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BEST SUNSCREEN FOR FACE | Everyday Humans Review – Resting Beach Face VS Rose Sil Vous Plait

I have been trying to find the best face sunscreen for what feels like my whole adult life! Today I will be putting two sunscreens from Everyday Humans to the test – their Resting Beach Face Serum Sunscreen and Rose S’il Vous Plait Mineral Sunscreen. Which one do you think I will like more?

Hi i’m sam and welcome back to my channel i have long been on the hunt for my like perfect holy grail sunscreen and today i’m hoping to find that this video is sponsored by everyday humans who are clean brand making inclusive spf and body care for everybody that means zero white cast on any skin tone even with their mineral sunscreen so thank you to everyday

Humans for sponsoring this video well i have been using their entire line over the past couple of weeks today i’m going to be focusing on both of their 30 spf sunscreens so what i would call like a face sunscreen i know that’s super technical without further ado let’s get to the side by side comparison i’m going to be using the roset sivu play on the left side

Of my face and resting beach face on the right side of my face first things first you gotta put the hair up uh if any of you are like me and have just gotten curtain bangs you know that that’s like maybe a harder thing than it used to be okay so we got the hair up i am just going to bring you in a little bit closer so that you can see everything in full detail

I’m going to start off with the roset sivu play this is the mineral sunscreen it’s a zinc oxide based sunscreen that gives you broad spectrum protection this one specifies that it’s not going to clog your pores which is a really important thing if you tend to break out from using different sunscreens and it’s reef friendly so if i ever get to go to hawaii

And surf i can use this i’m just gonna go ahead and apply that to this side of my face so far feels totally fine it is a little bit tacky right away i mean it hasn’t dried yet so i’m hoping that that goes away the other thing about this sunscreen is it is supposed to not give you a white cast and that’s for all different skin tones you can see a little bit

Up here but honestly i think i just didn’t rub it in properly if you’ve ever used a mineral sunscreen before then you probably know they’re a little bit more finicky than other types of sunscreen i always find that they make me like ghostly ghostly pam that they don’t want to rub in and then i’m left with like little white spots all over my face it still is

Slightly slightly tacky but it’s starting to go away as it dries but you be the judge now on this side of my face i’m going to be trying out the sunscreen serum this is meant to be a really really lightweight product it has hyaluronic acid in it so it’s also supposed to be hydrating as well just applying the sunscreen serum to this side of my face definitely

Feels like it’s going on super easily and this one honestly doesn’t feel sticky at all very lightweight we’re midway through here i don’t know if you can see a difference from my face i feel like i can’t really tell a difference visually between the two of these when i was applying them i definitely prefer the way that the serum felt going on it was you know

Super lightweight and absorbed really quickly and i think just with a mineral sunscreen even a really high quality mineral sunscreen like this one it’s always going to be a little bit more of a struggle to apply so i think overall this is the easiest to apply mineral sunscreen that i’ve ever used but it still was not quite as easy to apply as this serum is now

I’m gonna put some makeup on i will speed my way through that and then we can see what it looks like as a final result first thing i’m just gonna give myself a little spritz this is no problemo pre and post sun water it’s just a refreshing little pick-me-up now onto the makeup i’m all done i don’t feel like the makeup applied differently to either side of my

Face even though i felt like the mineral sunscreen was a little bit stickier initially i think that the makeup applied smoothly throughout my whole face which is fantastic and i will come back in a couple of hours when it’s time to reapply this sunscreen over top of my makeup with a sponge see you then it’s been a little while now i think it’s been about two

And a half hours since i finished putting on my makeup over top of the sunscreen for a little update on how things are going i do feel like the side where i use the rose sifu play product is still just like a little tiny bit tacky compared to the serum side which feels completely normal the same way that it always would if i’d applied my makeup without sunscreen

Underneath it and because of that i’m still favoring the serum sunscreen so i’m just gonna put a little bit of this rose sunscreen on my beauty blender and then i’m just gonna press it over top of my makeup on this side so it is absorbing pretty well into my skin which is great i do feel like it leaves just a touch of a white cast but i’m hoping that that

Will go away as i continue to kind of press it in and now i’m just comparing both sides so this is the side that has the sunscreen over top of my makeup this is the side where i’m still just wearing my makeup as normal and now i’m gonna go in on the other side with the serum sunscreen that so far for me has been the front runner i definitely feel like both

Sides you can still see that i am wearing makeup so i’m pretty happy overall after doing a side-by-side of both of these products i can definitely say i was impressed by both of them already from my trialing before i made this video i knew that as an everyday product the serum sunscreen works a little bit better for my skin and just for the way that the finish

Is and the way that it looks under makeup or even on its own this one is a little bit more dewy which is typically the look that i’m going for so i’m gonna continue to use this product every day i have found a sunscreen finally that goes on super light moisturizes my skin doesn’t make me break out i love this sunscreen and with rose sivoo play i was pleasantly

Impressed by a mineral sunscreen probably for the first time in my life honestly just not having that crazy white cast all over your face is so nice after you put it on i will be saving this for when i eventually get to travel somewhere like hawaii that has reefs for surfing since this one is a reef safe sunscreen thank you so much for watching this video and

Coming along with me as i find my perfect everyday sunscreen i have still been using resting beach face every day and i’m still loving it thank you again of course to everyday humans for partnering with me on this video it really does mean so much to me that i can partner with inclusive beauty brands that are also clean with their products if you want to check

Out their sunscreen or any of their other products i will leave a link down below in the description box and please if you enjoyed this video make sure to give it a thumbs up before you go and as always please hit that subscribe button if you haven’t already i post new videos every single wednesday and i guess with that i’ll see you next week bye you

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BEST SUNSCREEN FOR FACE | Everyday Humans Review – Resting Beach Face VS Rose S'il Vous Plait By Samantha Yonge