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Best Survival Water Filters for Hiking, Camping, Survival, Travel in 2022 – Top 5 Review

Links to the best survival water filters listed in this review video:

In this video we’ll show the five best survival water filter on the market that will help you to choose the best one for you so let’s get started with the video number one most popular lifestraw personal water filter the lifestraw water filter made of hollow fiber membranes enables you to filter up to one thousand gallons of contaminated water without iodine

Or other chemicals you don’t want to experience illness when out in the wild as it will burden your chances of survival this water filter surpasses epa standards and helps to sieve out waterborne bacteria and protozoan parasites it comes in a sealed bag which is ideal for storing in your bug out bag or backpack the bag keeps it clean and safe to use helping

To prevent any health issues and also keeps the filter safe and within reach number two sawyer products sp 128 mini water filtration system we have long been an advocate of the sawyer mini water filter it is by far one of the most straightforward survival water filters to use it’s pretty versatile too you can buy adapters to use as an inline filter with that

Adapter you can rig up a gravity filter the filter comes with a straw attachment the main reason we love the sawyer mini is that it has a one hundred thousand gallon cartridge life in other words it can be used forever if it starts to get clogged just back flush it number three grail geopress 24 ounce water purifier bottle grail is a newer water filter company

That has quickly built up a following of enthusiasts the main reason that people love it is that the grail is so easy to use you put dirty water into the bottle then you just push the filter tube into the bottle screw it in place and you can drink the water immediately right from the bottle or empty the clean water into another container and filter some more water

It only takes 8 seconds to filter 24 ounces which breaks down to 5 liters per minute it’s definitely easier than squeezing number four msr guardian water purifier the msr guardian purifier has long been considered the best survival water filter it may seem like a simple pump filter but it has some standout features that set it above the competition for starters

The msr guardian purifier features a hollow fiber filter with a micron rating of 0.02 the cartridges can last for over 10 000 liters pumping is undoubtedly easier than squeezing which makes the guardian much easier to use it’s also faster the flow rate of 2.5 liters per minute number five platypus camping water filter system the top reservoir holds four liters

Of dirty water and the bottom reservoir holds four liters of clean water giving it a total capacity of eight liters there are also smaller versions available too the system is designed to filter a lot of water in a short period of time the kit has a 0.2 micron hollow fiber filter it will remove bacteria and protozoa but it will not remove viruses or chemicals

However a carbon filter element can be used with the kit sold separately for more details click the link in the description thanks for watching the video

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Best Survival Water Filters for Hiking, Camping, Survival, Travel in 2022 – Top 5 Review By Product Wise