is a shiny finish for the bristle head which is prone to scratches and are easily visible the center console is different in both the brushes for different cleaning modes the mode light is more visible on the agaro one though at the bottom they have the charging input aura comes in white color while you can get the agaro

Cosmic plus in gold and rose gold finish the real me on the other hand is a little thicker and has a good heft to it comes in this white matte finish with the brush head having a shiny finish it also comes in blue color overall the real me feels a little more premium while holding and using it so for design i’m going with the realme m1 the agaro produces 40 000

Vibrations per minute the aura qra 2 produces 40 000 vibrations per minute the real me on the other hand produces 34 000 vibrations per minute the real me has four different modes while the agaro and the aura cura both have 5 each all the three brushes have ipx7 water resistance 2 minute auto timer 30 second interval timer and a smart memory function so when it

Comes down to features it’s a tie between the aura cura and the agaro the m1 has a 800 milliamp battery and you can clearly see it having a bigger battery by its size took me five hours to completely charge it and then it lasted a whopping 82 days on a single charge on the other hand the agaro cosmic plus took around 5 hours for it to completely charge and then

Lasted 20 days on a single charge as for the auracura sb200 it took me around 4 hours and 15 minutes to charge it from 0 and then it lasted 18 days on one single charge clearly the real me m1 wins by a landslide margin so the way we check for the cleaning performance is using plug disclosing agents and applying it before brushing and then checking the results after

Brushing with the toothbrushes as you can see the real meat did the best here followed by agaro and then the aura cura the agaro is using nylon dupont bristles i’m guessing the sb200 also uses the same as they look quite familiar and has not been mentioned on the product page the realme also uses dupont bristles i personally prefer the m1 for its design and the

Bristles felt more natural in the mouth also they have this blue indicator letting you know when to change the bristle head so in my opinion it’s another win for the realme m1 the auracura sb200 comes with two additional brush heads inside the box for another 400 rupees you get a pack of three additional brush heads the real me comes with one extra brush head and

Bristle covers for both the brush heads inside the box and for an additional 499 rupees you get a pack containing three brush heads the agaro cosmic plus comes pretty loaded you get four additional brush heads one inch dental head a protective cap and a traveling case and if you spend 399 rupees you get a pack containing four brush heads and an incidental head the

Agaro wins here by a long margin the aura cura sb 200 retails for rupees 13999 the agaro cosmic plus retails for rupees one six double nine and the real me m1 keeps fluctuating between rupees one six double nine and one triple nine let’s make one thing very clear you can’t go wrong choosing any of these three toothbrushes provided you use the correct technique and

Frequency the real me m1 did win majority of the rounds and it’s a clear winner amongst three when battery life is important to you you want the toothbrush with premium design and great cleaning performance if you want the best value for money toothbrush and a lot of accessories go for the agaro cosmic plus and if you want a little bit of everything you can go

For the auracura sb200 so this was a direct comparison between these three sonic electric toothbrushes i’ve already made a video on the best electric toothbrush under rupees thousand do check that out and till then happy brushing

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BEST Sonic Electric Toothbrush between Rs. 1000 and Rs. 2000 | Dentist Reviews By Dr. Arib Deshmukh