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Blender Bottle Review The Best Shaker and Multi Tasking Tool!

A quick review of the Bottle Blender drink blending shaker bottle. This is one of the most useful multipurpose tools I have in my kitchen.

Hello my fellow of vs dears this is joke st. and my sidekick franken’s aviv today i’d like to talk to you about a common question i see on the forms and that is what kind of blender bottle to get to mix up your shakes and as you can see this one is called blender bottle they’re going to hell shaker bottles but this is a very good little bottle i picked up a 2-pack

Of these at sams club for around $13 but you can get a single unit it usually like walmart i haven’t seen them in place else but walmart’s but they were about seven dollars a piece of walmart and these are eating two little bottles they do a very good job of mixing up your shakes i prefer to put an extra scoop of protein powder into my shakes and this bottle does

A very good job of shaking up that powder and getting mixed into them to the premix shake that i usually have and one of the keys to this little bottle is this little stainless steel spring in there it’s amazing how much of a difference this little spring will make to your shakes it will just bust up all the clumps in any type of that heejun’s in there this thing

Will scrape all the powder off the edges of the interior of the bottle so you don’t have much of any powder or waste that’s that you don’t get to drink i think one of the keys to this little bottle being so effective is that it’s kind of hard to see but it does have a curve the lid on the inside and i believe that allows us to this little spring to hit up in here

And not loose any powder that might get stuck and there’s very little residue left up in there as i said one of the features i do like the best about this is the lid i does not take a whole lot of effort to tighten this down i mean you once you get a snug it is watertight and will not when you shake it does the feature i like about it is how difficult it is to

Get the top off this thing is it seals very good so you can’t just knock it off ease it like that you hear it snap on there it is on there if you want get it off you guys should actually put it quite a bit of pressure on your thumb to get this lid to pop open let me close it back up put the spring back in it i like devices that are multiple purpose use and one of

The things i found that’s very good besides mixing up my powder into my pre-mixed shakes is being able to use this as a shaker bottle whenever i want to mix up like stew mix our powdered gravy mix when i’m making my dishes just put it in here with some warm water shake it up and if you’ve ever messed with a like mccormick’s or any other brands of powdered spice

Mixes you know it’s always a big big hassle to get the powder mixed into your your dish when you pour it in there you’ll the dish will be too hot and it’ll clump the powder and cook it and so you want using a spoon to try to smash out all the little clumps this thing will knock out all those clumps and pre mix it with some water and it just makes it much easier to

Blend in your your stew mixes and gravy mixes into your your dish or your pot of water also it’s double as a shake weight don’t open up the whole more than 20 ounces the top graduation on this thing is the 20 ounce mark but it has quite a bit more space so you can potentially put over a pound of water in this thing and you have your own shake weight i would shake

It but this thing gets really loud if i don’t have liquids in it but that spring bouncing around in it so i’m not going to make that noise and the only real drawback i found this is on the back here it’s very very tough to see the graduation levels on it i have to hit it with the light just right and it would have been great if they would have somehow colored all

These graduation marks you can they are raised so it does help that you can feel them and find them on the bottle and i usually take a sharpie about once every month and remarked the the 16-ounce level on this one because that’s where i usually fill mine up too and but the sharpie does wear off nothing you think sharpie writes on anything it stays prominent but

It doesn’t take but a few washes on the outside and this will the the sharpie will get rubbed off so that’s the only real drawback i found this so i said this is a very good bottle the blender bottle if you need something to shake up your drink mixes something to shake up your mixed drinks or something to shake up your powdered spice blends this does an excellent

Job and one more useful purpose you can use your little bottle shaker for is as i alternative to the thighmaster just place a little string between your knees and crush away take that suzanne somers so this is joe st. and franken sleeve signing off from vsg land and remember keep pimpin that sleeve

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Blender Bottle Review The Best Shaker and Multi Tasking Tool! By Frankensleeve