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Biconic : Active Sound Sports Water Bottle (unboxing & review)

Track: Jim Yosef & Anna Yvette – Linked [NCS Release]

Hello back again to do another unboxing and review today we’re going to be looking at an item from buy conic this is active sound sports bottle and wireless speaker all right so that wireless comes to us through bluetooth and it looks like we have a combination item water bottle with an attachable bluetooth speaker and it does not appear that the bluetooth speaker

Effects the water anyway so this isn’t like a dancing water thing in time with music or no so just it looks like two items conveniently that fit together alright so let’s go ahead and take a look at this do a quick around the box this is my first item from by connick and so right up here you can see there you have a little foam there showing that it’s connected

Wireless bluetooth and alright also the some there’s the type of box that opens up to actually display the item inside i always like those nothing beats seeing what you’re gonna get and then ok they show you some activities where you might want to use this as you’d expect outdoors activities gym and whatnot ok then on the side we have this ok so there you can

See they have a shiny reflective metal like print here and we have the icon format which seems to be really popular nowadays so detachable speaker great for the outdoor use hands-free bluetooth technology now i’m stereo sound quality and it looks like the bottle holds 24 ounces let’s do we have on the other side ok it’s those same icons that we already saw and

Then on the back we get yet another picture of the item and but there’s also a little blurb about and i’m not sure if this is coming up on camera so let’s go ahead and beat it out all right so it says rock those trails with the active sound bluetooth speaker perfect for biking hiking camping fishing and road trips wherever you roam this speaker goes with you

Water-resistant the bottle is built for adventures designed to fit inside a standard bike water bottle holder this it also fits into most backpack water bottle pouches all right unlike other toy speakers the active sound is a truly stellar portable speaker with stereo sound quality speakers your music sounds great even when you’re away from your home audio system

Soak up the jams while you soak up nature with the active sound bluetooth speaker featuring a detachable speaker okay and then here we have the specifications on the 24 ounces okay we get sound output of 2.5 watts battery 300 milliamps charge times up to 2 hours bluetooth versions 4.2 operating range is 33 feet up to 33 feet and frequency is response of 20 hertz

To 16 kilohertz and playtime is up to 3 hours alright so the play times 3 hours and charge time is up to 2 hours so all right no okay and then you get the contents here of the active sound wireless speaker the microusb charging cable and a user manual all right so let’s go ahead what’s my overall impression of the packaging actually i like it it’s expressly the

Fact that this thing opens up and that way that’s hold it held tight by a magnet you can probably hear it so yeah any time they allow you to see the item as i’ve already said that’s a huge plus so i must say i actually like this packaging and yes alright so it’s time to go ahead and do the unboxing and let’s see how well this has been closed it looks like we have

Three little sticker tapes that are holding the lid shut on the bottom we have the same similar three sticker tapes alright so i went ahead and remove those little stickers on the top of the box here and go ahead and open in it retail hanger is secured on the inside by a piece of looks to be bailing tape or packing tape all right so the whole thing pretty much

Slides out on this tray and in the back okay that’s pretty clever so behind the water bottle was this piece of basically cardboard and you can see it has a very reflective almost a yeah a mere surface so it reflects the light when you look in and it causes it to essentially illuminate the bottle so pretty clever okay and we also had an instruction manual in there

And of course our charging cable which has already stated is a usb to micro-usb all right make sure there’s nothing else in there okay so that’s that let’s go ahead and look at the item itself okay so first things first the material of the bottle okay it’s plastic i don’t really think i was expecting it to be glass or anything but and maybe you don’t want glass if

You’re gonna be rugged and dropping it alright so as far as the speaker is concerned this bottom portion yes the material down here is that rubberized surface so it does feel real grippy which again probably is helpful for things such as a water bottle especially if it may be wet on the sides so all right so we have this rubberized surface it looks like our sound

Is actually downward firing or potentially coming off the sides but anyways it looks as the sound is gonna be coming out the bottom which kind of expect and that’s facilitated by these slots you see here okay and there’s the brands name and then over here yeah okay we have some stuff written here and a door so we have according what’s written a usb aux and power

And also respect there okay so on this little pinhole there is most ugly most likely the microphone so let’s actually effect open this little door up right now since we’re looking at it okay so i’m there you go okay we also have aux-in i should have expected there would be that option didn’t say so in the box but it saw it’s nice to have that so you can directly

Or using a wire connect your mp3 player computer smartphone whatever if you don’t want to take advantage of the bluetooth and okay and also if we look on the inside the doors there’s a nice little touch here actually you can see that we it actually not only does the door seal this port but you can see we have plugs that actually go into the usb and the ox so really

To give it a good seal that’s actually that clever i didn’t expect that okay and wondered hold on one more thing for you leave this okay also you can see there’s a little we’ll call it a little nub there that allows you to that nub when you push from the outside that pushes this love and that nub pushes that button so you can go ahead and turn it on without having

To open this door which only makes sense but it is still a good thought nonetheless so you can keep that nice watertight okay alright let’s go up to the top of the bottle here and so i’m the drinking end of things we have a lid as you of course it’s a screw lid and i’ll just look at the lid for right now alright so that’s where we plug the straw which is included

We’ll look at in a second and it looks like to give a flip up here little straw that actually goes into your mouth as opposed to the straw that goes into the bottle and so there you go and also okay so you can see on the back of this flip up straw you see there’s a little um well perhaps you can see there’s a little silicone little nub and that little nub pushes up

Against that little pinhole in there so that it stays sealed when you have it closed and that little i’m sure if you use the water body you know what this is about with that little vent so so while you’re drinking we have a vent so it doesn’t you can drink the water or fluid whatever you put in there flows out easier because there’s that little vent there alright

So down and this isn’t super thick but it’s more than thick enough to um you know not deform when i pull on it so that should suffice okay let’s go ahead and take a look at little the straw the portion that goes in the bottle alright well nothing too special here it’s just a plastic straw you know let’s make sure it does actually no it fits nicely on that to the

Lid okay and then we’ll take a look down the bottle all right so all right so with all that let me go ahead screw that on and let’s do the detaching process of the two items here so i’m assuming it’s just a screw type yeah okay so there you go there’s the bottom of the bottle when it doesn’t have the speaker now we’ll go back down to the speaker the top of this

Okay so alright and just important note there are no additional speakers up mark yeah up here so taking the bottle off or leaving it on should affect the sound quality any i thought there might be an extra one here that you could let me open or something but no okay so alright let’s talk about weight i’m gonna go ahead and weigh the whole thing i’m in a sec but

Just before i get off the scale the bluetooth speaker mmm it feels normal i mean it’s pretty much it weighs pretty much what you think it isn’t really heavy but it also isn’t light in fact it’s a little heavier than it might otherwise be from one of those as they call them toy speakers so so hopefully that translates into better quality we’ll hear soon enough if

That’s true and the water bottle well all right i’m gonna go ahead in fill up the bottle bottle and do a weight check to see how much this whole thing weighs when all set and ready to go with your precious hydration fluid inside all right so i went ahead and fill it up with water almost all the way at the top and i took a weight reading and the whole setup with

Water inside ends up being exactly two pounds so makes me wonder if that was like a target weight that they were shooting for when they designed this but anyway so two pounds i also as you can see there’s a little fluid missing because i had a couple two sips and yeah the whole straw assembly works fine and so yeah so far is looking pretty good also the diameter

I mean everyone’s hands are a little different big or small or whatever but i think i have relatively normal sized hands maybe i don’t know but i can get a good grip on this bottle so it isn’t too skinny and at the same time it’s not so wide that you’re likely to drop it all right so i’ve gone ahead and charged up the bluetooth speaker i’ve also paired it with my

Smart phone that process was super simple and i’m gonna play you a song a sample song here and i’m gonna have the artist and song information in the description so check them out alright now i’m gonna play the same song twice once and we’re gonna go ahead and do it the wireless way as it’s set up now and then the second i’m gonna go ahead and connect it on my mp3

Player directly to the bluetooth speaker using a wire and the speakers box in port okay so as far as volume you there are no long controls on this bluetooth speaker itself so you have to control the volume on your source device in this case it is the smartphone i’ve set the volume to about like 65% okay so here we go starting the song alright

Alright and here we go same song this time connected directly by wire to my mp3 player i’ve been using this for a while and i wanted to share a few more things about its use in operation first of all let’s go back and visit this remember this little pinhole earlier i thought it might have been a microphone actually it’s not it’s just an led and it’s one

Of two that being one of them the other one being in here you see next to the power button there now both those leds show the same so if one’s blinking blue they’re both can be blinking blue so what’s the point of having two while sibyl when this door is closed you’re not gonna be able to see that one in there and then you refer to this one to see what status

The device is in now since we’re talking about that not being a microphone that’s actually a good segue into the next thing which is this only has this far the bluetooth speaker only has media audio so what that means is if you’re connected to your smartphone your tablet and a phone call comes in you can still answer the phone call but you’ll have to talk into

Your smartphone or tablet meaning you can’t talk into the speaker and have the color on the other end to hear you alright so now with that all the way i also wanted to show you when these two are disconnected the bottom of this is flat so this can’t stand on its own alright also on top of the music sample that we heard i also decided to test it with a few games

On my phone and yeah actually the sound quality on that speaker is really good in fact i didn’t even know those games had as good sound quality as they do because up until now i was just using the speakers on my phone so and this is obviously a lot better than those so alright maybe there is some to this and not it i have the box said it not just being another toy

Bluetooth speaker okay so let’s go ahead and get to the conclusion and on this i could say probably the best thing about this device is the fact that especially if you’re someone who carries a water bottle with you normally now you are almost assured to have a bluetooth speaker with you at all those times and a scenario much like i said with my game i think i can

See a risin with other people where oh since i have this bluetooth speaker let me just go ahead and pipe my movie or whatever i’m watching on my lunch break through an external speaker and go wow this sounds a lot better so yeah it’s that always having the bluetooth speaker with you okay other than that i will say that i haven’t used this for an extended period

Of time i haven’t dropped it on the concrete i haven’t you know done all the daily use and abuse on this so i can’t speak too much to his durability but at least it feels pretty good from this short time i’ve been using it so yeah and the only thing i probably would have done a little different on this is besides adding the microphone so you could actually talk

Into the speaker and handle your phone calls that way that would have been a nice plus i would’ve paid a little more for that another thing is i might have put some kind of rubber protection on the bottom of this because i can only imagine if you keep picking this up putting this down on the table you know you’re gonna be you know hitting that bottom and i don’t

Know how reinforced it is i would like to think i’m not damaging my bluetooth speaker every time i put down my water bottle especially if i do it you know i’m working out and they just drop down the bottle cuz you know i’m getting that extra wrapper and i’m real thirsty or whatever so okay but so far it looks pretty good and would i recommend it yeah especially

If you have water bottle why not have a bluetooth speaker as well

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Biconic : Active Sound Sports Water Bottle (unboxing & review) By HalfBreedMix